Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How Alex Jones has damaged the 9/11 Truth Movement

My critique of why Alex Jones is losing his mind and can’t be taken seriously anymore

by Larry Simons
September 29, 2009

1. His loud, obnoxious, out-of-control, on-air mental breakdowns

A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look:

How can you take someone seriously when they act like they just escaped from a mental institution?

2. His juvenile, asinine behavior with intelligent, well-behaved guests on his show

How can we forget the interview Alex Jones did with Zeitgeist director Peter Joseph in October 2008 in which Jones continually interrupts Joseph, engages in insane tirades and projects, ignores and twists Joseph’s points and basically acts like a complete and utter DICKHEAD?

During this interview, it was so fucking crystal clear that Alex Jones was completely threatened by Peter Joseph’s incredible intelligence. Jones has always touted himself as being the father of the 9/11 truth movement, the pioneer of alternative media and the bringer of all truth, yet it was Jones [during this interview] that felt the need to continually interrupt Joseph, talk over him and resort to childish baby voices and sarcastic mocking.

Jones was completely and visibly threatened by Joseph’s vast knowledge of every subject Jones mentioned. Joseph’s incredible patience to continue talking to Jones and not immediately end the interview along with his calm demeanor and his refusal to raise his voice and insult Jones [even when Jones was doing it to him] speaks volumes to his impeccable character. It was a 2-hour interview. This is a portion:

Here’s a clip of the same interview where Jones accuses Joseph of yelling back at him when it was actually Jones who was yelling at Joseph. It was a colossal lie on Jones’ part. Joseph kept a continual calm voice and demeanor throughout the entire interview. Jones also accused Joseph of insulting him, when again, it was Jones who continually insulted Joseph.

Jones continually lies and distorts Joseph’s words, mocks and insults him repeatedly during this interview and never lets Joseph offer a counter argument. There must have been 60 or 70 times during this interview where I wanted to HEAR what Joseph was saying because it was intelligent, rational and profoundly interesting but Jones would interrupt him repeatedly. I felt like screaming at my computer screen, “ALEX JONES, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

I have no idea why [or how] Joseph sat there during the entire 2 hours. I would have ended it after Jones’ first childish and mocking rant.

3. His love affair with celebrities and fame

At one time, Alex Jones was more interested in delivering real news stories to his listeners who tuned in to listen to alternative news stories. That meant Jones would have on the very best people in a particular industry whether it was topics such as vaccines, the economy, chemtrails, the Iraq war or 9/11.

Jones loves schmoozing with Jesse Ventura, Willie Nelson, Charlie Sheen, and whatever celebrity he can get on his program. It’s not about the real news anymore. It’s about fame, more listeners, more financial support and most importantly, Jones’ ego and self-promotion. It’s now a business to Jones. It’s a love of celebrity. Just in the last two weeks alone, Jones interviewed Charlie Sheen, Shooter Jennings [son of Waylon Jennings] and Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine.

4. His association with frauds and nutballs

Several times this year, Jones has interviewed nutball David Icke. Jones now claims he’s “honored” to have Icke on his program, despite the fact that in 1998, Jones said this about Icke:

“He’s either a smart, opportunist con-man, or he’s completely insane or he’s working for them directly. But, I tend to think he’s just a con-man..uh, who understands how things works, and is just a real opportunist.”
Here’s the audio of it:

Now, Alex Jones and David Icke are bosom buddies.

Jones also endorses well-known fraud Kevin Trudeau. This is the guy you see on late night infomercials selling his ““They” Don’t Want You To Know About” books. Trudeau was on Jones’ show this past May discussing a current court case he is involved in where Trudeau has been ordered by a judge to pay $37 million, which is the amount of money that consumers paid Trudeau in response to his deceptive infomercials that the judge ordered Trudeau not to make.

Alex called this a violation of his first amendment rights. Jones is simply lying. To be ordered not to engage in fraud is not stripping away first amendment rights. Trudeau is still allowed to sell books on his infomercials because of first amendment rights, but Trudeau is not allowed to use the books to promote or sell products or services that are fraudulent.

