Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prison Planet continues to cry censorship. This time [as they did to RTO] they condemn being removed from a websites archives

Rush Limbaugh posts a Prison Planet story and the PP logo on his site, then removes it from his archives. Hypocrite PP webmaster Paul Watson cries censorship

by Larry Simons
November 21, 2009

In a story from Prison Planet on Friday, PP writer and webmaster Paul Joseph Watson detailed that Neocon douchebag Rush Limbaugh had posted [on his own site] a Prison Planet story from Nov. 19 about how Al Gore used PhotoShop to insert fake hurricanes onto the cover of his new book, "Our Choice; A Plan To Solve The Climate Crisis".

Watson also said that Limbaugh mentioned Prison Planet on the air and in the transcripts of his radio show only to later delete it from the transcripts. Watson provides a YouTube video of Limbaugh making reference to Prison Planet in the audio of his radio show.

What I find interesting about this story is that, unlike the other hypocritical censorship stories that Watson has written in the past two months, this particular story about what Limbaugh did to Prison Planet is an exact replica of what PP did to Real Truth Online several months ago: removed links from archives.

I have no idea why Watson deemed this a “story”. The real story here should have been Watson being angry over why a Neocon is frequenting Prison Planet, not because a Neocon used a PP story and then removed it from his archives. Watson should be jubilant about that.

Why would Watson and Prison Planet be upset about the removal of a story of theirs from the website of one the biggest Neocons in the world when the very mention of Prison Planet could lead legions of “diitoheads” [Limbaugh’s followers] to conclude that Prison Planet is a news source for Neocons?

On the other side of the coin, what Prison Planet did to Real Truth Online in September is more of a telling story. I simply exposed [here, here, here and here] the fact that Alex Jones was receiving hundreds upon hundreds of negative comments on a story he did about actor Charlie Sheen after he wrote [and Prison Planet posted] a mock interview that Sheen would like to have with President Obama.

Sheen made it appear as if the interview had already happened and did not insert a disclaimer that the interview “had not taken place…yet” until the end of the interview, leaving many, many Alex Jones followers mad as hell. I simply wrote a few stories about this exposing the fact that Prison Planet webmaster Paul Watson had deleted hundreds of negative comments aimed at Jones, and Watson REMOVED all 21 stories I had written for PP from their archives, the EXACT same thing Watson now condemns Limbaugh for doing.

What makes what Prison Planet did to Real Truth Online much worse than Limbaugh deleting the mention of PP is that Limbaugh is a racist, Neocon and has trashed Prison Planet in the past for their truthful stories of the Bush administration. I am not a Neocon and am in agreement with PP roughly 95% of the time and even used to be a writer for them. The very minute I show integrity and report fraudulent actions of the very people I support is when I suddenly become a traitor to them.

Prison Planet has not been able to debunk any of my stories, even after I sent numerous emails to Paul Watson giving him the opportunity to clear it all up before I had written my stories. Prison Planet writers, it appears, are only able to write stories and expose those in whom they are able to debunk. If they can’t defend themselves or debunk anything, they simply remain silent and hope it all just passes and goes away.

What makes matters worse for Prison Planet is the fact that they continue to post stories about how others have censored them, despite the fact that they have done the same thing [at least to me, who knows how many others?] and to this day continue to do so. I still cannot post comments on any of their stories. After the Charlie Sheen episode, Prison Planet switched comment servers to Word Press, a system that allows webmasters to ban bloggers by IP address.

I have PROVEN Watson has censored RTO. Why does he continue to display his hypocrisy so blatantly? Can anyone answer this?

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