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My Translation of the Reason Why Dennis Kucinich Changed His Vote On the Health Care Bill: He’s A Pussy

Democracy Now! interviews Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader. Nader was rock solid and kicked ass on every point. Kucinich agreed with Nader on every point but spoke gibberish on his health care vote switcheroo

by Larry Simons
March 20, 2010

This might be the strangest interview I have ever seen. Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez of Democracy Now! had on Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich and consumer advocate Ralph Nader to discuss health care and more specifically, Kucinich’s changed vote on the health care bill.

Kucinich had been strongly opposed to Obama’s health care bill and the lack of a single payer option within the bill. After a recent trip in Air Force One with Obama, Kucinich changed his vote to now being in favor of the bill.

Watching this interview made my head spin. Kucinich was given the floor first and told Goodman that he does not retract anything he said in opposition to the bill prior to his switch to support it. Then he goes on to say that despite his best efforts to get single payer into the bill, he was not going to succeed. Then Kucinich says he was faced with an option to kill the bill, or let it go forward in the hopes that they could build something from the ruins of the bill.

In other words, Kucinich is saying he would rather vote yes on a bad bill, then no on a bad bill and have the fear that the health care discussion would die. Total bullshit. In other words, he’s hoping something good comes out of a bill that he admits to still having every criticism of prior to his support of it.

How insane do you have to be to think the way Kucinich does? It’s like the owner of a restaurant who decides to hire a new chef through a vote by his other employees. One employee is strongly opposed to the chef that is favored by the owner and a number of the other employees. It is assumed that his vote may be the deciding vote, but he doesn’t think this particular chef is the best for the restaurant. He votes yes anyway because he feels that even though he thinks he’s a bad chef, he will get better in time and his good qualities will outweigh the bad. Complete insanity.

watch the interview

Nader was given the floor next and made excellent points as to why this health care bill is bad news for this country and Americans. Here are a few of the negative aspects of the bill according to Nader:

1. Bill does not provide universal, comprehensive or affordable care to the American people
2. Shoves hundreds of billions of dollars of tax payer money into the worst corporations [health care companies] who created this problem
3. Does not require many contractual accountabilities for people who are denied health care in this continual pay or die system
4. Does not require regulation to keep drug prices down
5. No public option to keep prices down
6. Does not kick in until 2014 and by then, 180,000 Americans will have died from not being able to afford medical care

The one thing that made my head explode is the fact that Kucinich, in his rebuttal, agreed with everything Nader said and told Goodman how vital it is for Americans to keep going forward in support of the single payer option, and that even he would still support single payer. WHY???

Why would he still support single payer when he votes on bills that does not include it? What would be the point for supporters of single payer to keep fighting the good fight when people like Kucinich [who as of just days ago, was strongly opposed to this bill], turn into colossal pussies and cave in to the pressure?

The one thing that stood out the most in this entire interview was the fact that Kucinich never really explained why he changed his vote. He never specifically said why. The whole “voting on a bad bill in hopes it would become good” is NOT a reason. It’s mumbo jumbo bullshit.

In fact, this was another attempt by Kucinich to explain why he changed his vote:

“There’s a point at which you are in the system and you have to figure out, is there a way to try to use the moment to move in a direction that gives you a chance to keep pushing the points and not lose total legitimacy by taking everything over a cliff, at least working inside the system. And so that’s kinda what I’ve been faced with here.”

I read that three times in a row and I still have no fucking clue what he is saying. It’s complete gibberish. It means nothing. Nader, on the other hand, nailed every point and was excellent.

For those of you who do not have the time to watch the interview, this was the gist of it:

Kucinich: I voted on the health care bill despite being against it forever

Nader: Who could be for this bill? It sucks and bad for America

Kucinich: I haven't changed my mind. I'm still for single payer, and I still hold all my previous stances. I voted against my personal stances because I'm a big pussy. But even though I voted for the bill, all of you that still support single payer, keep supporting it and defending it....I'm with you....I just wasn't with you this one time....which was my VOTE for the bill!

Goodman/Gonzalez: Why isn't Kucinich telling anyone here WHY he voted for the bill?

Nader: I'm wondering that too

Kucinich: Maybe this bad bill will magically become good with a special health care magic wand that "Doc" Brown from "Back To The Future" will invent [complete with its own flux capacitor]

Nader: You're a dumbass and a pussy, Kucinich

Goodman/Gonzalez: Yeah, we agree

Kucinich: I agree too. I'm a big pussy. I'm going to go work on my next speech, titled, "Why I Now Support The Iraq War [and Why George W. Bush Is The Best President America Ever Had]"

To me, there could only be two possible reasons why Kucinich changed his mind. 1- He’s a total pussy, or 2- He was personally threatened. After all, it was reported that he changed his mind after talking with Obama on Air Force One. How can you change your mind on a brief plane ride after being against an issue for years?

I have lost all respect for Kucinich now. Things like this make it more valid to say, “There’s only one Ron Paul”.

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