Of course, another tiny fact that Jones did not tell his listeners was that back in 1990, Trudeau posed as a doctor in order to deposit $80,000 in bad checks and later plead guilty to larceny. Trudeau used the credit cards of just 11 of his customers to rob them of a grand total of $122, 735. He spent two years in prison. You think Jones mentions this to his listeners? Of course not.

In early September 2009, Jones did an interview with nutball Pastor Steve Anderson. Jones introduced the pastor as “someone who I really admire”. It wasn’t the first interview Jones did with him, but it was the first after Anderson did a sermon called, “Why I Hate Barack Obama”, in which Steve Anderson said to his congregation that he prays for the slaughter of homosexuals and for Barack Obama to die.

Listen to this clip

This is the same man [Anderson] who also said to a gay radio talk show host in early September that he doesn’t even consider it murder if someone were to kill homosexuals or Obama. Anderson ended the interview [after the radio show host revealed he was gay and asked Anderson, “Do you hope I die tonight?”] by telling the talk show host, “If you’re a homosexual, I hope you get brain cancer like Ted Kennedy”.

This is the kind of person Alex Jones “really admires”………….nutballs.

Listen to the interview between Anderson and the gay talk show host

There’s no recourse for Alex Jones. It’s simply too late for him to turn back now [I believe, I believe, I believe he's losing his mind]. He has not made the cover-ups of 9/11 untrue by his behavior and company he keeps, but he sure as hell has dethroned himself as the #1 source for 9/11 information [if he ever was].

Sunday, September 27, 2009

After nearly 2 whole days, Prison Planet removes threatening cop-killing comments

Why did it take 2 days? Why was the person who posted the comments allowed to post multiple posts? Were they banned?

by Larry Simons
September 27, 2009

Well, I have no idea who tipped off Prison Planet that I ran a story exposing their blatant hypocrisy of denying that their own website does not allow hateful rhetoric to be posted in their comment threads.

This would be the very same type of hateful rhetoric they denied allowing on their site in April, which many websites and news outlets claimed influenced white supremacist Richard Poplawski to gun down 3 and injure 2 Pittsburgh Police officers.

Apparently Prison Planet has been to my website [well I actually know they have] and have only removed the recent comments left by a person named “deathbyrevolt” [who threatened to kill police officers] because I captured screen shots of the threatening comments.

The three comments by “deathbyrevolt” were all posted on September 25 between 8:30am and 11:35am. Keep in mind, these were the only three I found before writing my story. I simply just stopped at three. There may have been more, but three is all I needed.

I checked many times yesterday to see if the comments were still there. They were. I went to my site today and noticed that Prison Planet webmaster Paul Watson had been to my site at 8:12 am and spent 6 minutes there. I went to Prison Planet to see if the threatening cop killing comments were still there. Presto! They were gone. Shocker.

So you can see, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Prison Planet really did delete the comments. Here are the before-and-after screen shots of all 3 posts. Like I said, the threatening comments had been on the Prison Planet site for nearly a full two days, plenty of time to inspire and influence any number of nutballs.

*Notice the before-and-after entries [above and below the threatening comments] in both the "original" and "after deletion" posts are the same

The first of the 3 comments, posted at 8:30am on 9-25-09, under the story, “Military Attacks American Citizens With Sound Weapons & Tear Gas At G20”:


After deletion

(click to enlarge)

The second comment, posted at 10:22am on 9-25-09, under the story, “Watch the First Amendment Die On YouTube”:


After deletion

(click to enlarge)

The third comment, posted at 11:35am on 9-25-09, under the story, “WeAreChange Schools Pittsburgh Police On Constitution”:


After deletion

(click to enlarge)

Big deal. They deleted the comments, but not right away. These comments should have been removed instantly and “deathbyrevolt” banned immediately, but it is obvious that the only motivating factor in Prison Planet removing the comments was being exposed by a website that they have already banned, but yet have not refuted: Real Truth Online.

The removal of the comments will do little to extinguish responsibility from Prison Planet should another nutball shoot and kill more Pittsburgh cops. I have the screen shots. If more cops get gunned down in Pittsburgh, a simple email to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette or any national news outlet with the original screen shots attached will be more than enough evidence to deem Prison Planet guilty as charged.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Calling Alex Jones a liar on Prison Planet comment boards is not tolerated; saying you will KILL cops? Perfectly OK!

