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Huffington Post writer calls 9/11 truthers “extremists” yet fails to debunk anything…..naturally

Sam Stein calls Phoenix radio talk show host Charles Goyette an “extremist” because he simply questions the utterly fraudulent official story of 9/11

by Larry Simons
November 18, 2009

In his latest article for the Huffington Post [Nov. 16, titled, Beck's Guest List Included White Supremacists, Other Extremists], political writer Sam Stein [pictured above] attacks Glenn Beck for having a track record of inviting white supremacists and extremists on his show. There’s a mile-long list one can justifiably attack Beck for. Whether it’s his saying that 9/11 truthers “work with al Qaeda”, his denial of FEMA camps or his outrageous and nutty behavior, God only knows that Beck makes himself a perfect target for anyone to attack.

Stein may have a point with some of the people he mentions [that have been Beck’s guests]. My purpose is not to refute them all. I simply don’t know enough about Michael Hill, Thomas Naylor, Tom Woods, Larry Pratt or Roy Beck to refute Stein point-by-point. My beef with Stein is who he mentions last in his article; Phoenix-based radio show host Charles Goyette.

Of Goyette, Stein says:

“Finally, there is Charles Goyette, a self-described Independent and popular Phoenix-based radio host, who appeared as a guest on Beck's October 12, 2009, Fox News program. Goyette would be non-controversial except for the fact that months earlier, on his own program, he said that the official story behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks is "worse than Swiss cheese." Beck, of course, memorably pilloried Van Jones for putting his name on a petition that questioned whether 9/11 was a government conspiracy.”

Stein links to an interview that Goyette had with Arizona State Senator Karen Johnson in 2008 about 9/11. Stein criticized the interview by saying, “Goyette would be non-controversial except for the fact that months earlier, on his own program, he said that the official story behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks is "worse than Swiss cheese.” I found it very interesting that Goyette makes the ‘Swiss cheese’ comment in the first 34 seconds of the 39 minute clip. Here is that clip:

Did Stein even bother to listen to the remaining 38 and a half minutes of the interview? I also find it very interesting that Stein does not bother to debunk anything Goyette said in the interview. Perhaps because he is not able to? Instead Stein resorts to the same tactics that most would-be debunkers use: Say the words “9/11 conspiracy” and “extremist” together in the same sentence and bingo, no debunking is ever needed.

Goyette on the Glenn Beck show on 10-12-09

Naturally, Stein does not say one word about the classic interview Goyette did in August of 2006 with Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics. In the 23-minute interview, Goyette, from start to finish, destroys Coburn point-by-point on the 9/11 anomalies. This was the same interview in which Coburn claimed that the DNA of the hijackers was found in the rubble at ground zero.

When Goyette responded by asking Coburn, “Where did they get the DNA in which to match the DNA found at ground zero?”, Coburn panicked like a frightened rabbit and for the remainder of the interview, Coburn played the classic dodge and deflect game and never answered Goyette’s question. This makes Goyette an “extremist”? Simply asking excellent, intelligent questions to someone who believes in a bullshit and miserably flawed conspiracy theory? And when the other person fails to answer the question, they are the truth-bearers who don’t receive one bit of criticism?

Stein concludes by saying:

“If Beck were a self-avowed journalist -- which he's not -- these guests could be chalked up as an effort to foster intriguing debate, whether about immigration policy, constitutional principles or the strength of the dollar. But, taken as a whole, the roster reflects the host's partiality to an ideology that is far-right if not outright extremist.”

Stein illustrates clearly why the left/right paradigm is false. He calls 9/11 conspiracy theories “far-right”. Of course he would. Stein is a liberal who holds views that are considered “leftist” to those who believe in the phony left/right fairy tale. People who are considered right-wing like Bill O’ Reilly and Glenn Beck call 9/11 conspiracy theories left-wing.

If the left/right paradigm really existed, then 9/11 conspiracy theories would only fall under one category. It would either be left or right. But, as you can clearly see, people on each side of the phony left/right game say 9/11 conspiracy theories fall under the other sides’ agenda. It’s the biggest political hot potato in history.

People like Stein can write all the bullshit articles he wants proclaiming that 9/11 truthers are nutballs, extremists or terrorists. Until he refutes one of our claims, he will forever be a colossal fraud.

I emailed Stein shortly after reading his crapola article. This was my response:

“Mr. Stein,

Commenting on your article "Beck's Guest List Included White Supremacists, Other Extremists". So Charles Goyette is a right wing extremist because he questions the official version of 9-11? I guess you simply dont care that in 2006 on Goyette's radio show, he completely annihilated Davin Coburn [of Popular Mechanics, the magazine that has written articles and books attempting to "debunk" the 'conspiracy" theories of 9-11] when Coburn suggested that DNA of the hijackers was found in the ground zero rubble, in which Goyette simply replied, "Where did they get the DNA in which to match the hijacker DNA?". For the next 3 minutes of the 23-minute interview, Coburn panics and attempts to dodge and ignore answering Goyette's question. Here is the link to listen to the interview.

Goyette/Coburn interview

I realize of course you wont, because heaven forbid you make an attempt to examine evidence that will destroy what you claimed about Goyette. Funny thing is, Goyette is more of an agnostic about the cover-up of 9-11 than a true believer and he still destroyed one of the official story's main defenders. I called Goyette about a month after he gave that interview with Coburn and we talked for about 15 minutes. He told me that he found out that Coburn had 3 more interviews scheduled that same day. He canceled all 3. Care to retract what you said about Goyette? How does rejecting the government's bullshit story of 9-11 make one an extremist anyway? Hell, how does believing that the South was RIGHT in the civil war make one an extremist? You DO realize that secession is permitted by the Constitution, right?”

I’m guessing my email will go completely ignored, but to be fair, if I do get a response, I will update this with his response.

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