Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Richard Belzer exposes criminal bankers behind the unconstitutional and private Federal Reserve to Bill Maher

Belzer: “John Kennedy wanted to stop…using the Federal Reserve….so they exploded his head"
by Larry Simons
October 13, 2009

You got to hand it to comedian/actor Richard Belzer. Not many people have the guts to say what he said on last Friday’s telecast of Real Time with Bill Maher.

During a discussion between Maher and his panel about how it was so much easier for the middle class to live 40-50 years ago, when today it is near impossible, author Cornel West finished making a point when actor Richard Belzer interjected and said this:

“In 1910, Senator Aldrich on his private train, brought a bunch of billionaire bankers, the Morgans, the….all these different people, the Warburgs, down to this place called Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia. And they figured out a way to create the Federal Reserve, because central banks were looked down upon by the people, and they caused a lot of problems.

By creating the Federal Reserve, they convinced the Congress and the people that the Federal Reserve is a government arm. It’s not. They borrow money from private banks. We’re owned by banks, and you can’t alter that. John Kennedy wanted to stop borrowing, wanted to stop using the Federal Reserve, use silver certificates to determine the value of the dollar and print money through the treasury….so they exploded his head. The point is…..”

Maher interrupts and says, “Well, that’s quite a connection you made” [with a disgusted “oh no, another damned conspiracy theorist” look on his face].

Belzer continues, “Forget the Kennedy part, he did want to do that, he did want to…[unintelligible]…”

Maher then says, “I’ve heard a lot of reasons why he got shot; I’ve never heard that one.”

Belzer responds, “Well, that’s thee reason, and that’s the scam. It’s..it’s not billions of dollars the banks control, it’s trillions. You don’t mess with the banks.”
watch the clip

Belzer's comment about Kennedy also reveals that he, like I, as well as most thinking people in this country [and even the world], believes that Kennedy was assassinated by our own government. Oswald [even if he was the killer] sure as hell wouldn't have killed Kennedy because of Kennedy's desire to end the Fed! I would love to hear Belzer's views on 9/11.

Why does the truth always come from the least likely people….actors, comedians, singers? Why not from the news commentators, journalists or politicians?

I met Belzer in 1997 in Baltimore. If I only knew then what I know now, we might have had a very interesting conversation.


Messianic Pantheist said...

So Belzer really is a "conspiracy theorist," he doesn't just play one on TV. I like it.
Of course the Fed is NOT a government agency, so if it, or the people behind it, are responsible for JFK, that does not necessarily make it a government op. It just means the Warren Commission, like the 9/11 Commission, was not looking too hard for the truth.

Nancy Evans said...

Wow! Jekyll Island report from Richard Belzer. Who'd a thunk?