Saturday, September 26, 2009

Calling Alex Jones a liar on Prison Planet comment boards is not tolerated; saying you will KILL cops? Perfectly OK!

If more cops are killed in Pittsburgh, this time, without a shadow of doubt, the murders could be linked to Alex Jones. I have the proof and I have reported it to the Pittsburgh Police Department

by Larry Simons
September 26, 2009

Remember back in April when white supremacist Richard Poplawski gunned down three Pittsburgh police officers and wounded two? Immediately after the shooting, websites such as The Raw Story, Daily Kos and Crooks and Liars, as well as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Anti-Defamation League, began running stories suggesting that talk show host and filmmaker Alex Jones was an influence in the murders because Poplawski frequented Prison Planet and Infowars, two of Jones’ websites.

Retractions were issued days later by several of the aforementioned websites because it had appeared that although Poplawski did frequent Alex Jones’ websites, he was actually frustrated at and criticized Jones for “not focusing enough on the nefarious roles played by Jews in all these conspiracies”.

On March 29, 2009, in a posting to, Poplawski said:

“For being such huge players in the endgame,” and “too many 'infowarriors' are surprisingly unfamiliar with the Zionists.” He also posted, “racial awareness is on the rise among the young white population.”

It seemed as if Alex Jones was off the hook after several websites published stories defending Jones. One of the stories defending Jones was mine [right here at RTO], because I personally believed that just because someone visits a website, does not mean that the person who runs the website is responsible for a crime just because a frequenter of the site commits murder.

It’s not like the posts said, “you should kill cops” or suggested that anyone should. It’s not like anyone posted a comment saying that they themselves would kill cops. It’s not like anyone posted comments threatening police officers, saying that if cops came to their neighborhood, they would be shot.

Oh, but wait, someone did say those things……yesterday on Prison Planet. Under the story “WeAreChange Schools Pittsburgh Police On Constitution”, one person, under the name deathbyrevolt” said this:

“Yes elizabeth we will soon have to shot [typo---obviously he meant “shoot”] police officers and military personel as things get worse. These cops and military are lucky they did not do this in my neighborhood. My 45 and 7.52 mm would have come out and I would have cut down at least 150 cops.”

The screen shot [below] shows that the comment was posted on September 25th, 2009 at 11:35 am. The response to the comment, by a “danny2” said, “I can’t wait…..FUCK I CAN’T WAIT”. Can’t wait for what? More cops to be murdered?

(click to enlarge)

I immediately called the Pittsburgh Police Department and notified them of this comment. The dispatcher actually pulled up the website as I was speaking to her and found the article and the comment and she said, “I’m going to print this and show this to the deputies, thank you very much.” I responded, “you’re welcome” and hung up.

There are several amazing things about this story. First, I was banned from Prison Planet roughly three weeks ago for merely saying Alex Jones lied to his supporters and for criticizing him for the fake Charlie Sheen story. All 21 of my articles have been erased from the Prison Planet database; my website listing was scrubbed from Paul Joseph Waston’s website Propaganda Matrix and I have been banned from posting comments on Prison Planet.

deathbyrevolt”, on the other hand, is allowed to say that he will shoot police officers dead [even as many as 150 of them] and not only was he not banned from making comments, but the comments remain!

I know he has not been banned simply because the aforementioned comment was not the only one he left on Prison Planet. 73 minutes earlier under the story, Watch The First Amendment Die On You Tube, he said [at 10:22am]:

“It is getting quite apparent we will have no choice to shot police and military soldiers when the real fight begins.” [apparently he doesn’t know how to spell “shoot”]

(click to enlarge)

Two hours before that [at 8:30am] “deathbyrevolt” said this [under the story, “Military Attacks American Citizens With Sound Weapons & Tear Gas At G20" :

“Have you heard of a paint bomb. Take a can of paint and pop some dry ice in close the lid and run like hell. Fire paint all over the police and the soldiers. Here is one you guys can do in Pittsburg. Shaving cream bomb. Take 8 cans of shaving cream put them in a freezer till frozen. Take them out cut the metal casing off. Throw them in a police car that is unattended. The cops will come back and have a car filled with shaving cream. The will not be able to even get into the car.”

(click to enlarge)

I’m quite sure there’s more by “deathbyrevolt”, but I think three comments is well over the limit to establish that Prison Planet is advocating these comments, thus advocating murder, violence and destruction of property. But, don’t call Alex Jones a liar and prove it! That won’t be tolerated at Prison Planet. But if you say you would like to gun down 150 police officers and attack them with paint bombs and shaving cream bombs------that's absolutely 100% OK!!

Another amazing thing about this is the fact that this is happening in the very same city that Poplawski murdered the three police officers on April 4! You would think that Alex Jones would be working overtime to make sure threatening comments directed at police officers in, of all places, Pittsburgh, would be monitored with a fine tooth comb, deleted immediately and not tolerated, since it could have placed Alex Jones in a world of shit just five months ago.

Nope. Jones is too busy deleting and banning people like me, who has committed the ultimate, unforgivable sin: reporting unbiased and factual stories.

What’s a couple of murders [or even 150] compared to the unforgivable sin of calling someone a hypocritical fraud?


the_last_name_left said...

wow. They aren't going to like you having called the police. Hopefully. :D

Good for you.

It's quite something, isn't it, when it hits home that murderous, racist, horrible people are welcome at prisonplanet - but you're not.

Those shaving cream bombs are funny. Great idea - but - you have to take them out of the freezer, cut the metal casing off, and then find a suitable police car to put it in.......all before the thing warms up enough to start spewing shaving foam.

How much time do you get?


Don't take them to the riot in your own car? lol

PP gonna be pissed if the police call em.

Still - they shouldn't tolerate violence, and they shouldn't encourage their supporters to do so - which they surely do?

Like with the jewish thing - ALex and PP are very careful to not too obviously encourage anti-semitism.......just as they are very careful about what they say re encouraging people towards violence.

But add it up ? Why do people advertise gun ammunition on his website? Not only because he spouts about gun rights, and that Obama's gonna come git yer guns, but because he talks about imminent crises......traitors....self-defence.....retribution.....the end of the world.....monsters.....montrous FEDERAL crimes.....

How about that dude who was found murdered - with FED written on his chest?

I mean - this sort of thing IS the endpoint of what Alex Jones and co are saying..........

Look at Gerald Celente? The first shot of a new american revolution? Well, errr - hold on? Why does there have to be a SHOT fired? Hardly the language of a peaceful movement? I don't like what he stirs up - just as I don't like what Alex Jones stirs in your article.

Real Truth Online said...

I just emailed the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and sent them the link to my story. Can you believe they allowed these comments on there??? It's mind numbing. If they delete them sometime in the next few hours, it's OK, I have the screen shots. Alex Jones better hope more cops dont die----because if they do, he will be DIRECTLY responsible.

Anonymous said...

this story proves that youre all about the truth larry. makes people who censor thier own sites look embarrassed. the story shows they can link alex to killling if they have then in the burgh. time to call out the steelers for help. alex your looking preety bad now, get with the real truth.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you can link Alex to having killed anybody but Alex is dishonest because he allows white bashing, God bashing, and bans people who make good comments who support justice.
The police are out of control. The police do abuse power and are lying on a regular basis. But this doesn't excuse Alex Jones from not telling the truth.
Alex boast of being Jewish both him and his wife. This may be Alex's biggest downfall coming.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is back to maing you signup to comment on inforwars