Friday, December 18, 2009

Andy Ostroy is either the biggest fraud on Earth, or he has profound mental illness [yes, you can choose BOTH]

Just days before Ostroy captures RTO’s second Fraudie award, he proves one last time why he sooooooo deserves it

by Larry Simons
December 18, 2009

It has reached the point now where liberal blogger Andy Ostroy’s readers should not just be concerned that his feelings about Obama change more often than the price of gas, but also for his mental health. Really.

It would be OK for someone to change their mind a few times here and there about someone they support, but Ostroy goes far beyond that, making it appear as if several different people are writing his stories for him. Obviously, Ostroy is writing his own stories, that is what makes his Jekyll and Hyde critiques of Obama so frighteningly disturbing.

In Ostroy’s latest article titled, “Why Is My Party So Spineless?" [Dec 17], he is pissed off now that the Democrats control the Presidency and both houses of Congress, they are still being bossed around by Republicans.

Ostroy then says this:

“A look at the new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released Wednesday shows that I'm not the only Democrat who's extremely frustrated and disappointed with the overall performance of President Barack Obama and the Democrats who seem to control government in name only.”

He’s not the ONLY one who frustrated with Obama’s performance? Since when did this sudden change of heart for his Lord and Savior take place? In an article titled, "The Sad Tale of Greg the Republican" [Nov 6], Ostroy stated:

“To be sure, these folks [Republicans]are so consumed by partisan vitriol that, for the opportunity to bash President Obama and Democrats, and with an insatiable desire for power, they literally root for the economy to fail.”

In his article titled, “A “Republican Renaissance?” Yeah, and I Hear the Mullet’s Coming Back Too” [Nov 5], Ostroy stated:

“But the real picture is anything but rosy for the GOP. The truly bigger race, in Upstate New York, handed them a humiliating defeat in the solidly red 23rd Congressional District, where a Democrat hasn't won the House seat in over 100 years. This was a national election based on national issues, and therefore a clear affirmation, not a repudiation, of Obama's performance...something which Steele, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and all the other propagandists are conveniently ignoring but are shaking in their Uggs over.”

So, it appears that just over a month ago, Andy [or one of his several personalities], was gloating to his mindless readers about Obama’s “impeccable” performance thus far in his presidency. Anyone who dared to say anything negative about Obama was “angry” and “resentful” according to Ostroy. Now, fast-forward to mid-December and Ostroy himself is using phrases like “extremely frustrated” in his personal critique of Obama.

Ostroy continues in his latest article:

“Have Democrats so thoroughly and so quickly blown their unprecedented seat at the controls? Has Obama failed so miserably to deliver on his promise of change? Have Republicans demonstrated once again that in the political equivalent of a street fight they know how to kick the crap out of liberals? Yes, yes, and yes.”

Ostroy now gives the answer “yes” to the question, “Has Obama failed so miserably to deliver on his promise of change?” Hmmmm, funny how that changed so quickly from Ostroy telling his readers this in his November 1 article, “One Year After Election Day; the Verdict on Obama”:

“On the economy, it's pretty safe to say that Obama and his policies have been highly effective.”


“Nine months after taking the oath of office, while it's still way too early to label his presidency a success or failure, it is fair to conclude that he's definitely on the right track, and as far as the economy is concerned, he's brought America back from the dead.”

In his October 23, article titled, “Cheney Says Obama’s “Dithering” Puts Our Troops In Danger”, Ostroy writes:

“I guess when you're a couple of draft-dodging uber-chickenhawks [speaking of Bush and Cheney], you loathe a U.S. president who actually thinks before he speaks, analyzes before he acts, takes war seriously and is firmly committed to using it as a last resort rather than as a masturbatory weapon-of-whimsy in the war against failed masculinity.”

In his October 9 article titled, “Why Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Is Deserved” , Ostroy wrote:

“It's been eight years since America's been led by such an intelligent, inspirational figure as Obama. A president who thinks before he speaks. One who weighs options before he acts. A president with depth and intellectual curiosity. A president secure enough in his manhood to be able to talk with his enemies, rather than simply talk tough. A peacenik rather than a warmonger. Obama's restored dignity and diplomacy to the most important office in the world, while setting an example for everyone else in the quest for peace on Earth. That's why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.”

My oh my how things can change so quickly in the mind of Ostroy. The hilarious thing about Ostroy’s constant flip-flopping on Obama is the fact that Ostroy quite frequently revels in the fact that right-wingers/Republicans bash Obama at every opportunity they get. Whenever this happens, Ostroy fires back, calling them every name in the book: angry, resentful, jealous, bitter, frustrated, racist, furious…the list goes on and on.

