Friday, April 16, 2010

Hand-Picked FOX News Audience Dead Silent During Applause Poll When Ron Paul’s Name Is Mentioned

Audience silent when Ron Paul’s name is called off despite the fact that Hannity’s show celebrated the first anniversary of the Tea Party movement, a movement whose theme originated with Ron Paul and his supporters and laid the groundwork for the Tea Party movement Hannity is celebrating

by Larry Simons
April 16, 2010

On Wednesday night’s telecast of Hannity, host Sean Hannity did his show live from Atlanta to celebrate the first anniversary of the Tea Party movement [April 15]. Roughly 40 minutes into the telecast, Hannity brought out pollster and FOX News hack Frank Luntz. Luntz asked the audience to applaud for the candidate they would vote for in the 2012 election as he read each GOP candidate off.

Luntz begins naming each candidate: Sarah Palin....Newt Gingrich....Mitt Romney....Haley Barbour....Tim Pawlenty. Each candidate received a moderate amount of applause except for Barbour and Pawlenty, who each got a few claps. Then when Luntz came to Ron Paul, the crowd was dead silent except for one woman who yells, “Woooooo!”. Luntz says, “Hello, Mrs. Paul”. Hannity then says, “I was going to say that’s Ron Paul’s daughter”, as the crowd, Hannity and Luntz have a good little chuckle.

watch FOX News's pre-screened, hand-picked zombies in action

What I find interesting [and hilarious] about the audiences' dead silence on applauding Ron Paul is the fact that this audience is “supposed” to be Tea Party supporters [or one would assume, since this specific telecast of Hannity is celebrating the one year anniversary of the Tea Party movement] and no one [except for one very excited woman] applauds Ron Paul despite the fact that the entire concept of the modern Tea Party movement originated with Ron Paul and his supporters as the theme for the Texas Congressman's 2008 Presidential campaign to reflect his fiscal conservatism.

Since then, the movement has been hijacked by neocons like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck [and their supporters] whose views on government do not come anywhere close to resembling Ron Paul's.

Either the people in the audience have no clue where the concept of the Tea Party movement came from, or they were completely pre-screened and hand-picked by FOX News prior to airing [or both].

Another interesting reason why one should call the audiences’ silence into question is the fact that just last week at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Ron Paul came within one vote of Mitt Romney for first place in their 2010 straw poll [of who voters would vote for President in 2012], getting 438 votes to Romney’s 439.

Additionally, a recent Rasmussen poll showed that in a hypothetical 2012 election match-up between Barack Obama and Ron Paul, it is nearly a dead heat, with Ron Paul getting 41% of the vote and Obama winning with 42% [and keep in mind, that’s just now. Imagine what a poll 3 years from now would reveal after Obama has completely wrecked the country].

Congressman Paul also won nearly every single post-debate call-in and texting poll during the 2008 Presidential election…even the one conducted by FOX News.

In February, Congressman Paul also won a 2012 Presidential bid straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference, picking up 31% of the vote.

For FOX News to STILL be pulling stunts like this when Ron Paul wins or nearly wins every poll that is conducted [whether via the internet or TV] is simply laughable and a testament to just how fraudulent and dishonest FOX News still is.

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