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Bill Maher’s Heated Debate with an Atheist and A Christian

The atheist tells lie after lie and the Christian has no clue that Jesus professed to be the only way to heaven

by Larry Simons
May 18, 2010

On this past Friday’s telecast of Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher gets into a heated discussion with two of his guests: Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker [a Christian] and author S.E. Cupp [an atheist]. What is interesting about Cupp is that she is a right-wing conservative while at the same time, does not believe in God, so she claims.

I say “claims” because of some of the past statements she has made like, “I like to think I adhere to the same Judeo-Christian values that most of religious America does. It's an understanding of and a respect for these values that keeps me moral”, and “Today, I don’t believe in God, but I’m open to being converted”.

Well, sorry, but being open to being converted is NOT atheism. Atheism is the complete opposite to having a strong faith in God. Where atheism says, “I know there is no God”, theism says, “I know there is a God”. If Cupp is an atheist, then she knows there is no God. Therefore, statements like “I’m open to being converted” make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Converted to what? The non-existent God she claims she knows isn’t there?

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In her discussion with Bill Maher last Friday, she tells Maher, “I don’t believe in God, but I’m not like, mad at him”. Mad at WHO, S.E.? If she’s an atheist, then God does not exist, and she knows God does not exist. Therefore to utter the words “…I’m not mad at him” indicates that she believes in the possibility of harboring anger toward an non-existent entity, which in essence constitutes her as being as nutty as any Christian who prays to an entity they have no idea exists.

Maher says to Cupp, “If you’re an atheist, you must think people who believe in God are deluded”. Cupp responds, “No, I don’t. I totally get the appeal.” Maher says, “I know, I don’t get that. Why don’t you have the courage of your convictions?”

Cupp responds by saying she does not think people who believe in God are deluded because she has met very smart people [who believe in God]. Cupp is implying here that ones being “smart” is a synonym for not being deluded. I can name a few very intelligent people right off the top of my head that the vast majority [if not, everyone] would call “deluded” and would not overlook their irrational thought because of their intelligence. Ted Bundy and Hitler immediately come to mind when I think of intelligent but delusional people. Would Cupp excuse these individuals because they were “smart”?

It isn’t until religion comes into the picture that people like Cupp begin excusing delusional thinking because one is “smart”. In any other non-religious scenario, no one would make that trade-off.

Cupp then says she has read study after study that proves that psychologically religion is very good for people, personally and for society. She says religious people happen to be more optimistic and are healed from diseases faster. Who conducted these studies and who were the ones being examined? People like TV evangelist Joel Osteen, who NEVER talks about sin [though the Bible constantly mentions it]? It’s very easy to be optimistic when you constantly ignore anything negative.

Good for society? Apparently Cupp didn’t run across these people in her study.

Healed from diseases faster? Really? Can she name anyone who was healed by diseases faster than any non-religious person? And if she could name some, where is the proof it was because they were religious?

Maher counters this argument brilliantly by mentioning examples to the contrary. He responds, “It causes most wars, the Crusades, the Inquisition, 9/11…”

Booker cuts in and says, “Humans cause war”. Isn’t it interesting when the humans just happen to be religious, then religion isn’t the issue. It’s because we’re “human”. What Booker fails to mention is that if the religious people who cause wars were really religious, there would be no wars, especially none that were based on the George W. Bush [“God told me to invade Iraq”] school of thought.

Maher says, “The justification for most of that [seemingly non-religious-based wars] is religion”. Cupp and Booker mentioned other examples of why wars are started: territory, colonialism, nativism, etc. Maher makes the point that most wars are started because of religious purposes, and he would be correct.

Cupp gives [what she believes are non-religious-inspired] examples of leaders like Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao and Stalin. Maher responds, “Were state religions. Of course they were”. Cupp replies, “OK, communism is a state religion?” “Absolutely”, replies Maher, “You’ve never heard that?” Cupp replies, “I think we’re talking about different things.” Maher replies, “We’re not. We’re just talking about different labels.”

Maher then gets into a debate over Cupp’s book in which she accuses the liberal media of attacking religion. Maher, once again, destroys her by listing liberals who are religious: Michael Moore, Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton. Maher then goes to the text of her book and reads a quote by Joy Behar that she includes. Behar’s quote is: “You have to teach both. Darwinism is not some kind of religious fervor thing…” “Teach both?", Maher says, “So, she’s for teaching both Darwin---”, and is cut off by Cupp’s lie, “No, what she said was that teaching creationism to kids should be akin to child abuse.” Cupp told Maher that when Behar said both Darwinism and creationism should both be taught, she was saying it "facetiously".

This is a lie. Behar was not being facetious. Behar’s exact words on her show “The View” were this:

“Because Darwinism is not some kind of religious fervor thing, it’s got..we have proof. Scientific proof. And you want your children to go into the world being ignorant of that? That’s child abuse in my opinion.”

Here’s the clip

So, you see, Behar was being very serious in her comment, and she did not say teaching creationism was child abuse, she said not teaching kids the science of Darwinism [along WITH creationism] is child abuse. Cupp simply lied to Bill Maher to make her cheap, ill-informed point.

Cupp then gives an example of the magazine Newsweek declaring the death of Christianity on Easter as an example of the “liberal media attacking religion”. Maher replies, “Are you kidding? Jesus or Mary is on the cover of Newsweek or Time like every other week. If Jesus had an office on Sunset Boulevard and you walked down the corridor, he’d have his magazine covers on every wall.” Maher then shows a collage of covers of Time and Newsweek magazines just in the past few years that mentioned Jesus or Christianity. [see below]

Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker chimes in and begins telling Maher he is arrogant by saying, “I don’t think you have all the answers, and for you to say you do is just as wrong…” and is cut off by Maher. Maher says, “I don’t. You say YOU do. People of faith say they do…..”. Apparently, Booker has no clue that Maher made a documentary film in 2008 titled “Religulous” where he repeatedly makes agnostic statements like, “I preach the gospel of ‘I don’t know’”. Maher has repeatedly appeared on talk shows like The Tonight Show and Larry King Live and outwardly professed his agnosticism by saying he just doesn’t know [whether God exists].

Booker then begins to get off topic by saying churches transform people’s lives. Maher gets back on track and says, “You say I’m the arrogant one. You’re the one who thinks you know what happens when you die. That’s arrogance.” Booker says, “No, absolutely not. Absolutely not.” Maher says, “Oh, you don’t? So, you’re not sure of whether Jesus will save you?” Booker never answers the question, but proceeds to tell Maher that he keeps a copy of the Koran and the Bible on his desk at City Hall.

Maher then says, “They [the Koran and the Bible] contradict each other.” Booker says, “Absolutely not.” Maher replies, “Of course they do”. Booker then says, “Gandhi said in the most beautiful way how arrogant it is to think there’s only one path to understanding….[unintelligible]”. It takes agnostic Maher to remind 'Christian' Cory Booker, “Jesus said ‘only through me’ do you get to heaven or else you burn. Same thing in the Koran.”

Booker ignores this by saying, “We could go through a Jesus by Jesus quote…I’m less interested in what you preach than what you do.” He must be less interested in what people preach [including Jesus himself] since he has no clue that Jesus repeatedly stated in the Bible that he is the only way to get to heaven!

So, the Christianity-defending atheist has to lie to make her points and the Christian has no clue what Jesus even preached. Maher annihilated these two buffoons and it was a sight to see.

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seems like Cupp is more an agnostic than an atheist.