Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tennessee Follows Texas In Banning Private Gun Shows

Licensing mandates dealers to turn over plethora of information to authorities under new legislation

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
January 19, 2010

Tennessee has followed Texas in demanding that dealers obtain licenses and turn over a plethora of information to authorities before being able to host a gun show in another devastating attack on the second amendment.

The legislation, HB 2422, which has not yet passed, would make it a Class A misdemeanor for any person to organize, plan, promote, or operate a gun show without government approval.

The bill makes it a crime for anyone who wishes to operate a gun show unless they follow the following procedures;

(1) Notifies the TBI and the chief law enforcement officer in the county in which the gun show is to be held of the dates, times, and location of the gun show;

(2) Verifies the identity of each gun show dealer participating in the gun show by examining a valid photo identification document of the dealer, before commencement of the gun show;

(3) Requires each gun show dealer to sign a ledger with information identifying the dealer, including the dealer’s name and address, before commencement of the gun show; and

(4) Maintains a copy of the records described above in (2) and (3) at the gun show promoter’s permanent place of business for one year from the date of the gun show.

The legislation also contains a blanket ban on all unlicensed gun sales within 1,000 feet of an unapproved gun show.

The bill would take effect on January 1, 2011 if signed into law.

As we highlighted yesterday, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is actively issuing directions banning private sales of guns without licenses at gun shows in Texas, despite there being no law to justify such demands.

A caller to the Alex Jones show brought attention to BATF notices handed out at the entrance of the Texas Gun And Knife Show, on North Lamar, in Austin this past weekend.

The flyers (pictured below) state that anyone selling a firearm “will be asked to comply with” conditions including operating through a licensed FFL dealer.

The notice also states that “Selling firearms in the parking lot will not be permitted.”

“The lady at the front desk used her ‘mommy voice’ to get everyone’s attention.” Scott from Austin told The Alex Jones show, noting that the owners of the private building where the gun show was held were contacted by the APD and the BATF and directed to hand out the notices.

Scott also told listeners that a petition in protest of the directions was being handed around at the show.


the_last_name_left said...

Why is it a problem?

They're not stopping gun shows - just licensing them, a little.

So what's the problem?

Anonymous said...

the p;roblem is they are taking our rights away you euro trash queenie.

Larry said...

because the second amemdment says The RIGHT to bear arms-----NOT the RIGHT to get a license to bear arms. A RIGHT means NO license is required, because its a RIGHT! Thats the VERY reason we fought and BEAT your queenie ass country----to gain our RIGHTS from tyrants. And now the tyrants have returned----only this time, disguised as Constitution-loving Americans.


the_last_name_left said...

because the second amemdment says The RIGHT to bear arms-----NOT the RIGHT to get a license to bear arms.

Hmmm. The constitution doesn't say you have a right to a washing machine, a fridge, or a car. Let alone a driving licence.

Nevertheless - you DO have a right "to bear arms"........but you need a licence. Sometimes.....some places. Oh wow - big deal. Awww - little baby can't have his guns? Man -- isn't society awful?

Larry said...

"Hmmm. The constitution doesn't say you have a right to a washing machine, a fridge, or a car. Let alone a driving licence."

OH BROTHER!!!!! I cant believe you actually type that bullshit so others can SEE it! That doesnt embarrass you???

If the Constitution mentioned the right to own appliances and vehicles and others were interfering with the ownership of them, youd have a point-----but AS USUAL, you type your mindless, unrelated gobbly-gook just to divert from the issue [not to mention make you look like a complete ASS in the process].

How does it feel knowing you cant debunk me, so you have to resort to typing the dumbest shit possible to divert issues away from the issue at hand?

"Nevertheless - you DO have a right "to bear arms"........but you need a licence."

Again, ANOTHER contradictory statement! Requiring a LICENSE takes away from our RIGHT to do it!! Being given the RIGHT to do something means you dont have to get somene's "OK". It means you ont have to pay money. It means you dont have to do ANYTHING but engage in the very practice of what we have the RIGHTS to. Just like prisoners have th RIGHT to eat andthe right to sleep---means they dont need PERMISSION or someone's "OK" to be granted those things. Needing a LICENSE subtracts from something being a RIGHT. The mere fact that I even haveto explain that speaks volumes of your abundant stupidity!

You mentioned the word "need" in the sentence "need a license". "Needing" something is contradictory to it being a RIGHT. Thats what makes it a RIGHT! The fact that NOTHING IS NEEDED in order for us to exercize that right!

GET IT now???? I hope so! A fucking THREE year old could get this!

the_last_name_left said...

so........you want gun "rights" because......the constitution says so?

Hmm. what an argument.

So what you reckon - everyone should be entitled to a missile launcher? RPGs? Artillery? Nukes?