Monday, September 14, 2009

Real Truth Online: Banished by Prison Planet

For my integrity in reporting the Alex Jones/Charlie Sheen stunt at Prison Planet and for putting their feet under the same fire I put others under, I am censored and banished. All my articles I wrote for them……gone

by Larry Simons
September 14, 2009

Usually people are admired for their fairness in reporting factual stories and for putting people they support under the same scrutiny as they do their critics. Such was not the case with Prison Planet. Not only did Prison Planet ban me [by my IP address] from leaving comments on their site, but all 21 articles I had written for them between December 2007 and just last week have been erased from their database.

How do I know for a fact that Prison Planet is not just retaliating and writing me off as a “traitor” for writing factual exposes on them concerning the Charlie Sheen stunt Alex Jones pulled last week? Several reasons:

1) Because I have been more than fair to Prison Planet. I have written several emails to Prison Planet writer and webmaster Paul Joseph Watson concerning this matter. I gave him every opportunity to debunk the information in my articles and gave him plenty of time to respond. I never received one email from him proving me wrong.

2) There’s nothing that the writers at Prison Planet love to do more than debunk a hit piece made or written about them. I did three stories last week that they would deem “hit pieces” [although I simply call them factual stories] and not once did they post a story on their site debunking them.

I didn’t expect them to post the anti-Jones stories. Not at all. I expected them to just ignore the stories and let it all pass. They couldn’t even do that. Instead, what they did proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have made a calculated effort to block the truth from their readers. They not only banned me from being able to post comments, they deleted from their database all 21 articles they had posted from my site .

Because of Paul Watson’s silence over this issue, I can only speculate as to why they deleted my articles. It was not because they think I’m a “traitor” to Alex Jones now [although I’m quite sure that is the reason they would give]. I’m 100% convinced the reason they do not want their site linked to mine is because if any visitor to Prison Planet happens to read one of my past articles, they just might click the link to my own website and begin browsing. In browsing, they could stumble upon my anti-Jones stories, and of course, Prison Planet can’t have that now, can they?

How do I know my articles are deleted from Prison Planet? That’s easy. In the search bar on their own site, you have two options you can search by: Web and Prison Planet. When I type either my name or “Real Truth Online” in the search bar and choose “Prison Planet” as my search source, it takes you to a page of links. Some of the links are my articles. It appears they are still there, but when you click the link, it reverts you back to the Prison Planet main page.

The only way to view my Prison Planet articles now is by the page cache.

Here are a handful of my stories that were deleted from Prison Planet’s database:

Liberals: Painted Obama face is “racist”, but painted faces of conservatives are “A-OK”

Another Rebuttal To Gartner’s Psychology Today Hit Piece

O’ Reilly lies about global warming and makes Glenn Beck look like a genius

Left-wing blogger calls the late Aaron Russo a “crackpot”

New Jersey Curfew: Legitimate action or test for more cities to follow suit?

Glenn Beck equates state separatists with “angry, violent” people, then DENIES having anything to do with them!

Chris Matthews calls enforcement of Constitutional requirements to become President “nutty” and “crazy”

Trust me. The other 14 are exactly the same way…GONE. Complete censorship and banishment from the beacons of free speech themselves. The hilarious thing is, I did a story back in November of last year telling my story of how the liberal website Crooks and Liars completely banished me from accessing their site and deleted my comments.

Guess who posted my tale of censorship and banishment? You guessed it. The “champions of free speech” themselves: Prison Planet. You can read it here [but only by way of page cache, since Prison Planet DELETED all my stories from their database].

What Prison Planet did to me was far worse than what Crooks and Liars did, for several reasons:

1) Crooks and Liars is a liberal site and they were smearing Ron Paul. Naturally, if I opposed their story, they wouldn’t be happy, since they think Ron Paul is a nutball. But I hold most of the same views of the people that write for and run Prison Planet, and yet I met the same fate there.

2) I was not a writer for Crooks and Liars, and I was an “unofficial” writer for Prison Planet, so C & L’s banishment of me was simply to extinguish my refutation of their story. I met the same fate at Prison Planet.

and of course…..

