Friday, February 5, 2010

A Glimpse of My Weekend Global Warming/Snowstorm Shut-In

I will be trapped this weekend thanks to abundance of global warming blanketing the entire mid-Atlantic region of the United States

by Larry Simons
February 5, 2010

Thanks to the 16-24 inches of global warming that is hitting the mid-Atlantic this weekend, I stocked up on my food and personal needs. Masses of others were at grocery stores too stocking up, preparing for the mass warming that will be hitting us the next two days.

As you can see in the picture [above] of outside my house, the global warming has begun. The warming is scheduled to continue until late afternoon on Saturday.

More warming [7:35 p.m.]

Global warming UPDATE [outside my house, 11:50 p.m.]

Global warming UPDATE #2 [4:10 a.m., Feb. 6]


the_last_name_left said...

Looks nice and toasty.

Got suncream?

Larry said...

No need for it---as you can clearly see my region of the US [as with most parts of the world] is experiencing massive snowfalls, record low temps and no global warming in sight. At my site, I provide PROOF in what I claim--unlike you over at, and your sister site,

the_last_name_left said...

That's bad news, Larry, as it is obviously going to snow forever.

You've PROVEN temperatures can't ever rise again if you have a coldspell......remember?

So.....looks like you better get used to it. At least you were right about Global Warming, eh?

the_last_name_left said...

I mean - look at the olympics. how can it be lacking snow when you have loads, Larry? That's impossible, right?

I guess they melted all their snow to prove global warming?

Larry said...

I have no clue what you just said, or what it even meant. By the way, I loved how you ignored my Obama/broken promise story----impossible to debunk?

the_last_name_left said...

well, you said if there was global warming, there couldn't be snow anywhere.

And yet, you have snow, and the Olympics doesn't (not as much as usual)

You're so silly.

Here in Wales we have had several sunny bright days - just 200 miles away airports and roads are closed because of snow.

That's impossible in your opinion.

I guess the weather doesn't care for your opinion Larry?

Larry said...

"And yet, you have snow, and the Olympics doesn't (not as much as usual)"

So, you ADMIT that there IS snow there! "not as much" is STILL SOME, isnt it? How could that be if what Olbermann said is true, that climate change means "where its supposed to get cold, it gets cold-ER. If its supposed to get cold-ER in Vancouver, why isnt it? Why isnt there more snow? You would say "because its warming"-----but thats NOT what Olbermann said climate change IS---according to him, its supposed to be getting cold-ER in Vancouver, and apparently, its not----but you use that to suggest its "warming" but thats NOT what climate change means according to Olbermann! You guys are so fucked up, you dont even know how contradictory you are!

If it gets COLDER in an area, you claim its climate change. If it gets WARMER in an area, you claim its because global warming. Either way, you cant lose your argument. It’s the equivalent to saying: Heads I win, tails you lose.

the_last_name_left said...

i don't care what Olberman says. I don't even know who he is.

You setup a strawman - claiming Olberman speaks as a n official mouthpiece for the science on global warming.

He doesn't.

What he says has nothing whatsoever to do with the case for or against global warming. It does not stand or fall on what Olberman says about it, however much you pretend it does.

Larry said...

Ahhhh I love it. When I destroy a global warming advocate, then they are "not the official mouthpiece" but when YOU quote one, they are fucking EXPERTS! Quite amusing! Shouldnt they ALL be in agreement [experts and non-experts] if they are all parroting the SAME thing??? Why do you have DIFFERENT things being said by those in the same camp?

the_last_name_left said...

When I destroy a global warming advocate, then they are "not the official mouthpiece" but when YOU quote one, they are fucking EXPERTS!

NASA is a science organisation......with impeccable scientific credentials.

Olberman isn't.

Get it?

You want to attack Olberman, and pretend that by doing so you discredit NASA, and climate science.


Attack Olberman all you like? I don't care. The science is a different issue.

Larry said...

Thats my ENTIRE point you buffoon! The science is being discredited on almost a daily basis. This is why it was a FAILURE in Copenhagen---people are waking up [except YOU]. We have EVIDENCE the data is being manipulated---evidence---do you understand what that is?

John Coleman [the founder of the weather channel] is an EXPERT but you blow him off like he's Pauly Shore. You dont think NASA [an agency of the government] can be trusted?? They are a GOVERNMENT agency----yeah, we can trust THEM alright! Theyve never lied before, have they?? Do you realize how much fucking money they will get from this if cap and trade passes??? BILLIONS, TRILLIONS. Whereas, the people who are calling it a SCAM are not making a dime from it!

Let me ask you something dilweed. Answer these questions:

1. Do you drive a car?
2. Do you use electricity?
3. Do you wear clothes, play video games, etc.. that are manufactured with electricity?
4. Do you use a cell phone?
5. Do you use light bulbs?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are violating your own beliefs by contributing to global warming. I want each of those questions answered. Im sure you will ignore them because you know by saying yes to any of them will incriminate your OWN beliefs. If people like you who REALLY believed in global warming were SERIOUS about it, you would do everything possible to NOT contribute to it.

Answer my questions. I wanna know how serious you are about it. I ALREADY know you use a computer---why? You contribute to global warming by doing that.

Larry said...

Yep, I KNEW he'd IGNORE the post and the questions.!!

Anonymous said...

your a fucking idiot. it snows so that disproves global warming theories? if yoiu had 1/10th of a brain you'd be dangerous. global warming causes violent changes in the weather, including bigger and more frequent snowstorms. if you knew anything about the subject of which you write it'd be a fucking miracle. global warming/climate change isn't about there being no more cold weather or snow, you jackass. it's a about an indesputable, consistent warming of the planet which is making each year the warmest in history, and with increasing and more violent hurricanes, tornados, snownstorms and earthquakes, in case you haven't noticed, you douchebag ignoramus

Larry said...

And in my global warming stories, Im not just talking about the fact that places are COLD or that it snows, Im mainly talking about RECORD-BREAKING temps and snowfalls. If there is global warming at all, why would all these places I mention be experiencing RECORD-BREAKING temps and amounts of snow?? Keith Olbermann says climate change is "where it's supposed to be cold, it get cold-ER"---well, obviously thats not true if ice caps are supposedly MELTING. Al Gore also talks about sea levels increasing by 20+ feet and coming inward in places like Manhattan, Florida and the San Francisco Bay [where Gore bought a condo in 2006!!!] I hope he bought some scuba gear with his condo!!