If more cops are killed in Pittsburgh, this time, without a shadow of doubt, the murders could be linked to Alex Jones. I have the proof and I have reported it to the Pittsburgh Police Department

by Larry Simons
September 26, 2009

Remember back in April when white supremacist Richard Poplawski gunned down three Pittsburgh police officers and wounded two? Immediately after the shooting, websites such as The Raw Story, Daily Kos and Crooks and Liars, as well as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Anti-Defamation League, began running stories suggesting that talk show host and filmmaker Alex Jones was an influence in the murders because Poplawski frequented Prison Planet and Infowars, two of Jones’ websites.

Retractions were issued days later by several of the aforementioned websites because it had appeared that although Poplawski did frequent Alex Jones’ websites, he was actually frustrated at and criticized Jones for “not focusing enough on the nefarious roles played by Jews in all these conspiracies”.

On March 29, 2009, in a posting to Infowars.com, Poplawski said:

“For being such huge players in the endgame,” and “too many 'infowarriors' are surprisingly unfamiliar with the Zionists.” He also posted, “racial awareness is on the rise among the young white population.”

It seemed as if Alex Jones was off the hook after several websites published stories defending Jones. One of the stories defending Jones was mine [right here at RTO], because I personally believed that just because someone visits a website, does not mean that the person who runs the website is responsible for a crime just because a frequenter of the site commits murder.

It’s not like the posts said, “you should kill cops” or suggested that anyone should. It’s not like anyone posted a comment saying that they themselves would kill cops. It’s not like anyone posted comments threatening police officers, saying that if cops came to their neighborhood, they would be shot.

Oh, but wait, someone did say those things……yesterday on Prison Planet. Under the story “WeAreChange Schools Pittsburgh Police On Constitution”, one person, under the name deathbyrevolt” said this:

“Yes elizabeth we will soon have to shot [typo---obviously he meant “shoot”] police officers and military personel as things get worse. These cops and military are lucky they did not do this in my neighborhood. My 45 and 7.52 mm would have come out and I would have cut down at least 150 cops.”

The screen shot [below] shows that the comment was posted on September 25th, 2009 at 11:35 am. The response to the comment, by a “danny2” said, “I can’t wait…..FUCK I CAN’T WAIT”. Can’t wait for what? More cops to be murdered?

(click to enlarge)

I immediately called the Pittsburgh Police Department and notified them of this comment. The dispatcher actually pulled up the website as I was speaking to her and found the article and the comment and she said, “I’m going to print this and show this to the deputies, thank you very much.” I responded, “you’re welcome” and hung up.

There are several amazing things about this story. First, I was banned from Prison Planet roughly three weeks ago for merely saying Alex Jones lied to his supporters and for criticizing him for the fake Charlie Sheen story. All 21 of my articles have been erased from the Prison Planet database; my website listing was scrubbed from Paul Joseph Waston’s website Propaganda Matrix and I have been banned from posting comments on Prison Planet.

deathbyrevolt”, on the other hand, is allowed to say that he will shoot police officers dead [even as many as 150 of them] and not only was he not banned from making comments, but the comments remain!

I know he has not been banned simply because the aforementioned comment was not the only one he left on Prison Planet. 73 minutes earlier under the story, Watch The First Amendment Die On You Tube, he said [at 10:22am]:

“It is getting quite apparent we will have no choice to shot police and military soldiers when the real fight begins.” [apparently he doesn’t know how to spell “shoot”]

(click to enlarge)

Two hours before that [at 8:30am] “deathbyrevolt” said this [under the story, “Military Attacks American Citizens With Sound Weapons & Tear Gas At G20" :

“Have you heard of a paint bomb. Take a can of paint and pop some dry ice in close the lid and run like hell. Fire paint all over the police and the soldiers. Here is one you guys can do in Pittsburg. Shaving cream bomb. Take 8 cans of shaving cream put them in a freezer till frozen. Take them out cut the metal casing off. Throw them in a police car that is unattended. The cops will come back and have a car filled with shaving cream. The will not be able to even get into the car.”