Whenever Ostroy is frustrated and upset at Obama and uses the exact same words the Republicans use to describe Obama, then Ostroy is justified. In other words, when Republicans say Obama is not bringing change, they are bitter and resentful. When Ostroy says Obama is failing miserably to bring the promise of change, then Ostroy is 100% correct.

Keep in mind, this is not the first time Ostroy has showed his Jekyll and Hyde behavior concerning Obama’s job performance. I wrote an article back in August showcasing that Ostroy had written an article in late August and said, “The president needs to grow some balls and start acting a little Bush-like”. Just 79 days prior to that he wrote an article called “I Love Obama”, that included mentioning just about everything shy of wanting to do a porn movie with Obama.

One could argue that Ostroy is just being fair and calling Obama out when he or his administration fails and warrants criticism. I would disagree with that, because the reality is Obama is almost 100% Bush-like in his actions and policies. If Ostroy was being fair and calling Obama out, Ostroy would be constantly angry with Obama and asking why he is so much like Bush. Ostroy hated Bush and rightfully condemned him in every single article he wrote, but with Obama, Ostroy is up and down more often than a Manhattan hooker.

Ostroy continues in the recent article:

“From gay marriage to Iraq to Afghanistan to Wall Street reform to a public option for health-care, the president has waivered and/or flip-flopped on some of the most important issues on which he campaigned. He's so quickly morphed from politics' Boy Wonder, the Messiah, the once-in-a-lifetime-candidate, to the standard-model broken-down tired old politician with no fight left in him.”

Normally I would read a sentence like that and say, “Wow, he’s waking up and seeing the truth finally”. But, when I know I will go to his site next week and see his new article titled, “Why I Want Obama’s Black Dick Inside My Ass”, that enlightening revelation from the previous paragraph will lose its meaning.

Ostroy concludes:

“To many, Obama seems to care more about his own personal legacy than putting Americans back to work. No small wonder then that voters see his goals and theirs on totally opposite ends.”

Gee, who’s that sound like? I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with “Tush”. Don’t worry all you faithful Ostroy followers out there [both of you], one of his 12 different personalities will write a new article next week telling his readers how much he admires Obama for raising the dead, healing the blind and forgiving the very people who nailed him to a cross.


Anonymous said...

why are you so obsessed with this guy? you write about him in a way that seems stalkerish if I may say. Look at your post here you are the one who seems nuts! If he's so dumb, crazy or insignificant, why than do you devote so much time on him? I dont know him or read his blog, but if what you say here is true, at least he is able to change his mind as things change. Which is a lot more than I can say for your average republican. The problem with politics today is certain folks march in lock step with their party no matter what happens and if more people we're like this guy perhaps politicians would be judged and elected on there performance and not by which party they belong to.

Larry said...

LOL, oh, so now its stalking to read a person's blog and expose their blatant hypocrisy? Well, if reading blogs is stalking, then I guess you are stalking ME---eh?

Obviously you only read about 3 sentences of my story and stopped and wrote your post. I said Ostroy goes far beyond simply changing his mind. Ostroy will praise Obama like he's Christ himself, then a few months later say "Im very unhappy with him right now", then a few months later say "Obama's the greatest thing since TV dinners" only to say the complete opposite a month later. Its Ostroy who walks in lockstep with his party to the point to where he doesnt see that Obama is EXACTLY like Bush.

Try reading the ENTIRE article and THEN post your comment. Ostroy cannot tell me ONE thing that makes Obama different than Bush---no one can. Ostroy hated Bush [so did I], so why doesnt Ostroy admit tht his guy is exact like the guy he hated? Ostroy is so devoted to his party and to ONE man, he cares nothing about principals and our Constitution. Obama has violated the Constitution left and right since Jan 20, and Ostroy fails to see it. Obama has not done ONE thing he said he'd do---not ONE. He has the lowest approval rating of any President in HISTORY after their first 11 months in office.

Next week Ostroy will be writing another article about how Obama died for our sins and if we truly believeth on him, we will have everlasting life.

Anonymous said...

sorry man, but you apparently don't understand what lockstep means. Ostroy cant be marching in lockstep if, as you say, one month he loves Obama and the next month he's disappointed in him. Id say that makes him objective and independant and able to base his opinions and judgements on whats happening at any given moment. Dont bother responding because I wont be here to read it. I dont like this blog or what you write.

Larry said...

Ahhhhh yes, yet another person who hates my blog, yet they come to it every day and posts comments telling me how much they "hate" it. LOL. It not an issue of Ostroy saying "I love Obama" then saying "I'm angry at Obama" months later---its the fact that he says SPECIFIC things like Obama is doing great on the economy, he's not a warmonger, he's helping the banks, etc....and then just days or weeks later says he's NOT doing great on the economy and that he is NOT the change he promised. He cant say he's not the "change" he promised and then weeks later say he IS the change he promised! Get it now?