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He’s baaaaaaaaack. “War on Christmas” 2009: Billo sends out the Santa and candy cane police

Billo and his stalker/needledick/producer vilify a Massachusetts elementary school for excluding meaningless Christmas symbols, and calls their behavior “crazy”

by Larry Simons
December 5, 2009

Ask yourself: What’s more crazy, eliminating two Christmas symbols [one of which it’s origin has nothing to do with Christmas, and the other is a deceptive, silly fairy tale in which it’s purpose is to deliberately mislead children into believing in something that is knowingly false] from a Christmas gift room, or to call the ones eliminating the symbols “crazy”?

I bet you will never guess which side Billo and his pussboy/stalker/producer Jesse Watters is on! On Friday’s The O’ Reilly Factor, Billo continues his asinine and imaginary “war on Christmas” bullshit for the 6th straight year.

This time Billo condemns a Massachusetts elementary school principal for [are you ready for the big sin?] banning Christmas symbols from a holiday gift room inside the school. I guess this marks the official start of “War on Christmas: 2009”.

watch the clip…if you must

Billo begins the segment by saying, “There hasn’t been as much Christmas craziness this year as in the past few years, thank God”. Translation: Instead of the two or three isolated incidents in the past few years of people refusing to say “Merry Christmas”, which they have the right to refuse in the first place, there’s only this single incident, which is pretty fucking petty and not even a story, but it’s all we could muster.

Well, Billo didn’t like the fact that principal Dr. Jane Gilmore of the Byam Elementary School in Chelmsford, Massachusetts decided to not include Christmas symbols like Santa Claus and candy canes in the schools holiday gift room, so he sent King of the Dicks to handle this crisis: Jesse “the stalker” Watters.

Watters, who most likely sat in his car outside of Chelmsford School Committee Chair Angelo Taranto’s home all night and waited for him to drive somewhere so he could get in Taranto’s face the minute he stepped from his car, approached Taranto and said this:

“Why are you trying to ruin Christmas for the children?….Angelo, you’re banning candy canes from the holiday sale. Don’t you think that’s crazy?” Actually, what’s crazy is the fact that FOX News paid to send this dickfaced dweeb to Massachusetts and stalk this man to ask him ridiculous questions about a ridiculous incident that wouldn’t even pass for a legitimate story on the fucking Cartoon Network.

It turns out that Watters also stalked Chelmsford Schools Superintendent Donald Yeoman, so Yeoman drove to the Chelmsford Police station most likely to get away from the strange car that was following him and no doubt sitting in front of his house for hours. Watters then says, “We’ve been trying to get some comment here from the superintendent about why he’s banning Santa Claus and candy canes from the annual holiday gift shop. Apparently he’s scared, doesn’t want to talk to us so he’s driven into the police station, eh…I think we’re very intimidating.”

Intimidating? Watters couldn’t be less intimidating if he was walking around in a Barney the Dinosaur costume, and this dickhead actually believes people walk away from him because they are afraid? Yeah, they’re afraid all right. They’re afraid that if they don’t walk away from Watters, they might end up knocking all of his teeth out and then getting arrested for assault.

Billo then shows a clip from a school committee meeting in Chelmsford where parents attended and spoke out either for or against the schools actions. Naturally, what we will never know is just how many people actually did support the schools decision and how many was really against it.

Watters tells Billo that it was roughly 75/25 in opposition to the schools actions, but in reality, if it was 75/25 in favor of the school or even 85/15 in favor, would Billo tell his zombies this, or show most or every clip from the ones in favor? Hell no, he wouldn’t! Fair and balanced my big white asshole!

Jesse Watters, stalker and all around dick

The most astonishing thing about this entire NON-story, is the fact that the very symbols that Billo and Watters mention really are not associated with religion in and of themselves. The candy cane has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. It had already been around in straight stick form for many years before the canes were made in hook form and used for Christmas trees.

The product existed long before it was used for religious symbolism and Christmas. To associate them with Christmas is as ridiculous as associating a pile of shit with Christmas if some guy in Michigan takes a shit near his Christmas tree one year and it suddenly catches on and becomes Christmas tradition.

Although the fictional Santa Claus character has religious origins, the whole concept of Santa [especially in modern day society] is frowned upon by the religious community for several reasons. Santa is often seen as a distraction from the real meaning of Christmas and he is often associated with the overwhelming commercialization of the holiday season.

Wikipedia says, “….the Claus tradition is a good example of how children can learn that they may be deliberately misled by their elders; this will help teach them to be cautious about accepting any other superstition or unsubstantiated belief”. “Any other superstition or unsubstantiated belief”, hmmmm….like religion itself perhaps? Interesting.

The bottom line here is there is no “war on Christmas” [except in Billo’s head]. There never has been and there’s not one now. Do people out there oppose saying “Merry Christmas?” Yes! They do, many do, but that has nothing to do with some grand conspiracy to end the Christmas holiday as we know it. That will never, ever, ever happen. Christmas is as unmovable from our society as the NFL. It’s here to stay.

Does Billo really believe that the fringe number of secularists in this country outnumber the religious people of all faiths who celebrate Christmas for its true meaning, and even the millions who consider themselves non-religious who still celebrate Christmas because of the spirit of the holiday?

Billo’s entire motivation behind creating these ridiculous and phony stories is to get his mindless clones [he calls ‘viewers’] to think that evil liberals are taking over the country. What better way to get his sheep to fall for this bullshit than to convince them that the evil, religion-hating liberals are attacking and attempting to destroy one of America’s most treasured institutions!

This ridiculous story illustrates one thing and one thing only: that the pickens are slim this Christmas season. Maybe Billo’s next story can be why the FOX News website calls their shopping guide the “HOLIDAY shopping guide”. They must hate Christmas! Are they a part of the conspiracy to end it??

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