(click to enlarge)

I’m quite sure there’s more by “deathbyrevolt”, but I think three comments is well over the limit to establish that Prison Planet is advocating these comments, thus advocating murder, violence and destruction of property. But, don’t call Alex Jones a liar and prove it! That won’t be tolerated at Prison Planet. But if you say you would like to gun down 150 police officers and attack them with paint bombs and shaving cream bombs------that's absolutely 100% OK!!

Another amazing thing about this is the fact that this is happening in the very same city that Poplawski murdered the three police officers on April 4! You would think that Alex Jones would be working overtime to make sure threatening comments directed at police officers in, of all places, Pittsburgh, would be monitored with a fine tooth comb, deleted immediately and not tolerated, since it could have placed Alex Jones in a world of shit just five months ago.

Nope. Jones is too busy deleting and banning people like me, who has committed the ultimate, unforgivable sin: reporting unbiased and factual stories.

What’s a couple of murders [or even 150] compared to the unforgivable sin of calling someone a hypocritical fraud?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Prison Planet is scared of Real Truth Online

After numerous emails challenging Paul Watson to debunk me, all I get is deafening silence

by Larry Simons
September 23, 2009

As I have stated in my previous exposés of Alex Jones and Prison Planet, censorship has begun to be common practice at the site where the First Amendment was supposedly protected. After the dust settled from the Charlie Sheen fake interview with President Obama, it seemed as if everything went back to normal at Prison Planet. Regular [non-CharlieSheen] stories being posted again, and under each story, a link showcasing the number of comments under each story. But, don’t be deceived.

Censorship is still alive and well at Prison Planet. Like I said previously, PP is blocking comments by IP address, meaning that if they ban your IP address, all future commenting you do from your computer will be blocked, regardless if the comment is positive or negative.

Now I have video evidence that proves PP bans people by IP address. Here is a short video I made of myself trying to post a comment on one of the stories on Prison Planet. As you will clearly see in the video, I am not able to.

watch the video

Here is the screen shot [taken hours later] of where I posted my comment. It should have been underneath the comment posted by 'Blue Pill Society'

I have sent webmaster and PP writer Paul Watson roughly 10 emails in the past 13 days. Most of my emails were challenges for him to debunk my previous stories concerning the censorship at PP. I never received a reply. I warned him on the 17th that I would give him 5 days to debunk my stories on Prison Planet or I would write yet another story exposing the proof of their censorship. Not only did I never receive an email, but naturally, no stories on PP debunking me.

So, here I am, even a day late with my story, and not a word received from Paul Watson concerning this. Could their guilt be any more obvious? I’ve been banned from their site, all 21 of my articles deleted from the PP database, and all the while never hearing one word about my stories. I smell fear in the air in Alex Jones-land.

This issue will now be put to rest. My goal was to expose them and then give them a fair chance to respond and prove me wrong. They didn’t and they couldn’t.

Prison Planet can never again, in good conscience, write another story exposing and condemning others of censoring them.

But, I bet they will.

Mat Kearney in concert

Kearney rocks Towson

by Larry Simons
September 23, 2009

I had the pleasure of seeing my favorite male vocalist in concert last night in Towson, MD. Yes, I realize Kearney is a Christian singer and I seldom criticize religion here at RTO. I don’t base whether I like a musician’s talent on religious or political issues, so really, no contradiction there.

I realize my camera is not the best in the world, but I did capture some good pics and partial videos. I recorded him singing one of my favorite songs, “Crashing Down” and his cover of Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark”

Kearney performed these songs [not in this order] my faves in bold

“All I Have”
“Fire and Rain”
“Crashing Down”
“Breathe In, Breathe Out”
“Here We Go”
“Girl America/Chasing Pavements”
“In The Middle”
“Runaway Car”
“All I Need”
“Nothing Left To Lose”
“City of Black and White”
“Closer To Love”
“Dancing In The Dark”

"Crashing Down"

"Dancing In The Dark"

Monday, September 21, 2009

This Week in Dave the Fraud: Dave loves him some fiction!