3) Prison Planet showcased their unbelievable and blatant hypocrisy by running a story I wrote in which I exposed a website for censoring and banishing me for simply being truthful and expressing dissent, then less than a year later they do the exact same thing to me.

Another interesting sidenote: My website, Real Truth Online, also used to be listed on Paul Watson's website Propaganda Matrix under the "blogs" section right underneath the site Guerilla News Network. My site was removed from that too. Not really a big deal, but I find it interesting that my site is gone, yet he still links to websites like Crooks and Liars, Think Progress, The Raw Story, Media Matters and Daily Kos, who have accused Alex Jones of having influence in the Richard Poplawski shootings in Pittsburgh this past April and writings stories bashing Ron Paul.

Apparently, despite my defense of Alex Jones on many occasions in the past 5 years, because of this one incident [in which made scores of Jones' supporters angry], I am now worse than people who accuse Jones of influencing people to kill. Absolutely amazing.

Justifiably, Prison Planet cries censorship very often too. The huge difference between Prison Planet criticizing others for censoring them and Prison Planet censoring me, is that the very organizations or websites that Prison Planet condemns are accused [by Prison Planet] of being corporate controlled, elitist, New World Order fascist thugs who are trying to eviscerate freedom and liberty. Prison Planet holds that they are fighting to keep our Constitution in tact and thus save us from tyrannical, fascist, freedom haters, yet they censor and banish me just the same. Is one to conclude from this that Alex Jones and his staff are the very same enemy they claim to be fighting?

Here is just a handful of stories Prison Planet posted on their site [just since March 2009] condemning others for censoring them: Here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

As I browsed the internet last night, I found a few sites that expressed my exact sentiments about the shady and dark actions of Prison Planet during this past week. Unbelievably, one website ran my story “The Fall of Alex Jones”. You can read it here.

I also discovered another site: Doom Daily Newspaper. It's a pretty good site and they have even posted 14 of my recent stories. It seems that they frequent Prison Planet because all of my stories appear to be retrieved from there.

I emailed Doom Daily last night and told them the entire ‘Alex Jones/censorship/banishment of me/Paul Watson not emailing me back’ saga. I told them to feel free to keep using my stories, but they will have to go straight to my site to do so.

I am no longer allowed to tread where there will be no dissent, no questioning of Alex Jones, no counter argument and no independent thought.


the_last_name_left said...


they're hypocrites. their commitment to honesty and freespeech and all the rest of it is a sham

And your effort and goodwill is returned like that. Disgusting.

They consider you a traitor perhaps - though it was they who betrayed trust of their audience, not you.

Consider - if Jones is prepared to behave like that - censoring, deleting, distorting - how can you trust anything he's ever said?

If he acts like that towards what should be his constituency - how accurate do you think he is about portraying his opponents? He's a joke.

He's a liar, and a fraud.

Watson too - he can't write an accurate paragraph. Every story has exaggerations, distortions, fabrications. Nothing is ever corrected - no wrong is ever admitted - not the least criticism is tolerated.

You're on the road to recovery, Larry. :) You're better off without those pricks.

the_last_name_left said...

have they banned your IP from the forum too?

Larry said...

I never used the forums, so I wouldnt know that.

"If he acts like that towards what should be his constituency - how accurate do you think he is about portraying his opponents? He's a joke."

Vrey great point!

Nancy Evans said...

Wow, Larry, what sniveling bastards they are. I used to go to infowars daily, and have a link on my blog, but ever since your article about the racist pastor, I have lost my ardor for Alex Jones.

To honor your integrity, I am removing the link to Infowars from my site. Keep up the good work.

Larry said...

I dont want to go as far as to say Im completely banishing them, then I'd be no different than them. They ban me for being critical of them and I ban them for being hypocritcal frauds at cherry-picked moments.

