Friday, October 23, 2009

Prison Planet once again boo-hooing about censorship of Alex Jones despite their continued censorship of Real Truth Online

Prison Planet attacks Facebook for censoring links to Alex Jones’ latest movie while they still censor RTO and who knows how many others

by Larry Simons
October 23, 2009

Once again, Prison Planet is up to their old tricks: complaining about being censored, then censoring others only to go right back and continue to complain about being censored. Prison Planet writer and webmaster Paul Joseph Watson [pictured above] seems to still be practicing the golden rule from the hypocrisy playbook: Act perplexed that others are not doing unto you what you would have them do to you, then do unto them the very same deed you were perplexed about, then act perplexed that they are not doing unto you what you would have them do unto you all over again.

Watson condemns social networking website Facebook for blocking links to Alex Jones’ new film Fall of the Republic. Prison Planet has often condemned others such as YouTube for censoring or deleting altogether Alex Jones YouTube pages, Ron Paul videos and the most recent ‘Joker’ videos from a contest Alex Jones started early this year.

Watson has a point. After all, this is America where free speech is not only a first amendment right, but is also one of the staples that makes our country great. You should be able to post anything you want on a website as long as it is not violating a law, threatening someone with violence, posting a person’s personal information [like address and phone number] or blatantly spreading false information about something or someone.

I violated none of the aforementioned common sense rules when I exposed Prison Planet in September for censoring my comments after they ran a story of a fake interview actor Charlie Sheen had with Barack Obama. Prison Planet didn’t just stop at that. They also deleted all 21 articles I had written for them from December 2007 to September 2009. They did that in order to block any access to my site from their site, I’m assuming to prevent anyone from coming to my site and reading the truth about how they censor websites as well.

In Watson’s latest story of the Facebook censorship. He posts evidence of the Facebook censorship by way of a YouTube video.

I also posted evidence of how Prison Planet censors commenting on their site in a story I did, here, in late September

Just today I posted a comment on Watson’s Facebook story. It immediately appeared posted on the comment thread so I captured a screen shot of it. When I refreshed my screen moments later, it was gone.

Here is the proof. Notice the comment by “DomenK” above my post

After I refreshed the screen and my comment was gone, a new comment appeared underneath “DomenK”, clearly exposing the fact that my comment had either been deleted, or systematically ejected because of my blocked IP address.

Not only is any story Prison Planet does on censorship from this point on profoundly hypocritical and discredited, but I find it interesting that they find it unbelievable that other entities like Facebook would censor them, especially since Watson admits in his latest article that Facebook appears to be pro-Obama.

Watson says, “Facebook has been staunchly pro-Obama since his election, even offering an ‘Obama skin’ page design that the company bragged was used by hundreds of thousands of people.” So, Watson, why is it shocking that they censored Jones’ links?

If they are pro-Obama and someone is posting links to an anti-Obama film, well, of course they would censor! Such behavior may be understandable, but at the very least it is fraudulent. Likewise, it may be understandable for Prison Planet to ban me for the exposés I have done about Alex Jones in the past 2 months, but [especially for them] it is very fraudulent, since Prison Planet has always been a defender of free speech, liberty and proclaiming that people should NOT be banned for simply telling the truth.

What makes Prison Planet complete frauds in my in particular case is the fact that I hold many of the same views they advocate on their site. Yet when I disagree with them on one particular issue, they not only censor my comments but delete every single story I have ever written for them.

To prove that I have not harbored the exact same behavior as Prison Planet in retaliation of their blatant hypocrisy in censoring me, I have even posted several of Paul Watson's stories on my site since my fued with them over this censorship issue. Why did I post them? Because they were good stories and it was the truth. My motivation for posting them was not to prove I am a better man than Paul Watson and Alex Jones, but because I posted them, proves I am a better man than Paul Watson and Alex Jones. My site is not about any one man. It's not about Alex Jones. It's not about Ron Paul. It's about the truth....regardless of where the source is.