Our favorite fraudster pushing fiction? You mean, other than the Bible and the official 9/11 account?

by Larry Simons
September 21, 2009

Sorry it has been awhile since I posted anything about RTO’s favorite religious fraud, David H. Willis, but it’s not my fault. He had taken a “vacation” for most of August. I guess for a minister that means he got to sleep in seven days a week instead of his usual six. I was sad; only because it had left me high and dry of any new tales of fraudiness from the #1 religious fraudster.

He posted a short brain fart on September 3 telling his 7 readers about a new book he thinks is fascinating [I’ve always been astounded that anyone could get excited about a new book on the Bible; how can you say anything new about it?]. The book is called, “Who Stole My Church?” [sounds fascinating]. David H. Fraud says this:

“I'd wholeheartedly recommend MacDonald's work especially to anyone involved in a established church and looking to make some methodological changes. This is a fictional work but is still VERY REALISTIC. MacDonald writes of a weekly meeting he has with a group of older church members who are uncomfortable with the direction of the church and the changes that are being proposed. You will see people you know in this book - maybe even yourself. The funny thing was that I skipped the intro stuff and didn't realize it was fictional at first. I did have my suspiciaons!” [misspellings Willis’, not mine]

A fictional work but still very realistic? I guess it’s not shocking that Dave “I’m all about the truth” Willis would endorse works of fiction. He reads the Bible and believes the official account of 9/11, two of the biggest works of fiction ever written.

The part that made me laugh out loud was when the fraudster said:

“The funny thing was that I skipped the intro stuff and didn't realize it was fictional at first.”

Why would he realize it was fiction? It’s not like he can tell the two [fact and fiction] apart! He believes that 500 year old men build boats the size of the Titanic all by themselves, the sun stands still and snakes speak to people [and believes it’s literal Mr. Ed-to-Wilbur-style talking!] He also believes the official fairy tale account of 9/11. He believes that planes vaporize, buildings collapse due to fire alone [though it’s never happened before], passports and human flesh can withstand fiery flames [even when those same flames vaporize planes], that people can correctly predict that a building will collapse [due to fire alone] although there is no precedent for it.

Dave “I’m all about the truth” Willis truly is a believer of miracles and fiction. This story by him wasn’t surprising…..just funny!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ten Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstream Media

Mike Adams
Natural News
September 18, 2009

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is engaged in what we Americans call "bald faced lies" about swine flu. It seems to be true with this issue more than any other, and it became apparent to me recently when a colleague of mine — a nationally-syndicated newspaper columnist — told me their column on natural defenses for swine flu was rejected by newspapers all across the country. Many newspapers refused to run the column and, instead, ran an ad for "free vaccine clinics" in the same space.

The media, it seems, is so deeply in bed with the culture of vaccinations that they will do almost anything to keep the public misinformed. And that includes lying about swine flu vaccines.

There are ten key lies that continue to be told by the mainstream media (MSM) about swine flu and swine flu vaccines.

Lie #1 – There are no adjuvants used in the vaccines

I was recently being interviewed by a major U.S. news network when the reporter interviewing me came up with this humdinger: There are no adjuvants being used in the swine flu vaccines, he said!

I assured him that adjuvants were, indeed, a crucial part of the vaccine recipe, and they were being widely used by drug companies to "stretch" the vaccine supply. It’s no secret. But he insisted he had been directly told by a drug company rep that no adjuvants were being used at all. And he believed them! So everything being published by this large news network about swine flu vaccines now assumes there are no adjuvants in the vaccines at all.

Lie #2 – The swine flu is more dangerous than seasonal flu

This lie is finally starting to unravel. I admit that in the early days of this pandemic, even I was concerned this could be a global killer. But after observing the very mild impact the virus was having on people in the real world, it became obvious that this was a mild flu, no more dangerous than a seasonal flu.

The MSM, however, continues to promote H1N1 swine flu as being super dangerous, driving fear into the minds of people and encouraging them to rush out and get a vaccine shot for a flu that’s really no more likely to kill them than the regular winter sniffles. Sure, the virus could still mutate into something far worse, but if it does that, the current vaccine could be rendered obsolete anyway!

