Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dave Neiwert attempts to debunk global warming deniers, but omits some small details

Those “small” details?: The scores of reports of record low global temps in 2009

by Larry Simons
January 10, 2010

Yesterday on the Obama-loving website Crooks and Liars, proven liar and fraudster David Neiwert, in an attempt to disprove global warming deniers, posted a story about FOX News’ Neil Cavuto doing a segment on his program about how unbearably cold it is right now across the country.

Cavuto said sarcastically, “Meanwhile another alert, a FOX News global warming alert. It’s still cold. It’s still really cold. It’s still really FREEZING!”

Neiwert said this, “Take Neil Cavuto yesterday. He opened the segment by talking about how cold temperatures are right now. This is a big surprise, since we're in the dead of winter. But this is part of the larger theme: It's colder than crap here in America, so that must mean there's no global warming! We're hearing it constantly. Fairly typical of this approach was the e-mail we got yesterday from a reader who wanted to defend Hannity:

Sean Hannity may be many things, but your claim his statement about 2009 being colder is a lie doesn't hold water. In fact, says this winter may be the worst and coldest since 1985.

Please stop misleading people into this global warming crap.

Dave Boylen
Maui, Hawaii

If you go to the story he links, you'll find a story about how we're getting record-cold temperatures this year in the United States. Because, of course, the USA is the only part of the globe that matters. Temperatures elsewhere? Who cares?”

I love when global warming defenders attempt to make the point that the reason it is cold is because it's winter time. If global warming really existed, would it only act when it was summer, spring or fall? Would we be seeing scores and scores of record-setting freezing temps all over the world when temps are supposed to be warmer? Isn't that the same logic that the "hot water freezes faster" people use?

Heaven knows that I’m no defender of FOX News, but when they’re right, they’re right. While true that the link posted by the reader above only refers to United States temperatures, it is also true that Neiwert conveniently leaves out small, pesky facts like temperatures even globally have been at mind-staggering record lows and have been fairly consistently cold all year.

Below, I have listed just a small fraction of reports of global record-setting low temps. Like I said, all small fraction.

January 2009: London was colder than parts of Antarctica
January 2009: Gloucestershire saw coldest winter since 1978
January 2009: Russia’s Pravda reported we may be on the brink of an Ice Age
January 2009: Shanghai saw coldest winter in 18 years
February 2009: Record low temps in Switzerland
March 2009: Britain saw coldest winter in 13 years
March 2009: Ireland saw coldest winter in 20 years
March 2009: Cuba winter among coldest on record
April 2009: Melbourne reported coldest April morning in 56 years
April 2009: Antarctic ice growing, NOT shrinking
May 2009: New Zealand glaciers growing, NOT shrinking
July 2009: Ottawa saw their coldest July in 17 years
July 2009: Wairarapa, New Zealand saw their coldest May on record
September 2009: NOAA says summer of 2009 was 34th coolest on record and more than 2,000 record lows recorded
November 2009: Hong Kong saw their coldest winter in 120 years
December 2009: Record low temps in Ireland
December 2009: Scotland colder than Iceland
December 2009: Intense cold wave sweeps North China
December 2009: Two die in freezing temps in Britain
December 2009: Beijing saw lowest temps in a decade
December 2009: Scotland saw worse snow and ice in 20 years
December 2009: Europe saw snow dipping below –33 C

I guess Neiwert just “forgot” to mention these examples of global freezing temperatures to his zombie-like readers. I could have listed many, many, many more, but how many do I have to list before my point is made? Neiwert listed zero examples of global warming temps [outside of the U.S.]. I guess just as long as he says there’s no global freezing, that’s good enough, eh?

I find it ironic that Neiwert said “Temperatures elsewhere? Who cares?”, yet didn’t link to one specific story that reported high global temps. Obviously, even Neiwert didn’t care about temperatures “elsewhere” either, or it would not have required Real Truth Online to actually list them.

Neiwert himself would have done that.


theocrat said...

Not to mention that, although the Arctic ice cap is diminishing (not the to extent Algore claims, but it is), the Antarctic ice cap is growing even faster. If we truly had global warming, wouldn't be truly global? (DUH!) Although we might allow for some local variation, Antarctica is a pretty big locality. The overall trends should be up, both in temperature and sea level.
Global temps, as measured by satellites and thus not skewed by localized civilization, are down. Sea levels are up slightly, but not nearly as much as the eco-freaks had predicted.

the_last_name_left said...

Whilst Britain shivers in the coldest winter for a decade, Australia bakes in one of its hottest summers......
The Bureau of Meteorology says figures showing Australia has experienced its hottest decade since records began in 1910 are clear evidence of climate change.

2009 was Australia's second-warmest year on record, with the annual mean temperature 0.90C above average.

Dr Jones says the results have been partly driven by three record-breaking heatwaves.

The current record year, 1998, was dominated by an "extreme El Nino" condition - the warming of surface waters in the eastern Pacific that releases heat stored in the deep ocean into the atmosphere, raising temperatures globally.

Earlier this week, the Met Office and the World Meteorological Organization said that the first decade of this century was "by far" the warmest since the instrumental record began.

Their analyses also showed that 2009 would almost certainly be the fifth warmest in the 160-year record.

Burgeoning El Nino conditions, adding to man-made greenhouse warming, had pushed 2009 into the "top 10" years, the organisations explained.

The easiest climate predictions of all are

* The decade of the 2010s will be the hottest in the instrumental record
* Then the decade of the 2020s will be the hottest in the instrumental record
* Then the decade of the 2030s will be the hottest in the instrumental record
* Then the decade of the 2040s will be the hottest in the instrumental record
* Then the decade of the 2050s will be the hottest in the instrumental record

Larry said...

LOL,I give you SCORES [only a fraction of what i could have listed] of RECORD-low temps across the ENTIRE world in 2009 and you respond with ONE location that was warm [Austrailia]? I guess my Melbourne story means nothing huh?

You list ONE location [which was the same reason why Neiwert criticized the emailer---for listing ONE location (the US)], you provide NO links [I provided 22] AND you end your post with giving me PREDICTIONS of global warming as PROOF that there already IS global warming???


I also noticed you FAILED [I mean didnt even attempt] to debunk ANY of my links. Hmmmm, I wonder why.

the_last_name_left said...

I only need to give one example to prove your reasoning specious.

Do you think Australia is "one place"?

you said

pesky facts like temperatures even globally have been at mind-staggering record lows and have been fairly consistently cold all year.

I don't have to list eveywhere it wasn't true. I gave Australia as an example - it is actually a big place, for your information, Larry. And I just quoted " 2009 would almost certainly be the fifth warmest in the 160-year record".......according to Met Office.

there's plenty more refutation of your personal view out there. By.....errr.....climatologists. But you know better. Dream on.

Larry said...

"It IS only ONE place"---in the sense that Australia and Japan is TWO places---AND in the same sense that the United States is ONE place--which is the entire reason why Neiwert wrote his story, to attempt to discredit that emailer by claiming that the U.S. IS just ONE place [in the world]. I posted 22 posts of MANY different locations in the world. You only mention Australia. So global warming is ONLY happening in Australia????? LOL

Larry said...

You said:

"I don't have to list eveywhere it wasn't true."

LOL----because you CANT! If you listed other places, it would be in direct contradiction with my links above!!!

the_last_name_left said...

Recently released figures confirm that 2009 is expected to be the fifth-warmest year in the instrumental record that dates back to 1850.