Saturday, September 12, 2009

Geraldo Rivera: Sheen acting in “defiance of the facts and historic record” about 9/11

Another “fair and balanced” moment at FOX News: Two corporate-controlled bootlicking hacks calling 9/11 truthers nuts and zero truthers are on to defend themselves

by Larry Simons
September 12, 2009

On last night’s The O’ Reilly Factor, right after a segment in which Bill O’ Reilly told two liberal commentators that bombing Iran was the ONLY solution to dealing with them [a country that has no nukes], the Sultan of Spin had fellow bought-and-paid-for slug Geraldo Rivera on to discuss Charlie Sheen’s request from Obama that he open up a new investigation into 9/11.

A clip of Sheen is played from a video he made asking for Obama to open a new investigation into 9/11. Rivera then says, “Very cruel, very cruel”, then begins telling O’ Reilly that people still seem to embrace Sheen [and Rosie O’ Donnell, another 9/11 truther] because he is a charming actor and that both actors seem to be sincere about their views.

Rivera then says:

“I think that they have swallowed this Kool-Aid where in defiance of the facts, in defiance of the historic record and in defiance of their own eyes and witnessing what happened when those planes smashing into the buildings and I think unintentionally I am sure they are hurting the victims families…the survivors, because they continue to raise this preposterous notion that the United States government would be so hideously manipulative that we would kill almost 3,000 of our own citizens as a pretext to going to war in Afghanistan. It is false on its face. It is extremely insensitive. And, if it weren’t for the fact that they are sincere but misguided, I really would feel even more emotional about it, but I think it is very very..a negative vibe that’s one of these things like Area 51 with the aliens in New Mexico…”

O’ Reilly interrupts and asks, “Do you think Sheen is crazy?”

Rivera replies, “Yeah, yeah, I do. I think that he has a trick gene or a screw loose, I think he has an addictive personality….”

watch the clip

This segment was a whitewash from the first second. The Sheen clip they played only showed Sheen ask the President to begin a new 9/11 investigation. O’ Reilly conveniently omitted 99% of the remaining 6 ½ minutes of the Sheen video in which he actually mentioned the specific unanswered questions of 9/11.

Rivera says Sheen [and the rest of 9/11 truthers] are “in defiance of the facts and the historic record” when in fact, every single bullet point Sheen makes in his statement to Obama is researched, documented, on-the-record fact; most, if not all of it, is either from mainstream news or public accessible sources, like websites for the Department of Defense and the FBI.

One common staple of 9/11 debunkers when addressing 9/11 activists is to continually use the “it’s hurting the victims’ families” bullshit, completely omitting the fact that it was the 9/11 families who had to beg and plead tooth and nail to even get the 9/11 Commission started. And even when the 9/11 Commission was in session, they failed to answer over 70% of their questions.

It appears Rivera is drinking the Kool-Aid and once again, as usual, he has his facts wrong. It’s our own government who is hurting the victims families and survivors.

Isn’t it funny how O’ Reilly sits there and says nothing while Rivera insists that it's preposterous that 9/11 activists believe that the government would assassinate its own citizens, when O’ Reilly once did a story [when he was with Inside Edition] on the cover-up in the JFK assassination where it was very plain to see that O' Reilly believed [at least at one time] that the government would assassinate its own President!

Bill O’ Reilly reporting as the host of Inside Edition from 1989

Bill O' Reilly reporting on the cover-up in the JFK assassination in 1989 before he was bought-off by Rupert Murdoch

It’s easy for Rivera to sit in a nice comfy studio and simply just rant “It’s false on its face” and not be required to provide a single fact to support his case. This is the very reason why, during these ridiculous segments on any FOX News program, you never see a representative for the people in which they ridicule and call “crazy”, because if they dare have any of these people [like Sheen or Alex Jones] on to lay out the documented facts that are on record, Rivera and O’ Reilly would look like the crazy ones.

How can we expect Rivera to provide facts to support his views or be able to shoot down opposing views when he does not even know where Area 51 is? In the clip, he said it was in New Mexico. It’s actually in Nevada. If he can’t even get this simple fact straight, Sheen would annihilate him in a debate.

Of course, Rivera and O’ Reilly already know this, don’t they?


the_last_name_left said...

back on-message?


Real Truth Online said...

what does that mean? I have not abandoned my views on 9-11, Bill O' Reilly, or FOX News just because I was pissed off at Alex Jones this past week. Am I still pissed at Jones? Yes. Because he has not apologized to his supporters yet. Apologizing to George Noory does not constitute apologizing to his fan base.

Jones and Sheen have always been right-on target about 9-11, so my latest story is in no way in contradiction to my stories on Jones this past week.

Do me a favor TLNL, listen to the interview between David Ray Griffin and Jack Blood that I posted about 4 stories below this one. Listen to the entire interview. Give me your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

another great story larry. but stilll some asshole will look look ike a asshole going against you. youve kept yor integrity and your word while censoring no one. great job. the proof is by prison planet posting your stories. but you have been fair and balanced. youve once again have destoyed last name left just like jizz eerrr jas and the others that have fallen by the way side while you have stood strong by your word, and have stayed with the facts. another great story larry. prison planet wiil need a least five or six guys to replace your posts. good luck prison planet. youll need it without larry. maybe prison planet can pick up last name left or jizz eerrr jas or even dave the fraud willis. but thier all basically the same bullshit type person. great work larry.

rob said...

as usual larry youve got it nailed home again. just another site you own. how many blogs and sites do you own now larry? i think its 12 now. a job well done just like the people who go against you.

rob said...

as usual larry youve got it nailed home again. just another site you own. how many blogs and sites do you own now larry? i think its 12 now. a job well done just like the people who go against you.

curt maynard said...

great post larry. you got me again. i hope i can own some one like you own me and my site.

faux news eerrr fox news same thing said...

bill oliley eerrr bill oliar eerrr bill oriely would always tell it like it is. .thats why we call him luffah boy. hell call fox security on you. the evidence proves our government is invoved in 9/11.

mr truth said...

charlie says hes an alex jones supporter and wants to asks obama to answer some questions about 9/11 because he voted for him. but the question should be if he supports alex and alex supports war vet and doctor ron paul why didnt charlie sheen vote ron paul. somethings wrong here people. hey alex its time to be like realtruthonline and have some integrity and stop hiding behind all the excuses. if your wrong or you messed up or even censoring just fess up and tell us about it. if not your just like faux eerrr fox news and the other schillls in the media. get with it.

Anonymous said...

theres a story about charlie sheen messing with his kids, thats why denise richards left him........................................................................ this story never happened.... do you get it prison planet... edit after the story. the warning should have been at the beginning of the story.

Craig said...

I came to question 9/11 from an almost unthinkable root....the Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy..... you can visit why (not a shameless plug) at

I am going to enjoy subscribing as well to your blog, as I beleive there is definite merit to push for the Sheen bullet points to get addressed.

The question is, where do you go from here in that goal?