Lie #3 – Vaccines protect you from swine flu

This is the biggest lie of all, and the media pushes it hard. Getting a vaccine, they insist, will protect you from the swine flu. But it’s just flat-out false. Even if the vaccine produces antibodies, that’s not the same thing as real-world immunity from a live virus, especially if the virus mutates (as they often do).

As I pointed out in a recent article, statistically speaking the average American is 40 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to have their life saved by a swine flu vaccine. (http://www.naturalnews.com/026955_swine_flu_vaccines_flu_vaccines.html)

Lie #4 – Vaccines are safe

And how would any journalists actually know this? None of the vaccines have been subjected to real-world testing for any meaningful duration. The "safety" of these vaccines is nothing more than wishful thinking.

The MSM also doesn’t want you to know what’s in the vaccines. Some vaccines are made from viral fragments grown in diseased African monkeys. If that sounds incredible, read the true story here: http://www.naturalnews.com/026779_swine_flu_patents_vaccines.html

Lie #5 – The vaccine isn’t mandatory

You hear this lie all the time: The swine flu vaccine shot is voluntary, they say. But it’s not true if you’re an employee at a place where vaccines are being mandated. Millions of Americans are now being told by their employers that if they don’t get vaccine shots, they will be effectively fired from their jobs. It’s especially true with health care workers, day care employees and school teachers.

Lie #6 – Getting a vaccine shot is a good bet on your health

In reality, a vaccine shot is far more likely to harm you than help you. According to one viral expert, the actual mortality rate of the swine flu virus is estimated to be as low as .007 percent (http://www.reuters.com/article/healthNews/idUSTRE58E6NZ20090916). That means H1N1 swine flu kills less than one person in 100,000. Even if the vaccine works, let’s say, 10 percent of the time, you’d have to vaccine one million people to prevent one death from swine flu.

And in vaccinating one million people, you would inevitably harm or kill several people, simply from the vaccine side effects! Your net risk of death is increased by getting a swine flu vaccine.

Lie #7 – The vaccine isn’t made with "attenuated live virus"

When the swine flu vaccines were first being announced several months ago, they were described as being made with "attenuated live virus." This was directly mentioned in CDC documents, among other places.

This term apparently freaked out the American news consumer, and it has since been all but erased from any discussion about vaccines. Now, journalists will actually argue with you and insist the vaccines contain no attenuated live viruses whatsoever.

Except they’re wrong. The vaccines are, indeed, made with "attenuated live viruses." That’s how you make a vaccine: You take live viruses, then you weaken them ("attenuate") and inject them into people.

Lie #8 – Wash, wash, wash your hands (to avoid exposure)

This idea of washing your hands a hundred times a day is all based on the assumption that you can avoid exposure to the swine flu virus. But that’s impractical. The virus is now so widespread that virtually everyone is certain to be exposed to it through the air if not other means. This whole idea of avoiding exposure to the swine flu virus is nonsense. The conversation should shift to ways to survive exposure via a healthy immune system.

Of course, hand washing is a very good idea in a hospital setting. Recent news reveals that doctors are too busy to wash their own hands, resulting in the rampant spread of superbugs throughout most large hospitals in first world nations.

Lie #9 – Children are more vulnerable to swine flu than adults

This is just a flat-out lie, but it makes for good vaccine sales. Vaccines are right now being targeted primarily to schoolchildren.

But the truth is that swine flu is extremely mild in children. "It’s mildest in kids," says Dr Marc Lipsitch of Harvard University. "That’s one of the really good pieces of news in this pandemic." Reuters actually had the guts to report this story, but most of the larger media outlets are still reporting that children are the most vulnerable.

Lie #10 – There is nothing else you can do beyond a vaccine and Tamiflu

This is where the media lies by omission. The mainstream media absolutely refuses to print just about any story that talks about using vitamin D, anti-viral herbs or natural remedies to protect yourself from swine flu. In the MSM, there are two options and only two: Vaccines and Tamiflu. That’s it. No other options exist in their fictional reality.

Why is the mainstream media so afraid to print the truth these days? Why can’t reporting on swine flu see the light of day… literally, with a mention of sunlight and vitamin D? Apparently, Big Pharma has such a tight grip on mainstream newspapers that no true story on swine flu can ever make it past the editor’s desk.

