Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chris Matthews flat out LIES and says Giuliani “smacked down” Ron Paul during Presidential debates

Which debates was Matthews watching?

by Larry Simons
April 13, 2010

During Monday’s telecast of Hardball with Chris Matthews, host Chris Matthews ran a segment about how he was shocked about the fact that Ron Paul is nearly tied [1 vote shy] with Mitt Romney in a Southern Republican Leadership Conference straw poll.

Matthews said this:

“The question is, who’s leading, ‘cause Ron Paul was bashed apart…remember how Rudy Giuliani would smack him, smack him down every time he said something about 9/11? Last time around…now he’s, he’s tied with Mitt Romney.”

Hmmmm. Who smacked who, Chris? Apparently, Matthews has a very selective memory and not only fails to tell his viewers that Ron Paul annihilated Giuliani on foreign policy issues and even Giuliani’s “specialty” [terrorism], but that Ron Paul was the last standing candidate in the Presidential race next to John McCain, withdrawing from the race on June 12, 2008 [compared to Giuliani’s January 30, 2008 departure].

Hmmmm, I guess Giuliani’s “smack downs” of Ron Paul were not strong enough to keep him in the race beyond the date of the one he supposedly “smacked down”.

Another major piece of information Matthews conveniently leaves out is the fact that Ron Paul won nearly every post debate poll on every network…even FOX News. But, why should Chris Matthews concern himself with facts?

watch the clip

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Here’s Ron Paul annihilating Giuliani during the debates. Chris Matthews seems to have forgotten about this. The thunderous applause after Giuliani’s statement about Iraq only serves to illustrate that either the audience was hand-picked by FOX News, or that they didn’t know jack shit about the United States’ history with Iraq and Iran or had no clue what blowback is.

All Giuliani had to do was two things: 1. Say he was THERE on 9/11 and 2. Twist Ron Paul’s words and say “we were attacked on 9/11 because we had attacked Iraq” [which is not what Ron Paul’s point was] and bingo….instant applause from the imbeciles of America. The Department of Defense, the FBI, the Pentagon and the CIA have all confirmed that Ron Paul’s views are correct. Giuliani is a moron [as is Chris Matthews as well] and he was schooled on his favorite topic, 9/11, and he knows it. That’s why Mr. 9/11 left the race 5 months before Ron Paul did. Oh and by the way, Ron Paul annihilated Giulaini [and everyone else] in the post debate polls on FOX News.

Why would Giuliani consider himself such an expert on terrorism when the worst terror attack in this country's history happened on his watch in his city? I would think he would want to run as far away as he possibly could from the topic of 9-11, don't you? It would be the equivalent of a security guard constantly mentioning the fact that a bunch of thugs snuck past his post one night, burglarized and then set fire to the building he was hired to protect. Would the security guard constantly jump at the chance to go on TV and make public appearances, telling people, "Yep, I was there. I know what failed security is all about, I lived through it!", or would he want the incident to go away as quickly as possible, so as not to essentially proclaim to the whole world, "I'm the worst security guard on Earth"?

Another interesting question to think about is why also would Giuliani install his personal command center at the World Trade Center after it had already been a target of terrorism in 1993 when it was bombed? Hmmmm?

Here’s Ron Paul on Bill Maher talking about schooling Giuliani and about presenting Giuliani with a reading list [so Giuliani can read about blowback and foreign policy]


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