I dont completely banish people who I partially disagree with. I think there is truth in many directions. I dont like Bill Maher when it comes to him calling 9/11 truthers crazy, but I love his views on religion. Not everyone is 100% truthful ALL the time and not everyone is 100% wrong all the time (well, maybe Pastor Steve Anderson or Dave H. Willis) so I take it all with a grain of salt.

What Prison Planet did to me was pretty shitty and their association with Steve Anderson is disturbing, but even Im not going as far as saying they will always be wrong now---even though that's their message to ME. I have to be better than that. You chose to remove them, that's good. You have to do what's best for your blog. I respect you for it and it is 100% OK with me, but until this behavior becomes a pattern at PP, I will keep using them as a source as long as it is the TRUTH.

Thanks for your continuing support. I dd remove Watson's site from my blog because he removed ME from his, yet he still links to sites that called Alex Jones responsible for the Pittsburgh cops' death!! Can you believe that shit?

the_last_name_left said...

Larry: until this behavior becomes a pattern at PP

it already is a pattern of behaviour. Most definitely - imo. but you have to see it for yourself - for sure. It would be dishonest for you to claim such behaviour was a pattern, until you saw it for yourself.

But from my perspective, the way Prisonplanet behaved in your case is typical of their behaviour - seemingly without hesitation they'll employ the same tactics they whine are always used against themsleves. Worse.

Another example - Prisonplanet creates an air of perpetual imminent crisis. Yet Prisonplanet will attack "scaremongering" the the so-called 'NWO-media' wherever they see fit. Prisonplanet always points to things as being "scaremongering" designed to achieve some vague goal of the NWO. Prisonplanet condemns others for using "fear" to manipulate.

Yet Prisonplanet is a huge scaremonger : the entire point of Prisonplanet is to scare.

To manipulate? To sell DVD's?

I'll issue a challenge to illustrate : try and find some definitive statements of what Alex Jones believes in.

Granted, if you wade through a lot of his TV shows it might be on there - but I don't watch them.

I'm talking about in writing - something explicit. What does he believe in? It's nowhere to be found.

He sounds like he says what he much does he actually say? I think he's quite gifted at being people see what they want in him.

Where does he ever say what he really believes in?

Never explaining what he really believes in means he can shift around on issues, without being left looking too obviously self-contradictory.

Honestly, in my opinion they're a serious bunch of tossers.

I think they are dishonest over the Sheen thing, and ugly about your banning and removing your articles and all that. But.....what about putting people in touch with Willis Carto and all these other people who are intimately connected to the american far-right?

Conservatism and free market and anti-socialism and all that jazz is one thing - mixing it up with nazis, racists and white supremacists, segregationists and ultra-nationalists is quite another?

To imagine a genuine 911 Truth Movement ever needed that sort of company?

Personally I grew to be quite upset that Alex Jones and Rivero and all that were mixing up with nazis, and publishing so much crap.

Like that was ever going to help?

Their behaviour is better understood when you understand who they mix with - as I have been trying to convince you previously.

But you have to see for yourself? :D

And try that challenge to your research skills - of finding out what Alex Jones actually believes in? It's difficult, I think.

rob said...

its a shame they did this larry. they really were using your stories. they better get with it. rto has the integrity on this one here. great job larry.

curt maynard said...

wow ,larry you got them on that one. theyll have to fess up.

lavidanerde said...

I've experienced two of my comments being deleted over a few months. I put about five minutes into one of them and about ten minutes into another one. The interesting thing is that I left a silly one liner post jabbing at Obama and it was allowed to remain.

One serious post was in response to something like "watch out liberty lovers because the government is coming for you first". I responded by saying not necessarily so and posting a link to an old interview by Griffin with an alleged ex-KGB agent. He said that they go for many of the people that support a communist rise to power because they become disillusioned and then become their worst enemy.

Apparently someone over there wants their audience to be absolutely frightened to death to think that always they are the *first* and most special ones to suffer the wrath of the government. The idea that it might not necessarily be the case that they will be the *first* to be taken away is just too much for Jonesie and crew apparently.

Its a shame really. He does good work otherwise.