Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Global Warming? Really? Tell that to the residents of Fulton, NY, who have endured snowfall for NINE straight days!

55 inches of snow and counting in Fulton, NY; more to come

by Larry Simons
January 6, 2010

For 9 straight days now, it has not stopped snowing in Fulton, NY. Since December 28, Fulton residents have had to go out and shovel snow two or three times daily to battle the nearly 55 inches of snow that has fallen.

All across the United States, the frigid temps have been blasting areas that have never seen inclement weather of this magnitude. States like Tennessee, Florida, New Jersey are being blasted with record temps, and 4 people have even died from hypothermia in Tennessee.

To make matters worse for the people of Fulton, NY, the forecast for the next three days: snow.

How do the global warming frauds explain this? I'm sure the people of Fulton are praying for some global warming right about now.

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the_last_name_left said...

do you know the difference between climate and weather?

Obviously not.

Do you know the dangers of extrapolating trends from a single data point?

Obviously not.

Still - it's a good job we have people like you teaching science and statistics, eh, Larry?

Larry said...

No, I dont have a clue what the difference is---why dont you teach me? Just like you "taught" me about 9/11---lol. They were talking about global FREEZING in the 1970's! Morons like YOU say "Oh just because it snows doesnt mean things arent warming----the weather always goes in cycles throughout history"-----that's OUR point in saying its NOT WARMING.....that it goes in cycles!! If the climate was WARMING, it sure as hell couldnt snow---could it? And even if it COULD snow---not like THIS!

Its not just New York----hundreds and hundreds of cities in the US and the WORLD are experiencing their coldest temps EVER ON RECORD-----how do you explain that?? Global warming is a MASSIVE FRAUD---and if you cant see that, then you are among the dumbest people on Earth!

A SINGLE data point?? Youre kidding right? I guess you completely ignored climategate huh and the emails that were hacked into PROVING they are manipulating data. My god, the mainstream media even covered that! Whats THAT tell you?

the_last_name_left said...

It tells me that most people don't really have sufficient science education, nor in statistics or philosophy/critical thinking/logic.

Not a surprise really...considering for example, the extent of Intelligent Design......particularly in USA.

Little point in even discussing it here.

But tell me.......what's your rationale for this supposed conspiracy of scientists?

Why would they do it?

Real Truth Online said...

"But tell me.......what's your rationale for this supposed conspiracy of scientists?

Why would they do it?"

Paid off maybe by the people behind the whole scam like Al Gore and Maurice Strong who are making BILLIONS from it? Gee, has that ever occured to you?

Even if theyre not paid off and have no connection whatsoever to the billionaires, it's a matter of just opinion, equivolent to the differences of opinion between evolutionits and creationists.

the_last_name_left said...

there is no difference of opinion between creationists and evolutionists: one is science, one is rubbish.

I don't for a moment believe that all the world's leading climate scientists - and their referees from all sorts of physical sciences - can be "bought off".

I don't think "climategate" is very serious. At all.

I can imagine that perhaps scientists, convinced by data, might be so eager to get their message across to a sceptical, change-opposed, scientifically illiterate population that they might be disinclined to go into some things which on the face of it might undermine their case.

I don't see it as more than that.

If you imagine all these scientists are bought off, I wonder where you get your science to "disprove" anthropgenic 'warming'.

Anyone who says what you want will do?

Larry said...

"there is no difference of opinion between creationists and evolutionists: one is science, one is rubbish."

Thats your OPINION

"I don't for a moment believe that all the world's leading climate scientists - and their referees from all sorts of physical sciences - can be "bought off"."

So, youre saying facts are based on what you believe?

"I don't think "climategate" is very serious. At all."

Another OPINION.

the_last_name_left said...

It isn't "merely" my opinion that evolution is science and creationism is not.

Yes - it is my opinion that the suggestion 'the whole of climate science - and its referees- can be "bought off"' is nonsense. My opinion is based on a whole slew of arguments, not the least of which is the obvious idea that it is totally absurd.

But that sort of thinking underpins your entire worldview, doesn't it?


Of course conspiracies exist - such as Enron. But to imagine everything is a little bit unhinged.

It's a way to avoid complexity. And it is invariably rightwing, in so far as it dismisses structural and class analysis.

It reduces everything to some "evil" group of conspirators.

And what do the conspirators invariably want? Supposedly they want evil things - evil leftwing things, like internationalism - socialism whatever.....

Like, say, a world tax on carbon? Not a leftwing thing, really, but the internationalism of it is the wish to integrate industry and commerce into the environment, rather than giving it free rein to destroy it so long as it makes money for some.

Opposition to "climate change" idea can be considered rightwing in so far as it functions as a refusal to submit industry to any higher power - such as social or environmental concern.

Climate change proponents can be seen as functioning in support of a leftward drift - to submit industry to wider needs of society ie to protect the environment, the numero uno prerequisite for society.

So, again, we can see the whole thing as a vector for basic left/right difference.

The "right" supports keeping industry "free" of "interference".....unfettered freemarkets, capitalism, etc......whilst the left supports society and ecology over the narrow interests of industry alone.

The right explains scientific findings it doesn't like as "a conspiracy"......the entire corruption (of at least a large part) of "science".

The left sees class motivations......which operate without there needing a conspiracy. Class interests drive behaviour -- that's why it can appear that there's conspiracy. But capitalists don't necessarily need to conspire with each other.....they already KNOW their interests, and they are largely the same. It doesn't need communicating - it doesn't need a formal conspiracy.

Plus - world conspiracy omits competition. capitalists are driven to compete amongst themselves - the devil eats his own. YOu try getting national capitalisms to co-operate perfectly? It's absurd?

Anonymous said...

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