Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things I Hate: Stupid-ass Reality Shows That No One On Earth Gives A Rat's Ass About

by Larry Simons
March 30, 2010

There's nothing I hate more than when all I want in the whole world [when I want a break from reading and writing] is to flip over to the one channel where you should be free of reality TV......TV Land, and watch an old classic Three's Company or The Cosby Show and laugh while I woof down some smack ramen and find out I can't watch it because of another bullshit reality TV show.

Remember when MTV showed music videos? Now I hear myself asking, "Remember when TV Land showed classic TV shows?" Pretty soon, we will be saying, "Remember when Cartoon Network showed cartoons?"

If the particular reality TV show was anywhere even near the realm of something I would remotely be interested in, I might say, "OK, I can deal with it." But no, we have to stomach yet another stupid ass show that has no business being on the channel it's on. That show: High School Reunion. Who watches this utter crapola? I'm guessing the only people who would watch TV this shitty are 35 year old women and people who would run for Mayor of Loserville.

I don't even give a flying fart about my own high school reunions! Why would I care about reunions of people I don't know? Geesh. I'd rather watch wild animals take a shit on the National Geographic Channel.

As if one dumbass reality show isn't enough for TV Land, now they have another: First Love, Second Chance [there may even be more than two shows like this on TV Land---I wouldn't know, I don't keep track of dumbass bullshit]. It's no fucking wonder why Americans are the dumbest people on the planet, and why we are losing our country right out from under our noses. Complete, 100% stupidity. If they sold stupidity in a fucking jar, Americans would buy it.

I only like ONE reality show....one. Well, technically two, but they are both hosted by Gordon Ramsay [Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares]. They are almost the same show. I like that show because Ramsay is a no-nonsense Brit and for some strange reason, I have always been attracted to shows about restaurants/food. I really don't know why.

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Loved the article! You are the best, and you made my day! Thank you!