I am 100% certain the main reason Watson is exposing Facebook about their censorship of Alex Jones’ movie, besides it being anti-free speech, is because Watson would probably argue that the people who run Facebook did not debunk one thing in Jones’ film. Watson would probably argue that the lack of refutation of Jones’ film on the part of Facebook is an admittance that the content is true and cannot be debunked.

This is exactly what Prison Planet did to me. They blocked me from commenting on their stories and deleted every article I had posted on their site, and they did all of that without offering ONE refutation of my stories on any of their sites. How is Prison Planet any different than Facebook?

Actually, Facebook is different than Prison Planet. Paul Watson even admitted it in his story. Watson says, “It is important to stress that this does not occur for all versions of Fall Of The Republic posted on Facebook. For example, the link posted at the top of can still be shared. However, if it is a policy for Facebook to block links to this film, then we can expect more different versions to be censored in future.”

So, in other words, Facebook did not completely censor everything. Prison Planet, on the other hand, did completely delete every story of mine from their site and has banned me completely from posting comments.

So, Facebook is different from Prison Planet. Facebook still allows unfavorable content on their site!


Daniel Edd Bland III said...

This is one of the most powerful things I have ever read.

“So don’t be shocked when our grandkids bury much of this generation as traitors to the nation, … , leaving the country vulnerable to unchecked, unchallenged parasites.”
— Kevin Tillman (Brother of NFL Player, Pat Tillman, killed in Afghanistan)

Read the entire letter he wrote to honor his brother here.

It's time we stood up to put this shit to an end!

Daniel Edd Bland III

P.S. The 9/11 Truth debate is in full effect right now in the comment section. Join in!

the_last_name_left said...

L: You should be able to post anything you want on a website as long as it is not violating a law, threatening someone with violence, posting a person’s personal information [like address and phone number] or blatantly spreading false information about something or someone.

Hmmm - but what about private property? You don't expect to be allowed to walk over someone's garden......or join in on there business. So why is a website any different, in that respect? A private website entitles the owner to decide exactly what does and does not get said on their website.

Murdoch doesn't have to publish your opinion. That's private property - and it's a business - he can do what he likes? That'd be your usual position, wouldn't it? Property rights!

Now you are suggesting "freespeech" is an entitlement that over-arches property rights?

I think the lesson is that private property is no guarantee of freespeech - indeed - it creates specific conditions in which freespeech is prevented - such as private websites. Go to Venezuela - see if people think private TV and media ensure "freedom of speech"?

Jones is full o shite. And so are his rubbish "journalists", the Watsons. Exaggeration, distortion, spin, quoting out of context, etc etc etc. Tossers.

Larry - Alex Jones claims to be criticised by White is he aware of their criticism?

Larry said...

What part of Facebook's policy were people violating by posting links to Jones' film? Sure, Facebook certainly has the RIGHT to censor anything they want, but I believe the point I was making in my story was not about if they had the RIGHT to do it (of course they do), it's about the hypocrisy of Prison Planet crying about Facebook censoring them, when they have censored ME. I thought the point of my story was pretty clear.

What does Murdoch have to do with this article? What are you talking about???? NO ONE knows. I know Murdoch owns myspace but Im not sure he owns Facebook too. Besides, if Murdoch owned Facebook, he would LOVE an anti-Obama film to be posted on his site---he's a Bush-lover, remember?

Yor comparison of free speech with property rights is apples and oranges. Even if someone stepped on MY property, they STILL have the RIGHT to free speech. Facebook is an online gathering where people are WELCOMED into it. You dont have to ask PERMISSION to join Facebook as you would with coming onto someone's property. Twisted logic and BAD analogies once AGAIN from "The Last Asswipe Left".

By the way, since you wont answer this question on YOUR site----I'll ask it here: Why dont woodstoves melt??

Larry said...

Naturally, you dont respond to THIS thread but you responded to my other one. Is it because you CONTINUALLY plan to IGNORE my woodstove question??