Friday, December 18, 2009

Lifestyles of the Religious Nutball: Pastor wants money back that was paid in a child abuse case; says Satan took his money

Christian lunatic Rod Parsley calls money that his church had to pay to parents whose child was abused at his church's daycare a “demonically-inspired financial attack
by Larry Simons
December 18, 2009

Just when you think these fucking loonball, scumbag televangelists couldn’t possibly sink any deeper into the pit of unconscionable inhumanity; they manage to find another deeper layer hidden underneath. This time it’s Christian dirtball and John McCain-endorsed-and-inspired Rod Parsley trying to win 2009’s Piece of Shit Award. I think he wins it hands down.

It seems Parsley’s World Harvest Church is in financial dire straits. Parsley, in a recent video posted on his website says his church has come under assault and he is asking his congregation to help him defeat Satan.

Parsley says:

“It’s certainly not surprising that the adversary would release this demonically-inspired assault against us”

I agree. It’s not surprising at all. That’s what the devil does. He does evil things. He hates God; therefore it’s only natural that he’d hate the church and God’s people. So, naturally, the devil wants to hit people where it hurts the most, their bank accounts. Satan is not into that "sell your soul" shit anymore. He wants you to suffer financially. You can still worship Jesus...he just wants you to do it with less money.

Parsley continues:

“Absolutely nothing he’s [Satan] done thus far compares to the diabolically, demonically-inspired financial attack that I faced in recent months. Has absolutely blindsided me and still threatens to overwhelm this entire ministry.”

What Parsley completely omits from his “it’s the devil’s fault” speech is the fact that the reason why his church is under a “diabolically, demonically inspired financial attack” is because it appears that the devil in this particular case is in the form of Michael and Lacey Faieta.

They are the parents who sued World Harvest Church [specifically the Cuddle Care day care center, owned by WHC] in January 2006 after their [then] 2-year-old son was beaten so badly [by what their son said was a “knife”, although the parents believe it was a sharp ruler] by a church day care teacher, that the toddler was covered with welts and abrasions.

From Parsley’s website. A banner that reads “As I write this, our ministry is under the greatest financial attack in 30 years. As believers, we must do all we can to fight the devil’s schemes. Will you help me take back what the devil stole?"

The couple also said the church caused them emotional distress over the incident. Gee, I might be wrong, but that emotional distress might have been caused when, after the Faietas discovered their sons injuries and brought it to the attention of the church, instead of doing what Jesus would do [saying 'oh my, an abused child, let's find out who did this right away and call the authorities!!'] the church banned the couple and told them to never step on church property again and if they did, they would face criminal trespassing charges.

The teacher accused of the beating, Richard Vaughan, was never charged and the day care center closed soon afterward. Originally, the Faietas sued for $6 million, but the award was reduced to 2.8 million because of Ohio State’s laws on the maximum amount that can be awarded in civil cases.

This is the “demonically-inspired assault” Parsley refers to; money that his church was ordered to pay in a child abuse case where they were found guilty and liable! Now he wants the money BACK from his congregation!

Then Parsley adds:

“This attack…you need to hear this, has nothing to do with me personally. But, I had to sit down and write out an extremely large check from this ministry…3 million dollars. Right in the middle of a recession. Right in the middle of the greatest economic downturn since the great depression. When I added that final zero, and I knew that I had to have that in place by December 31, little did I know how damaging the impact would be upon this worldwide ministry.”

Had nothing to do with you personally? Are you kidding? Are you not in charge of everyone who works at your church? It was YOUR responsibility to make sure Vaughan was properly supervised and trained! That is exactly why the jury decided in the Faieta family’s favor and against you! But, you won’t tell your babbling zombies [you call your congregation] this, will you?

Right in the middle of a recession? Who fucking cares if you had to pay $3 million in the middle of a gall bladder operation, let alone a recession? Your church was GUILTY of abusing a child, asshole! You’re the victim here??

Who gives a holy shit what impact this has on your ministry?? You’re lucky as hell to have ONE person still attending! The only people in this entire incident who can be crazier and bigger pieces of shit than Parsley are the ones who give him one dime during his loony crusade to collect $3 million. In fact, I will go as far as to say that anyone who gives Parsley one damned cent is an active participant in the abuse of that child.

Giving any amount of money to this piece of shit is the equivalent to buying a ticket to watch Vaughan beat that child. Since Parsley openly endorses political candidates [which should cause his church to lose tax-exempt status], the state should have the right and the authority to step in and block Parsley from collecting revenue for an indefinite period of time at their discretion.

Know what the reality is? The reality is this: Parsley will get his money by December 31 because his lunatic followers will think it’s an act of God to keep this fucktard behind the pulpit in order to continue to spew his hate-based faith to his androids.

Parsley will celebrate because he never needed $3 million dollars to begin with because his ministry probably rakes in 4 times that every year. He will pocket the $3 million and tell his mindless peasants that it was their "great faith" [not to mention their cash] that “saved the ministry”. He will live until he’s 95 and die on his $100,000 bed inside his $20 million dollar home. That’s the sad truth.

The devil stole your money? You’re the fucking devil Parsley!

watch the devil himself

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