Friday, November 6, 2009

Real Truth turns 4 and announces this years official nominees for Fraud of the Year

Ostroy leads the pack

by Larry Simons
November 6, 2009

It was 4 years ago this week that my newsletter The Real Truth was started and 3 years ago yesterday [November 5] that my website launched. Thanks to all my loyal visitors and readers, and yes, thanks to provocateurs like Jas and The Last Name Left who make my mind sharper and solidify my views by claiming they know the truth, yet continually fail to debunk anything I post.

On another important note, the official nominees for the 2009 RTO Fraud of the Year award are in. Here are the nominees: (updated from my July post)

1. Andy Ostroy [liberal blogger, The Ostroy Report]

Once embraced here at RTO for his truthful columns and insights about the Bush administration, the war in Iraq and John McCain, liberal blogger Andy Ostroy shed his integrity and his soul on the night of November 4, 2008, when his Lord and savior, Barack Obama, became the 44th President of the United States.

Ideologies and defense mechanisms that Ostroy previously condemned Bush administration officials and Bush supporters for adopting quickly became Ostroy’s favored new style, transforming him, almost overnight, into the one of the biggest hypocrites and frauds in RTO history.

I have written 14 articles this year on Ostroy. Here are the reasons Ostroy is leading the race:

*For saying he wants to be black simply because Obama is black, but completely omitted mentioning anything about Obama’s character or qualifications. Also, for mentioning Martin Luther King, Jr. in the same article, completely omitting that King once said, "Let us not be judged by the color of our skin but by the content of our character", thus contradicting himself by making the entire article the very type of stereotypical mindset that King condemned.

*For lying about posting all my comments on his blog and then continuing to delete my comments after he denied he was doing it

*For lying and saying I was violating’s posting rules and then not allowing a post I sent WITH’s rules attached to it proving him to be wrong

*For his Jekyll and Hyde flip-flopping on the Iraq war, supporting it now when under Bush he strongly opposed it

*For saying there was a woman who does his “screening” for him on his blog when the screener is really Ostroy (I proved it)

*For denying there was a financial depression under Obama despite continually saying there was under Bush

*For blaming the internet for “destroying the economy” when he wrote his story on a free website and doesn’t send a dime to Google CEO Eric E. Schmidt

*For saying that Obama is a “transcendent leader” even though Obama has continued/adopted over 15 Bush/Bush-like policies

*For saying the Holocaust museum shooter was a right-wing nut just because he was a white supremacist even though he hated McCain, both Bush’s and FOX News

*For vilifying and convicting Michael Jackson of his child molestation charges (despite being acquitted of them) a day after his death

*For saying that when Obama said “…the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting someone when there was already proof that they were in their own home” [when referring to the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates in July] that he was using urban slang!

*For doing a complete 360 in his terminology usage about Obama in two articles just 79 days apart

*For saying that Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize

*For saying that America and Americans are in a better economic and sociological situation than we were a year ago

2. Barack “ObamaBush” Obama [President]

For promising Americans "change" and the complete opposite of what George W. Bush subjected us to, yet continuing well over 15 Bush policies including the Military Commissions Act and continuing the suspension of Habeas Corpus.

Also, for publically condeming waterboarding and admitting it is torture, yet not prosecuting anyone for them.

For continuing the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, sending more troops to these wars and continuing to fund them despite the fact that he continually promised to END them.

Also, for extending our troop presence to Pakistan and quite possibly, Iran in the near future.

3. Bill O’ Reilly [FOX News commentator]

For denying he had anything to do with influencing the killing of abortion doctor George Tiller, yet 3 years ago Billo implied [on his radio show] that he would like to kill Tiller himself.

For having no integrity and speaking at a rape victim luncheon [when he has blamed rape victims for their plights].

For sending out his producer-thugs to stalk women on their vacations and then lying about it.

4. Dave Neiwert [author and liberal blogger, Crooks and Liars]

For rarely citing any evidence outside of his own writings to back up the claims in his stories. His stories are 95% opinion, 1 % fact and 4% gobblygook.

Also, Neiwert, like the rest of his liberal buddies, loves to call other peoples' evidence "imaginary" when they cite mainstream sources as proof, yet considers himself the "sane" one when his sources are rants, opinions and links to his own writings.

5. Dave “the FRAUD” Willis [conservative minister, 2008 RTO Fraudie winner]

For saying he's "not down with neocon hijacking of the conservative movement", but then admits he supports big fat neocon and neocon-lover Pat Buchanon.

For condemning Al Franken and Jesse Ventura for winning elections in Minnesota over neocon and Bush-clone Norm Coleman. Remember Dave saying he hated neocons? Yet, he was pissed off that a neocon lost two elections [to Independent, Constitutionalist and Ron Paul supporter Jesse Ventura and to newcomer Al Franken---both men in which Dave "the FRAUD" Willis failed to mention anything negative about].

For condemning me and insisting my 9/11 views are "fictional", yet admitting that he loves a book titled, "Who Stole My Church?", which he admits is fictional but still calls it "realistic".

Also, I launched the new feature "This Week in Dave the Fraud" in March. That alone qualified Willis as a nominee.

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