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Billo has no clue what the difference is between a mass murderer and a terrorist

To Billo, a mass murderer who is a Muslim is a terrorist, but a non-Muslim mass murderer is just a mass murderer whose religion is not important at all

by Larry Simons
November 14, 2009

On Thursday’s telecast of The O’ Reilly Factor, Billo gives his “analysis” of the Fort Hood shooter, Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan. Billo began his Impact segment by showing a Rasmussen poll that indicated that 60% of those polled said they wanted the Fort Hood shooting investigated as a “terrorist” act. Billo interviewed Sally Quinn of the Washington Post who recently went on Morning Joe and said she wondered why everyone is focusing on the fact that Hasan is a Muslim when they should be focusing on the fact as to why the military did not pick up on the fact that Hasan was emotionally disturbed.

Billo asks Quinn, “why can’t we do both?”, [referring to why can’t we find out what the Army knew and why they didn’t take action and why we can’t call Hasan a Muslim terrorist]. For the next 4 minutes of the segment, Billo continues to grill Quinn about why she is not using the phrase “Muslim terrorist” to describe Hasan.

Quinn responds by saying there are too many factors in this story to oversimplify all the details regarding Hasan. Quinn is correct. There are too many questions and too many mysteries as to why [if Hasan is a terrorist, as Billo deems] this man was allowed to do everything he did in the Army and yet still not questioned or investigated by the FBI. Billo even admits during the segment that the FBI even knew Hasan was emailing an al Qaeda member, but then completely fails to question why the FBI did not detain and investigate him.

Billo’s goal is crystal clear: Keep saying the words “Muslim terrorist” over and over and over and over and over and over and over again so as to psychologically brainwash his brain dead FOX News zombies into further cheerleading the two illegal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Billo then says to Quinn:

“But you have a hard time saying the words "Muslim terrorist," and so does Obama. He has a hard time saying it. I don't know why you guys aren't saying it. You know, why, why?”

Quinn responds:

“Well, I think, first of all, there are different kinds of terrorists. As I said, Timothy McVeigh –"

Billo interrupts:

“He's a Muslim terrorist! What do you mean, different kinds of terrorist? He killed people under the banner of jihad! That's who he is! What do you -- look, what do you want, him to come to your house with a strap-on bomb? The guy did it for jihadist reasons! "Allah Akbar!" That's the slogan! He mails Al Qaeda! Miss Quinn, you're a brilliant woman, and I'm not saying that facetiously. You are. A third-grader gets this, and you're resisting it! I wanna know why!”

Quinn then asks Billo if he would call the guy [James von Brunn] who shot up the Holocaust Museum a terrorist. Billo responds, “Did he yell "Allah Akbar?" If he yelled "Allah Akbar," and he e-mailed Al Qaeda in Yemen, I'd call him that, Miss Quinn!”

Translation: Because von Brunn did not yell “Allah Akbar”, he is not a terrorist. Billo couldn’t make his point any more clear. Billo is saying, if you are a Muslim and you kill people, you are automatically a terrorist, no “ifs” “and’s” or “but’s” about it. So, I guess if you kill large numbers of people and you’re not a Muslim, then you’re not a terrorist, you’re just a person who killed people.

The funny thing is, earlier in the segment, when Quinn brought up Tim McVeigh, Billo said, “He is…was. A terrorist act, you blow up an office building and kill people, it’s a terrorist act.” Oh, but wait a minute Billo. McVeigh didn’t yell “Allah Akbar”. So, wouldn’t that make him just a guy who killed a lot of people? You just said to Sally Quinn “If he yelled "Allah Akbar," and he e-mailed Al Qaeda in Yemen, I'd call him that, Miss Quinn!”, which translates to: Billo is not calling von Brunn a terrorist because he didn’t yell “Allah Akbar”. So, why is he calling McVeigh one? Whew! My head hurts.

The issue here is that Billo has no fucking clue what the difference is between a terrorist and a mass murderer. Obviously, von Brunn is not a “mass” murderer. He killed one person, not a “mass” amount of people. He’s not a terrorist either. He was simply a nutball with a gun. By Billo’s definition of a terrorist [which was: killing people under the banner of jihad] then not even McVeigh is a terrorist.

The legal definition of terrorism says it is “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents”.

We have no idea if Hasan’s actions were “politically motivated” or if he was a clandestine agent. As it stands right now, Hasan’s actions seem to be along the lines of a Columbine-style or Charles Whitman-style rage killing, but Billo wants to immediately play the terrorist card.

Perfect for FOX News. This is what they needed to sound the trumpets for support of our illegal occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course, all of this only solidifies the fact that Billo is just a bought-and-paid-for neocon shill who continues to take his marching orders from Lord Murdoch.

watch the clip [from Crooks and Liars, since You Tube will remove it in a week]

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Messianic Pantheist said...

Maybe Hasan IS a terrorist. But terrorism, as the US Federal Courts properly decided in the prosecution of the 1993 WTC bombing, is a criminal act, NOT an act of war. That is because, "by definition" only governments can declare war, or commit acts of war.
Vicky Weaver and the residents of the Koresh compound were victims of WAR crimes. Those working in the WTC and responding to the 9/11 attacks on it were not - if the official explanation accepted by the 9/11 Commission is correct. They were simply victims of a larger than usual criminal act.
Regarding Hasan, I find it ironic that "our" government brutalizes young people, (see "boot camp") and trains them to kill, and then is shocked when they choose victims other than those their 'superiors' select for them.