Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Overtime with Bill Maher: Proof That the Left/Right Paradigm Is Complete, 100% Horse Shit

9/11 Truthers are both left and right wing? How?

by Larry Simons
May 18, 2010

On Friday’s telecast of Real Time with Bill Maher, in the Overtime segment [after the main telecast, only seen online]. During a debate about the lack of balance in lunatics on the “left” and “right” between Bill Maher and CNN political contributor John Avlon, Maher says this:

“Tell me what on the left is the equivalent of militias, tea baggers, birthers, truthers…tell me where on the left..”

S.E. Cupp interrupts and says, “Truthers are on the left”. Maher says, “What’s this?”, and Cupp repeats, “Truthers are on the left.” Avlon, says, “The truthers began on the left and now they’ve migrated over..” Maher responds, “Truthers are neither.”

Just 10 seconds earlier, Maher said truthers were on the right by asking what the left-wing equivalent to them was. After Cupp distances her political affiliation [which is “right” wing] away from the truthers by saying, “Truthers are on the left”, Maher, rather than wanting his political affiliation associated with truthers, says truthers are neither right or left.

Proving my point, once again, that “left” wing people call truthers “right” wing and “right” wing people call them “left” wing. This is why our media ignores 9-11 truth. It’s a hot potato issue that both major political affiliations do not want to associate with, as clearly demonstrated in this segment of Real Time with Bill Maher. This is why 9-11 has never been [nor will ever be] thoroughly investigated and why no one wants to talk about it anymore. It is also why people are demonized for simply asking questions about it.

It cannot be [still] the work of terrorists that has caused the mainstream media and our politicians to treat 9-11 as a hot potato issue, demonize and ridicule those who still ask questions about it. That can only be done here, in America, by our bought-and-paid-for, controlled and manipulated media and government. Do the terrorists have power and control of our media and politicians?

watch the clip [at the 5:28 mark]


the_last_name_left said...

ah - this chap Maher must be the arbiter of all things.

or is he just the arbiter of all political definitions?


So, Larry - let's put it to the test, a little?

Are you in favour of private property?
Are you in favour of "free-markets"......over socialised production?
Are you in favour of competitive production rather than co-operative/socialised production?
Are you in favour of socialised healthcare, or private healthcare?
Are you in favour of redistribution of wealth?
Are you in favour of inheritance tax?
Do you highly value "entrepreneurs"?
Are you a nationalist? UN?
Do you support Unions?
Would you prefer fuller employment over low inflation?
Do you support Welfare (public unemployment insurance etc)?
What obligation do you feel to the starving poor - at home, worldwide?? Why are they starving? Why is africa "poor"? Why is there rising inequality in the West? Is this legitimate, moral? Should anything be done about it? What?


Why don't you actually look into these things and discuss them instead of bleating about what Maher says. I mean - outside of USA nobody knows or cares about him. And even in USA.....what is his worth? What does his opinion have to say about anything?

Want the answer to something - go watch a chatshow......wow.

Larry said...

I would answer those questions if the had one iota to do with my artice. Tell me how anwering those questions, whether my answer be yes or no, it has ANYTHING to do with this article.

Why cant you READ a article rather than JUST the TITLE? I KNOW you ONLY read the title of my articles 95% of the time and NOTHING else.

the_last_name_left said...

you claim there's no left/right divide.......but rightwing answers to those questions would be different to leftwing ones.

According to you the answers would be the same from left or right - with no discernible pattern.

Your position is ridiculous - hence you avoid answering the questions.