Sunday, January 31, 2010

Was Haiti Earthquake Another Foreknown Event like WTC Building 7?

In September of 2008, geologist and former professor, Patrick Charles, accurately predicted that Haiti earthquake was imminent

by Larry Simons
January 31, 2010

There have been several theories floating around as to what caused the Haiti earthquake that flattened Port-au-Prince on January 12. Some are saying it is the H.A.A.R.P. program in Alaska. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez stated that he believes the United States was testing a tectonic weapon to induce the catastrophic damage inflicted on Haiti [which he may have been referring to H.A.A.R.P.].

I have no idea who is right, or if everyone is wrong and it was simply just an Earthquake. What I did find interesting is an article I came across from October 11, 2008 that talked about an original article written for Haiti’s Le Matin newspaper in September 2008. It reported that geologist and former professor at the Geological Institute of Havana, Patrick Charles, said that a 7.2 earthquake would inevitably hit Haiti, despite the fact that there had been no seismic activity in Port-au-Prince in 200 years.

Charles said, “Haiti is no stranger to large quakes with the destruction of Palais Sans Souci near the Citadelle in 1842. It has also been 200 years since any major seismic activity has occurred in Port-au-Prince. This means that the level of built up stress and energy in the earth could one day be released resulting in an earthquake measuring 7.2 or more on the Richter Scale.”

I am not saying that Charles is involved in a conspiracy. I am not saying H.A.A.R.P. caused the earthquake or that Hugo Chavez is right. I am saying that it is very odd that a geologist made a prediction that a massive 7.2 earthquake would inevitably hit Haiti [even though it had been 200 years since Haiti saw any seismic activity], that his prediction came true just 16 months later, and he was only off his Richter scale prediction by 0.2.

This is reminiscent to the “prediction” that WTC 7 was going to ‘imminently’ collapse on 9/11 by firefighters and police saying “that building’s gonna come down soon”. Now, obviously, I am only making the Haiti earthquake/WTC 7 connection in the sense that both events were catastrophic and that both events would serve an agenda only IF there is a conspiracy behind it. I am not saying both events are similar in any other way than that.

Obviously, both events are different. Geologists can predict seismic activity and be accurate. It was virtually impossible for firefighters/police or any city officials to know WTC 7 was going to collapse [since no other building in the history of architecture has collapsed due to minimal damage and small isolated fires] unless they were told by the chain of command that eventually ascends to the real perpetrators behind it.

There could be an agenda in Haiti, who knows? It is too early to tell. We have a shit load of military there and the earthquake could be a pretext to occupy it and set up bases there. I am not saying there is anything conspiratorial about the earthquake prediction…yet. When I read the article, the first thing that entered my mind [when I discovered how accurate Charles was and that the prediction was made only 16 months ago], was that it sounded as if it could turn out to be another “that buildings’ gonna come down soon” moment.

Only time will tell if I’m completely right, partially right, or completely wrong.


BD said...

Hi. Nice thoughtful blog you have here. Looks like a lot of work went into it to document the globalist conspiracy. I'm a Christian/conspiracy theorist with a new blog, and I'm looking for like-minded bloggers to share with. Have a happy Sunday.

theonomist said...

If this was 'just' an earthquake, why was there no related tsunami? Why were no shocks felt in the Dominican Republic, which shares the same (relatively small) island?
I'm just asking.

Larry said...

BD thanks, hop you cntinue to come here, but just a warning: Im not too pleasant to religion on this blog.

good questions theonomist---Im not an expert on Earthquakes so I dont know if there should have been those things you mentioned, but its an interesting thought.

Larry said...

BD, obviously I meant to say "hope you continue"

BD said...

No worries, Larry. I think many of my articles will probably offend some Christians out there, as my take on the religion is a bit more (cynical) realistic than most. I don't mean to offend of course, but I guess I'm just contrary like that.

As for the HAARP... it's an interesting theory. Anyone who doubts that something strange (whatever that is) is going on need only look to the sky, where they'll see enough chemtrails to choke a horse.

the_last_name_left said...

The time has passed Larry - you're completely wrong.

Oh well........just one more time to add the countless other times.

Good that you can fez up to being wrong. It takes a real man to do that. HAHA

Larry said...

"The time has passed Larry - you're completely wrong."

You have PROOF Im wrong? Hmmmmm. Oh, thats right, you dont know what PROOF means. You NEVER furnish any.

"Oh well........just one more time to add the countless other times."

Oh, you mean "the countless other times" where you failed to debunk it?????

the_last_name_left said...

Well......when the time be, Larry?

When you have completed your doctorates in vulcanology, geology, whatever?

Or shall we just save time and ask the experts now? Simpler than becoming an expert one's self......isn't it?