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Andy “the Fraud” Ostroy says Obama deserves the Nobel Prize and comes closer to deserving his own award; the Fraudie

Ostroy says Obama is a “peacenik"?. What planet is Ostroy living on? Head-Up-Assia?

by Larry Simons
October 10, 2009

I figured it wouldn’t take long for Obama worshipper Andy “The Fraud” Ostroy to write his latest love letter to his Lord and Savior, Barack Hussein Obama, for winning the Nobel Peace Prize yesterday.

From start to finish, Ostroy’s latest billet doux to Obama entitled, "Why Obama's Nobel Peace Prize is Deserved", was one contradiction and mind-numbing falsehood after the other to the point where it could actually lead someone to believe Ostroy was referring to someone else other than the President of the United States.

Ostroy begins:

“…now that he [Obama] has won the Nobel Peace Prize, beating out 200 other candidates for addressing the threat of global warming; for trying to rid the world of nuclear weapons; and for attempting to achieve a global peace.”

Addressing the threat of global warming?” What threat? You mean, the hoax of global warming. “Trying to rid the world of nuclear weapons?” I guess he’s referring to only those countries that are oil rich and are threats to Israel. If he was trying to “rid the world” of them, that would also include ridding the world of the ballistic missiles [that are capable of carrying nuclear warheads] that North Korea actually fires off and of course, dismantling our weapons too. Oh that's right, the United States is allowed to have them. Why are WE allowed to have nuclear weapons but no one else can? “Attempting to achieve a global peace?” Is he kidding? By continuing Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, extending them to Pakistan and now eyeing Iran to be the next one we bomb? It’s the kind of peace that has to make John McCain proud!

Ostroy continues:

“In Oslo, Nobel Committee Chairman Thorbjørn Jagland said "Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future. We are not awarding the prize for what may happen in the future, but for what he has done in the previous year.”

I would ask Chairman Jagland, “What has he done but continue wars, taken the baton from Bush’s hand and is now trying to finish the global militarism and American imperialistic agenda of the neocons?” And he is doing swimmingly.

What Obama has accomplished is actually quite remarkable. With Bush, you had his supporters [supporting the wars] and his opposition [opposing the wars]. It was two camps of people...simple. Now, Obama is in power and he is carrying out the neocon foreign policy of the Bush regime. Many who despised the Bush administration who continually condemned the wars [Ostroy, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Nancy Pelosi and a plethora of other liberals] are now either openly cheerleading for the wars to continue or just being silent.

Obama has reeled in a very large number of the former antiwar crowd by simply doing the exact same thing Bush has done, but with eloquence. The pro-Bush camp opposes Obama on every other issue it seems except the wars. Have you noticed no one talks about ending the wars anymore except for Independents and civil libertarians?

Ostroy continues:

“As the news broke Friday, conservative pundits were in high-gear robotically regurgitating the primary talking point that Obama won the award simply for not being George W. Bush.”

This is where political party clouds minds, because Obama is EXACTLY like Bush in many ways. The ironic thing about Ostroy's statement is, that since Obama won the Peace Prize, then Bush should have as well. They are almost the same person.

Ostroy continues: (My reaction inserted in black)

“But let's get something straight here: this is a very proud day for America. For all Americans [Speak for yourself shithead. He’s not my President and not my leader. You have no right to speak for me]. After eight embarrassing, unrepentant years of reckless cowboy arrogance marred by war, war crimes and human rights abuses, Obama's Nobel Prize symbolizes the beginning of the Unites States' return to respectability and perhaps even greatness someday [You mean the wars that Obama has continued, not to mention adding Pakistan and possibly Iran? You mean the war crimes that Obama has failed to prosecute and has said he will NOT prosecute, which according to the Geneva Conventions makes him a war criminal too? You mean the human rights abuses that Obama has also continued? Ostroy is obviously living on the planet Head-Up-Assia]. A time when the world is looking to America, and its president, for leadership [They are? News to me!]. This isn't about Bush. It's about Obama and what he represents on the world's stage" [And what does he represent? Broken promises, more war, socialism and greater government control of the lives of its citizens?].

