Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Prison Planet is scared of Real Truth Online

After numerous emails challenging Paul Watson to debunk me, all I get is deafening silence

by Larry Simons
September 23, 2009

As I have stated in my previous exposés of Alex Jones and Prison Planet, censorship has begun to be common practice at the site where the First Amendment was supposedly protected. After the dust settled from the Charlie Sheen fake interview with President Obama, it seemed as if everything went back to normal at Prison Planet. Regular [non-CharlieSheen] stories being posted again, and under each story, a link showcasing the number of comments under each story. But, don’t be deceived.

Censorship is still alive and well at Prison Planet. Like I said previously, PP is blocking comments by IP address, meaning that if they ban your IP address, all future commenting you do from your computer will be blocked, regardless if the comment is positive or negative.

Now I have video evidence that proves PP bans people by IP address. Here is a short video I made of myself trying to post a comment on one of the stories on Prison Planet. As you will clearly see in the video, I am not able to.

watch the video

Here is the screen shot [taken hours later] of where I posted my comment. It should have been underneath the comment posted by 'Blue Pill Society'

I have sent webmaster and PP writer Paul Watson roughly 10 emails in the past 13 days. Most of my emails were challenges for him to debunk my previous stories concerning the censorship at PP. I never received a reply. I warned him on the 17th that I would give him 5 days to debunk my stories on Prison Planet or I would write yet another story exposing the proof of their censorship. Not only did I never receive an email, but naturally, no stories on PP debunking me.

So, here I am, even a day late with my story, and not a word received from Paul Watson concerning this. Could their guilt be any more obvious? I’ve been banned from their site, all 21 of my articles deleted from the PP database, and all the while never hearing one word about my stories. I smell fear in the air in Alex Jones-land.

This issue will now be put to rest. My goal was to expose them and then give them a fair chance to respond and prove me wrong. They didn’t and they couldn’t.

Prison Planet can never again, in good conscience, write another story exposing and condemning others of censoring them.

But, I bet they will.


Fall of Alex Jones said...

Dissent might be Patriotic, but it's not profitable on Infowhores.con.

I am blocked from commenting also. I post a comment, it appears immediately above the comment box, and as soon as I reload it is gone.

It doesn't matter what the comment is.

Perhaps it is because I mock 'the operation' at the 'Central Texas Command Center' on my website. Fair enough.

But let's be honest, Alex Jones does not allow free discussion on his site. Free Speech Systems is a 'Free' as the Federal Reserve is 'Federal'.

the_last_name_left said...

Love the website, Fall Of Alex Jones

Very good.

How about something on Jones' white populism? His connections to real fascists - like Willis Carto, Big Jim Tucker, Eustace Mullins.....

How he thinks the Israeli security fence/wall is "beautiful"....and how "he wants one" (for america)?

@Larry - I'll say again - Alex Jones has never "not censored".

the_last_name_left said...

What rubbish are they on about now at the G20?

What a crock their story is. Confused hyperbole. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

this story proves that you own prison planet to larry. you own five blogs, and three sites. thier your bitchs. this is the only site with honor and integrity. larry you go after any one who doesnt go with the truth.

mr vet said...

im back... freedom isnt free. people like me have fought and died for it. if you like saying what you want. thank a vet..... your welcome. this site is hands down the truth. ill always come here. great job larry.

the_last_name_left said...

people like me have fought and died for it.

Wow - someone who has died (for freedom - woohoo) and is writing at this blog.

Must be a ghost.



Larry said...

He said "fought and died" for it, that means if he has done ANY of the two, it can apply to what he' saying. But, you LOVE twisting things so it fits your agenda, dont you?

Let me ask you this Turd: Have you fought for your country????? That's a YES/NO question. Saying anything BUT a yes means its a BIG "NO"---and therefore youre COWARD and too scared to join your military and fight.

the_last_name_left said...

Have you fought and died for your country?

Has anyone ever done that.....and lived? Ridiculous question.

Hve I fought for my country? What country? What IS my country?

I fight every day for the abolition of countries -- I'm an international socialist.

But I fight with the pen......poorly, probably, but there we are.

So no - I am happy to say I have never fought for "my country".......or anything else.

I've never had to.....thankfully. I would probably fight militarily for what I believe in - if I thought it was necessary. I would go to jail or be shot before fighting for something I didn't believe in - like "my country". I would have perhaps volunteered to fight my grandfather did - a (Welsh) anti-aircraft gunner on the south coast of England in the Battle of Britain, and later on mainland Europe after Normandy.

I might in theory fight to defend a socialist revolution, for example, against capitalist imperial reactionaries --- if pushed to it.

But essentially I am a pacifist. I don't see "fighting" as something particularly "great". It's a's's pathetic and disgusting. Not something to be proud of imo.

Larry said...

I will REPEAT because of your reading comprehension problems:

"He said "fought and died" for it, that means if he has done ANY of the two, it can apply to what he' saying. But, you LOVE twisting things so it fits your agenda, dont you?"

You fight with a "pen"----HILARIOUS!!!!!

"But I fight with the pen......poorly, probably, but there we are."

You got THAT right!!! No "probably" about it!

the_last_name_left said...

it hardly matters.

Larry said...

Brilliant reply!

mr vet said...

well larry of course he hasnt fought. hes a coward. even the future princes harry and william have served. the only men in england that dont serve are queenies. thats it hes homosexual. you got him now larry. you can always call him a queenie. thats why hes got comment moderation on his site. people will be able to call him out.

Anonymous said...

you got him on that one. thats why he say bullocks. hes always thinking of them dangle in front of him.

Anonymous said...

how can last name talk about his dad and grand dad about fighting when the nazis were more worried about fighting the americans. they only thing his dad and grand dad fought was

common sence said...

you got the euro trash on that one. any comeback on this, he is admitting hes a jackass.

Anonymous said...

wasnt hitler welsh?

Anonymous said...

no anon. the main group of nazis were. thats why this ass hole goes against this site.

the_last_name_left said...

very good. idiots.

homophobia now, too, huh?

Hitler was more interested in fighting americans than the British?

In the Battle of Britain? I doubt it. LOL.

Man, you people are ignorant. Maybe you should try read a book or two?

Larry said...

"homophobia now, too, huh?"

An admission he's GAY. I dont mind gay people at all----it's just funny because it explains why you said you didnt want a real time debate with me because you dont want your voice or face out there. Maybe because you're a transsexual? lol

Anonymous said...

without us supplying you guys there is no fighting. lend lease act. read it. hitler put more divisions against the u.s then anyone. reserch it. your grand dad fought boredom. because you guys were losing until we came into the war. and that remark that you would not fight proves that your cowards, and even funnier you fighting with a pen. what a FN joke. you lost. queenie.

the_last_name_left said...

Fucking idiots.

Larry said...

He didnt deny he's gay [or a tranny]!!

Anonymous said...

hes a queeenie.

Anonymous said...

just keep reading this site last name. remember, readind is fundamental.

the_last_name_left said...

You expect me to deny I'm homosexual, or transvestite or whatever?

And if I don't - then it must be true!

Woohoo!!! The retards ride again!!

Anonymous said...

I have also been censored on Alex Jones's site. For example, when he posted an article about Lou Dobbs being shot at, I mentioned that it would be nice if Jones would spend more time on the issue of illegal immigration and about how gang members are often crossing the border without being challenged and I criticized Jones for having fearmongers on his program like Lindsey Williams instead of addressing real issues. The comment appeared and then was later deleted. There is some major censorship going on at PP.