Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why is Rand Paul Against Unemployment Extensions? And Why Is There Not A Peep About This on Prison Planet?

Ron Paul’s son Rand endorses Jim Bunning’s opposition to extending unemployment insurance. Not a word about this on Prison Planet and Infowars. Why?

by Larry Simons
March 2, 2010

This should prove to all my opponents [if I hadn’t proven it yet] that I put everyone under the microscope here at Real Truth Online. I have made no secret that I have been a big Ron Paul supporter [for 4 years now] and I have even supported his son Rand in his run for U.S. Senate in Kentucky. Paul is running to replace Jim Bunning, who announced that he would not seek re-election.

Bunning recently made headlines for being against extending unemployment benefits during the worse economic crises since the 1930’s. While he stood in session opposing the bill, he complained he was missing a basketball game, then when ABC Reporter Jonathan Karl followed Bunning to an elevator, asking him about his vote, Bunning replied, “Excuse me, this is a Senator-only elevator”.

Naturally I was disturbed and a bit angry to hear that even as I type this story, Rand Paul is holding a rally in front of Jim Bunning’s Lexington office to support Bunning’s blockage of unemployment benefits for roughly 1 million Americans, including nearly 120,000 Kentuckians.

I have no idea why Rand Paul supports Bunning. I can only imagine the reason being that the traditional Republican stance is one of small government and that Americans are not supposed to depend on the government, but be self-sustaining. I agree with that. But I also agree with the fact that the entire reason why the country is in this mess to begin with is because of the government!

The government can constantly fuck up, spread its abundant incompetence around the entire country, reward failing banks, ship all the jobs off to other countries, fail to get illegal immigrants the fuck out of this country [who are eating up millions of jobs that LEGAL American citizens could be enjoying, not to mention the free health care illegals enjoy] and fail to do a goddamned thing about the criminal Federal Reserve….[fail, fail, fail, fail, fail], and while Americans are suffering through the loss of their homes, jobs, their dignity and their life savings, they are now supposed to suffer through the loss of unemployment benefits, because Republicans are just NOW worried about the deficit?

Where was the Republican concern for our deficit during the six years of supporting Bush's wars and bankrupting the country? I can't even begin to imagine the amount of good and prosperity Americans would be enjoying with the hundreds of trillions of dollars that has gone to the war. Did Republicans care about this? I can only recall one Republican caring. Ron Paul. Now his son Rand is supporting a man who is against giving to 1 million Americans what they either would not need to begin with [because of the collapsing economy, due largely to Bush an Obama's wars] or what would be abundantly available to them [if not for the wars].

I am all for small government and the fact that Americans are supposed to stand on their own without government hand-outs, but it’s the government who has failed, raped and robbed the American people over and over again. Americans already have to shed their dignity to accept unemployment benefits to begin with.

Now, because of one asshole that is more concerned with missing a basketball game than the well-being of suffering Americans, the bill has to be delayed for another vote. Meanwhile, the unemployed will miss a paycheck while congressmen and senators sit and watch themselves jackoff for another week. The unemployed, who already have to suffer through not being able to find work, now have to wait for these pricks, who make $150,000 a year and can take a day off anytime they want [from their 3 day work week], to decide their fate.

Also interesting is the fact that, on any normal day on Alex Jones’ sites Prison Planet and Infowars, this unemployment blockage story would have been front-page news. Since Prison Planet and Infowars have done positive stories on Bunning in the past [speaking out against the Federal Reserve and the bailouts], and especially since Rand Paul supports Bunning on this, naturally, there is not a peep about it.

I plainly admit that I am a huge Ron Paul supporter and I have supported Rand [in my limited knowledge of his stances], but as this story proves, if there is something that angers me about the people that even I support, I will hold their feet to the fire.

And I have.


theonomist said...

