Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ron Paul on Obama’s Peace Prize: “He should have turned it down

Paul: “How can you believe in…..the principle of starting wars and expanding wars and get a peace prize?”

by Larry Simons
December 12, 2009

Republican Congressman Ron Paul had some choice words for Obama recently. On the heels of Obama going to Norway to receive his Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded in October, many, in addition to Congressman Paul, feel that the Nobel committee made a huge mistake in their selection.

Not only do many, like Congressmen Paul, feel that it is a huge contradiction for a peace prize to be awarded to someone who has not done one thing to stop existing wars, but that Obama should return the award, now that he has escalated the war in Afghanistan by increasing the troop presence there by 30,000.

Congressmen Paul had this to say:

“He should have turned it down. I mean, he’s expanding the war and uh, the people should be embarrassed. I mean, how can you believe in preventive war, that is, belief in the principle of starting wars and expanding wars and get a peace prize? I mean, I don’t see any signs of peace. I see the world is more dangerous. It was more dangerous the last administration, and the danger continues to expand with this administration.”

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Heather said...

Damn right he should have turned it down. It makes a mockery of the idea of a Peace Prize.