Ostroy bellows:

“The notion that Obama's prize is undeserved is absurd and an insult to every American [The fact that he won it is absurd and it deeply tarnishes the dignity and prestige of the award]. First of all, who said the Nobel Committee's criteria for winning requires candidates to be "accomplished" U.S. presidents? Or that they even be a U.S. president, for that matter? [The Nobel Prize website states who is eligible for winning the award: “Every year since 1901 the Nobel Prize has been awarded for achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and for peace”. Obama would only be eligible to win under the peace category, and I believe I have debunked that one].

So the fact that Obama was selected so soon after his inauguration is totally irrelevant [Because he’s a Democrat, right? Besides, didn’t you say in your first paragraph that one reason he won was “for trying to rid the world of nuclear weapons?” How much “ridding” of nuclear weapons did he get done between January 21 and the nomination deadline of February 1?]. This honor isn't about what he's done since January [Good, because that would be…nothing]. To the contrary, it's about how this relatively unknown Midwestern politician with humble beginnings became the first black president of the United States [Actually, half black] by inspiring a nation through a message of peace, hope, and aspiration...and thus shifted the political and racial winds in this country and throughout the world [Funny, I didn’t see "Be the first black president", "Must have humble beginnings", "Must shift political and racial winds" or "Be an unknown midwestern politician" listed in the categories of qualifying achievements].

The award is a recognition of Obama's vision for a new, harmonious planet, and how he's serving as a catalyst for that change [By continuing Bush’s wars and starting new ones? You’re right---that IS change!]. To say he's won because he's not Bush is grossly oversimplifying the significance of the prize. Rather, he's undoing the colossal damage that's been done by Bush" [I continuing his wars and policies????].

Ostroy continues:

“It's been eight years since America's been led by such an intelligent, inspirational figure as Obama. A president who thinks before he speaks [OK, so he didn't say, “the Cambridge police acted stupidly” when referring to the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates in July? Nahhh, that never happened]. One who weighs options before he acts [With the exception of weighing the option of sending more troops to die in the wars that Ostroy was against under Bush]. A president with depth and intellectual curiosity. A president secure enough in his manhood to be able to talk with his enemies, rather than simply talk tough. A peacenik rather than a warmonger [No, he’s a warmonger who can pronounce words and doesn’t make up new ones]. Obama's restored dignity and diplomacy to the most important office in the world [That was really an accomplishment? Considering his predecessor made Larry the Cable Guy look like Einstein?], while setting an example for everyone else in the quest for peace on Earth [More war is peace??]. That's why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize" [Really? I thought it was for peace?].

Ostroy concludes [thank god]:

“It's unconscionable that on this great day for America, Obama's achievement has to be turned into something ugly and partisan by a bunch of un-patriotic, mean-spirited, sore-losing Republican crybabies who've yet to emotionally get beyond last November...and probably never will.”

Great day for America? Tell me something Andy: How many troops died in Afghanistan and Iraq on yesterday’s “great day?” How many Iraqi and Afghan civilians died yesterday on that “great day?” Or don’t you care? How are critics of Obama's Nobel Prize win "un-patriotic"?? So, if I simply point out that Obama is a half-black, younger version of George W. Bush [as I have], I don't love my country? Please explain how one equals the other. I'm all ears.

You can point the finger at George W. Bush for taking our country into two illegal wars all you want to [and you'd be correct], but these are Obama's wars now. He is now just as guilty for them as Bush is. Even more so. Bush didn't extend our troop presence to Pakistan and it won't be Bush's fault if we bomb Iran. Bush also did not promise to END the wars and then two and a half months into his term request an additional 83.4 billion for the wars he promised to end----Obama did that.

It was the “peacenik” Obama who was responsible for the deaths on yesterday’s “great day” because he can order troops home immediately, and he has not. In fact, Obama is not only responsible for the nearly 3,000 people [120 U.S. troops in Iraq, nearly 400 U.S. and coalition troops in Afghanistan and approx. 2,300 Iraqi civilian deaths] who have died since his inauguration [almost as many as on 9/11] , but is a war criminal himself for failing to make one attempt to prosecute the war crimes of Bush and his administration.

How in the fuck do you call that ‘peaceful’?

I do know one award that will be well deserved come mid-December: RTO's 2009 Fraudie Award, which is presented to the year's biggest FRAUD. Congrats Andy, the award is in the bag! Do I send it straight to your marketing firm in New York City or to Obama's bedroom?

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