Larry -
I guess you did not hear or see Bunning's statement. He was NOT opposed to extending the benefits, he just wanted it done WITHOUT increasing the deficit, as Lord Obama stated last week would be the case on all new spending. they could have even designated previously unspent "stimulus" money for this.
Bunning is no Ron Paul, but he comes as close as anyone currently in the Senate.

Larry said...

And since that's impossible, that's the exact same thing as saying "I oppose it". That's like saying, "I want to take a swim, but I I want to do it without getting wet."

Bunning is more like Bush than Ron Paul. Ron Paul is a libertarian, Bunning is a hard-core conservative

Bunning's record:

Voted NO on preserving habeas corpus for Guantanamo detainees.

Voted YES on extending the PATRIOT Act's wiretap provision.

Voted NO on limiting soldiers' deployment to 12 months.

Voted YES on authorizing use of military force against Iraq.

Voted YES on reauthorizing the PATRIOT Act.

I know Ron Paul voted the opposite on all of the above things.

Why is Bunning just NOW concerned with the deficit? He was never opposed to the war, which is the single most event that has done the most damage to the deficit.

He also voted YES on extending unemployment benefits from 39 weeks to 59 weeks in 2008-----hmmmmm, guess who was in office then??? Look who's in office NOW. Do the math.

Under Bush----for it.

Under Obama----against it.

Porn Raul said...

In 2008 Ron Paul said American workers were "overpaid".

That never appeared anywhere much either - certainly not at Prisonplanet.

Ron Paul is a neo-liberal.....he supports the extreme free-market economics of Mises Institute (Ludwig Von Mises)

Prisonplanet derides neo-liberalism......but loves Ron Paul.

Go figure?

Porn Raul said...

For example, Prisonplanet say about the Trilateral commission:

Many of its members are also Bilderbergers with the same mutual interests for the development of globalization, the so-called economics of 'neo-liberalism' including wholesale privatization of anything that moves, the new world order and corporate capitalist totalitarianism.

Check that use of "neo-liberalism" against this one:

Friedrich von Hayek (1899-1992) is probably the single most influential individual economist or political philosopher to shape what is now understood as neo-liberalism, although he is best regarded, and considered himself, as a classical liberal. Hayek's own theoretical direction sprang out of the so-called Austrian School established by Carl Menger, Eugen Boehm-Bawerk and Ludwig von Mises

Ron Paul - and his sidekick Rockwell - are neo-liberals - they are followers of Austrian school....Mises...Hayek.

You wouldn't think so listening to Alex Jones condemn neo-liberalism.

Porn Raul said...

neo-liberalism is also the "chicago school"......you know, the Chicago Boys, Chile, overthrow of Allende, Pinochet etc.

Here's Prisonplanet again pretending they are against neo-liberalism:

PP: Naomi Klein documented in the Shock Doctrine that the Neoliberals and Chicago school followers advocated a kind of “disaster capitalism”. Specifically, whenever a natural, economic, war-related, or other disaster strikes, these folks pounce and use the opportunity to quickly impose a brand of economic policy which benefits the elite at the cost of everyone else (by increasing unemployment, pushing the cost of essential goods through the roof, and otherwise increasing poverty), while people are still in shock and before they can react.

Publishers Weekly’s review of the Shock Doctrine puts it this way:

The neo-liberal economic policies—privatization, free trade, slashed social spending—that the Chicago School and the economist Milton Friedman have foisted on the world are catastrophic in two senses, argues this vigorous polemic. Because their results are disastrous—depressions, mass poverty, private corporations looting public wealth, by the author’s accounting—their means must be cataclysmic, dependent on political upheavals and natural disasters as coercive pretexts for free-market reforms the public would normally reject.


Prisonplanet just "forget" to tell their readers that their "hero" Ron Paul is a neo-liberal.....who thinks Americans are overpaid.

But that wouldn't go down too well with Jones' fans.....so he just keeps it quiet. Right?

Porn Raul said...

RonPaul: "Very few even know the name of Austrian Economics....."

