Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mark Potok Says Believing the Government Is In On an Evil Scheme is A “Theory”, Then Proceeds to List Evil Things They’ve Done

Mark Potok says Patriot groups are paranoid for believing that the government is part of an evil scheme, then becomes a “conspiracy theorist” himself 10 seconds later, when he lists their evil schemes

by Larry Simons
March 3, 2010

Mark Potok, of the Southern Poverty Law Center, is at it again. More doublespeak from Jeff Lynne and William H. Macy’s lovechild. This time, it’s just more of the same from Potok, speaking out now in defense of his SLPC Intelligence Report that was just released in which details the statistics of hate/extremist groups in America.

Potok says this [from the clip below]:

“The thing to really understand about the Patriot movement and the militias which are the para-military wing of the Patriot movement is that they really believe the government is part of an evil scheme to do in Americans. This is a movement that sees the government as the primary enemy, uh, and is also completely eaten up with all kinds of conspiracy theories about martial law, about concentration camps, uh, about the Federal Reserve acting as an evil agent, and the list goes on and on.”

What I cannot figure out is, does Potok have contempt for people who join militias or people who join militias and believe that the government is involved in an evil scheme? It would seem clear from his above quote that the answer is obviously the latter. The reason why things get hazy is because of what he says immediately after the above quote.

“The economy being in shambles, so many people being unemployed, uh, has left a lot of people hurting, frustrated, angry and looking for a reason why they are in the place they’re in. In addition, I think that a great many people out there are very angry over things like the bank bailouts, the bailout of the auto industry. You know, what they see, I think, uh, is a government simply pouring money, uh, into the hands really of the elites, of people who then go on to get bonuses of millions of dollars and the ends of the year, and they don’t feel that what the government has done to try and end the recession is really reaching real working people.”

So, in other words Mark, you’re saying that the reason why people feel the government is the primary enemy and that it is a part of an evil scheme is because… IS the primary enemy and a part of an evil scheme?? So, basically, the people involved in the militias and Patriot movements are simply just paying attention to what the government is doing to the American people. And when they simply react by joining groups that are comprised of people who take oaths to obey the Constitution, they are nutty “conspiracy theorists” when you just admitted the government is ruining the country? Wow!

watch the clip

Potok is speaking as if the government is playing the role of a well-meaning parent who continually screws up, but deep down wants the best for their child; they just need direction. BULLSHIT and utter crapola. If the government was truly concerned with fixing this country and confronting the real dragons behind the curtain who are destroying it, their first step would be to abolish the Federal Reserve.

No country can continue to print money, and print more money and print more money and not eventually collapse economically. With the exception of the time period between 1815-1821, the United States had not seen a real major economic collapse until the 1920's. Even during one of America's darkest periods, the Civil War, the country ran rather smoothly. We never ran into huge deficits because the war was completely paid for by taxes from the American people. The country ran beautifully until just around the time Lincoln was elected and began his desecration of the Constitution.

Since then, the country has been taken over by bankers and the corporate elite. No conspiracy theory there. Just ask the Warburgs, Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Of course, they may be hush-hush about it, since they were a few of the major conspirators. Almost immediately after the creation of the Fed [within 16 short years], we were suffering a great depression. Potok would call that mere coincidence.

What is going on in Washington is an orchestrated plan. The government could fix health care tomorrow if they wanted to [and I’m not referring to Obamacare]. They could fix the auto industry, the housing industry and unemployment in days if they truly wanted to fix it. They don’t. It’s not an accident; it’s an agenda.

Conservative author Gary Allen said, “If we were merely dealing with the law of averages, half of the events affecting our nation’s well-being should be good for America. If we were dealing with mere incompetence, our leaders should occasionally make a mistake in our favor….We are not really dealing with coincidence or stupidity, but with planning and brilliance.”

People like Potok believe that the leaders in Washington mean well and they really care, but they just keep fucking up and they need our prayers and support. Yet they have fucked up so much, so often and so badly…and never in our favor. Potok is the nutball for believing it’s coincidental.

Potok continually condemns “conspiracy theorists” [debunkers love using that term in the pejorative sense] but fails to mention that the alternative to conspiracy “believing” [the term I like] is to accept that, like Gary Allen said, things never work in the favor of the American people. Potok even admitted that the government not only fails, but also goes out of its way to fail the people. He admits it and yet we are crazy if we simply acknowledge it and vow to defend the Constitution.

Now, are there nuts in the militia and Patriot movements? I’m sure there are. You can’t assemble a group of any size and be nutball free, but that hardly makes the cause dangerous, crazy or even terroristic. How does Potok think our country even started? We fought the redcoats with militias. Were there [maybe] a few people in those militia regimens who were considered ‘nutty’? Maybe. Maybe not. Was the cause deemed “dangerous”? Well, considering we gained our Independence as a result of it, I highly suspect anyone would call them dangerous. But, I could be wrong.

On liberal wingnut Dave Neiwert’s blog some time back, I had intense debates with other bloggers about the militias in the 1770’s. The wingnuts on Orincus [Neiwert’s blog] called the militia’s of the 1770’s terrorists [despite the fact that, if not for their actions, we wouldn’t live in the country we have today and the nutcases on Neiwert’s blog wouldn’t be enjoying the freedom to write that the very people who gave them the right to speak freely were nothing more than terrorists].

[Oh, by the way, I was banned from Dave Neiwert’s site for saying the militias in the 1770’s were not terrorists. Neiwert’s supporters, who claimed our founders were terrorists, were not banned].

Potok calls anti-government people in the Patriot movement delusional for believing that the Federal Reserve is “acting an evil agent” and claims they are “eaten up” with conspiracy theories, but what Potok completely omits from his ramblings is that the creation of the Federal Reserve was a conspiracy. And it’s not just people in militias that know this fact. As I posted prior, even actor Richard Belzer acknowledges the conspiracy on Jekyll Island in 1910 by a group of elite bankers. Belzer shared these views on Real Time with Bill Maher last October.

Belzer said:

“In 1910, Senator Aldrich on his private train, brought a bunch of billionaire bankers, the Morgans, the….all these different people, the Warburgs, down to this place called Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia. And they figured out a way to create the Federal Reserve, because central banks were looked down upon by the people, and they caused a lot of problems.

By creating the Federal Reserve, they convinced the Congress and the people that the Federal Reserve is a government arm. It’s not. They borrow money from private banks. We’re owned by banks, and you can’t alter that. John Kennedy wanted to stop borrowing, wanted to stop using the Federal Reserve, use silver certificates to determine the value of the dollar and print money through the treasury….so they exploded his head.”

watch the clip

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan ADMITTED on national TV that the Federal Reserve is an independent agency and they answer to no one.

watch the clip

Since the Fed is a central bank, and the founding fathers warned us all about the evils of central banks and the people who created the Fed were bankers, not politicians, that means the Fed was created by people who were not elected into office. Mark Potok doesn’t think that is an evil agent. Wow.

Thomas Jefferson said, "A private central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army. We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt."

Jefferson said central banks [the Fed being the central bank] are a threat to our liberties. Interesting is the fact that Potok later says that members of the Oath Keepers are paranoid because they think "foreign troops are going to be on American soil, putting Americans down". In the quote by Jefferson, he said institutions such as the Federal Reserve are a greater threat to our liberty than standing armies. So, if the Oath Keepers think that foreign troops will be on our soil, so what? Thomas Jefferson said that institutions like the Fed are a greater threat than armies. I guess Potok considers Thomas Jefferson a conspiracy theorist as well.

In an article I wrote on February 18, I posted proof that martial law legislation has already been implemented and that FEMA camps are real. Ask Ollie North. He co-authored the plans for the Rex 84 [Readiness Exercise] centers that were created for the sole purpose of detaining large numbers of American citizens in the event of a national crisis. But, if someone just reads martial law legislation like HR 645 or shows videos of Ollie North being asked about his Rex 84 FEMA camps, they are loony “conspiracy theorists” who are a danger to America.

Oliver North in 1987, refusing to answer Jack Brooks about Rex 84 FEMA camps

So, if Mark Potok just saysconspiracy” people are nuts, well then, we must be. No video footage needed, just his good word. But, when we, the “nutty conspiracy people”, have video footage proving what we claim is true, we are dangers to the country and should be monitored night and day by the FBI.

It’s people like Potok that should be evaluated by mental health professionals. After all, he still believes in the biggest fairy tale of them all; that the government gives a shit about us.


theonomist said...

I don't really care about conspiracy theories. What scares me are the conspiracy FACTS!

the_last_name_left said...

On liberal wingnut Dave Neiwert’s blog some time back, I had intense debates with other bloggers about the militias in the 1770’s. The wingnuts on Orincus [Neiwert’s blog] called the militia’s of the 1770’s terrorists [despite the fact that, if not for their actions, we wouldn’t live in the country we have today and the nutcases on Neiwert’s blog wouldn’t be enjoying the freedom to write that the very people who gave them the right to speak freely were nothing more than terrorists].

What absolute tripe.

Here in Britain I can easily write the English Queen is a whore intent on ruling the world.....blah blah blah

Don't pretend that everything you have was derived from that one single source of "revolution".

As if you would be under some totalitarian dictatorship otherwise? lol. American mythology eh?

Larry said...

Ahhh yes, spoken like a true sore loser. Your country is defeated by us, we gain our independence and all of a sudden it's "not important". Isnt that the same kind of infantile babble that a 4th grader would say after losing an important little league baseball game? "Well, I didnt care about wnning it anyway, waaa waaa waaa". Are you 6 years old?

Take the fact that your BIG, STRONG MILITARY was DEFEATED by our MILITIAS like a MAN, will you?

"As if you would be under some totalitarian dictatorship otherwise? lol. American mythology eh?"

You mean, would we still be under the control of England? Who knows?

Oh by the way, I find it funny that King George III suffered mental illness in his later life. Did that make any of his ideologies "crazy" [because he had a mental illness]?

Answer that question: Did King George III's mental illness make his beliefs and views "crazy"? Theres a reason Im asking it. I want a simple "yes" or "no". Can you handle that?

Larry said...

By the way, of my ENTIRE story on Potok, that small excerpt is all you can address??? LOL

Cant refute the "nut" once AGAIN, huh?

theonomist said...

From the POV of the Brits, especially General Gage, the military governor of Massachusetts Colony, the militias WERE terrorists, because they refused to obey what they considered to be unjust orders and laws.
If you read "The Founders' Second Amendment" by Stephen Halbrook, you will find piles of references showing that the main cause of the War for Independence was George III's attempts to disarm the colonists.
That pap they taught you in the Government Indoctrination Centers (aka Public Schools) about "taxation w/o representation" was secondary at most.