Posted in Austrian Economics, Ron Paul's Interviews


The Austrian School derives its name from its predominantly Austrian founders and early supporters, including Carl Menger, Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk and Ludwig von Mises. Other prominent Austrian School economists of the 20th century include Henry Hazlitt, Murray Rothbard, and Nobel Laureate Friedrich Hayek.

Republican U.S. congressman Ron Paul is a firm believer in Austrian school economics and has authored six books on the subject. Paul's former economic adviser, Peter Schiff, is an adherent of the Austrian school


So, having established Ron Paul as a neo-liberal ie sutrian school, Hayek, Mises, Friedman....

Consider Prisonplanet's treatment of Neoliberalism - which it pretends to oppose so as to garner support from its readers:

Iceland Pushes Back Against Neolib Bankers


Neolib Policies and Argentina’s Economic Collapse

Central to the collapse was the implementation of neo-liberal policies which enabled the swindle of billions of dollars by foreign banks and corporations. Many of Argentina’s assets and resources were shamefully plundered.


Get that? Neo-liberalism is a target of Alex Jones. It is also the central belief system of his number one politican - Ron Paul.

How to make sense of that? Other than to conclude Alex Jones is a charlatan/disinfo/idiot?

theonomist said...

Hey "Porn Raul" - I don't know where you got your definition of neo-liberal, but it does NOT describe libertarians. They are more like paleo-liberals - i.e., they believe in liberty. The leftists that call themselves liberals these days are basically socialist totalitarians. Freedom scares them.
Of course neo-conservatives are not conservative either.
Time for truth in labelling for politics.

Larry said...

He gets his definitions from his "Im a Socialist, like Hitler was" handbook. I explained in my story why I THINK Rand Paul supported Bunning, but he doesnt READ stories. He only glances at the headline and starts posting away. The Republican stance is SMALL government and the fact that people should not depend on the government for aid, but in my article [that he never reads] I said WHY they should grant the insurance extensions----because its the government's fault why people are out of work!

the_last_name_left said...

Hey "Porn Raul" - I don't know where you got your definition of neo-liberal, but it does NOT describe libertarians.

It describes NEO-LIBERALISM.


Ron Paul is a neo-liberal.

Now, please explain why someone like Alex Jones supports neo-liberal Ron Paul whilst also suggesting neo-liberalism is the source of all ills?

You see the contradiction? Or not?

Larry said...

Hey Last Fag Left----I bet it feels good to come to a blog with opposing views and feel assured your comment wont get deleted, huh?? Unlike YOUR blog, where you ask questions, I ANSWER THEM and am STILL deleted---simply because you dont refute my responses. Just like Andy Ostroy: you DELETE my comment and then claim [to your other 3 or 4 readers] that my comment was "nasty" and I never answered the question. If I didnt answer it, then why wouldnt you leave the post ALONE to show your 4 readers that I didnt?? Youre a COMPLETE FRAUD. So, I guess NOW I will have to begin snapping screen shots of me ANSWERING your questions and then you DELETING THEM.

Ive read about neo-liberalism. How are Ron Paul's views neo-liberal? Id like you list SPECIFIC things, not your own bullshit opinions.

"Now, please explain why someone like Alex Jones supports neo-liberal Ron Paul whilst also suggesting neo-liberalism is the source of all ills?

You see the contradiction? Or not?"

You provide NO proof, as usual. But I DO see a BIG contradiction in the fact that 1. You use light bulbs and drive a car, yet you believe in global warming and you contribute to it by sending more carbon emissions into the atmosphere, and 2. You support Mark Potok and the SPLC but yet you dont debunk [or even attempt to] ONE WORD of my Potok story and you claim on your blog "you dont care about it", but yet my comment to you about was posted under a story that mentioned the SPLC!!!!!


the_last_name_left said...


Alex Jones attacks neo-liberalism (and you support him)

Alex Jones supports the neo-liberal Ron Paul (and you do too)

Paul himself is perfectly happy to promote his adherence to the Austrian school - and here's you chuffing about "no proof!" LOL