Killing stories, deceiving the public

It must really be depressing to work for the mainstream media. Even the reporters I know can’t stand it. The truth, they admit, rarely makes it into print.

Over the last few years, I’ve had a couple of job offers from large media outlets. They want to pay me a six-figure salary and stick me behind a desk where they can control what I report.

Needless to say, I routinely reject those offers. If I can’t write the truth like I do here on NaturalNews.com, there’s no point writing at all. In too many ways, the mainstream media has become little more than a corporate mouthpiece, whoring itself out to the highest bidder / advertiser.

It’s no fault of the frontline reporters who actually work there. For the most part, they agree with what I’m saying. It’s the fault of the profit-oriented corporate mindset where news is about selling newspapers rather than actually informing the public.

Important news stories get killed every day in the newsrooms across America. They get killed not because they are poorly investigated or poorly written, but because they upset advertisers and corporate string pullers who shape the news and reject any stories that threaten their own financial interests.

Here in 2009, the distorted reporting on the swine flu vaccine has been one of the greatest media frauds ever perpetrated. The media has in every way contributed to the widespread ignorance of the American people on the subject of vitamin D and natural immune-boosting defenses that could reduce swine flu fatalities. Rather than informing readers, the MSM has made it a point to keep the people stupid, and in doing so, the media has failed its only mission and betrayed the very audience is claims to serve.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Christians hate the movie “Creation"? That means I want to see it!

Unfortunately, not a single movie distributor in the United States has picked up the film because of the creation/evolution controversy

by Larry Simons
September 15, 2009

The upcoming film “Creation”, a biographical film about the life of Charles Darwin, starring Paul Bettany (“The Da Vinci Code”) and Jennifer Connelly (“A Beautiful Mind”), will not be released in the United States because the religious right in this country is scared to death of anyone having an independent thought.

They are also scared of the fact that [heaven forbid], thinking and rational thought might lead the independent mind to believe that denying the existence of an unseen and unprovable God is the epitome of all evil.

watch the trailer

Why do Christians feel so threatened by this kind of thing? If their belief in God is so strong and unwavering, why would they be frightened that people might actually see movies with this kind of subject matter? Isn’t God supposedly stronger than that?

Of course, it matters not that Charles Darwin’s wife, Emma, was deeply religious. It also matters not that the real life actors who play Charles and Emma Darwin, Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly, are married in real life. Christians get more excited watching films like The Passion of the Christ, directed by anti-semite Mel Gibson, who is also the son of a holocaust denier. Christians have ZERO issues with that!

I hope the film receives even more attention and desire in people to want to see it in light of the United States banning the film.

The film opens September 25, 2009 in the U.K.

Read Jonathan Turley’s story on this, here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Real Truth Online: Banished by Prison Planet

For my integrity in reporting the Alex Jones/Charlie Sheen stunt at Prison Planet and for putting their feet under the same fire I put others under, I am censored and banished. All my articles I wrote for them……gone

by Larry Simons
September 14, 2009

Usually people are admired for their fairness in reporting factual stories and for putting people they support under the same scrutiny as they do their critics. Such was not the case with Prison Planet. Not only did Prison Planet ban me [by my IP address] from leaving comments on their site, but all 21 articles I had written for them between December 2007 and just last week have been erased from their database.

How do I know for a fact that Prison Planet is not just retaliating and writing me off as a “traitor” for writing factual exposes on them concerning the Charlie Sheen stunt Alex Jones pulled last week? Several reasons:

1) Because I have been more than fair to Prison Planet. I have written several emails to Prison Planet writer and webmaster Paul Joseph Watson concerning this matter. I gave him every opportunity to debunk the information in my articles and gave him plenty of time to respond. I never received one email from him proving me wrong.

2) There’s nothing that the writers at Prison Planet love to do more than debunk a hit piece made or written about them. I did three stories last week that they would deem “hit pieces” [although I simply call them factual stories] and not once did they post a story on their site debunking them.

I didn’t expect them to post the anti-Jones stories. Not at all. I expected them to just ignore the stories and let it all pass. They couldn’t even do that. Instead, what they did proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have made a calculated effort to block the truth from their readers. They not only banned me from being able to post comments, they deleted from their database all 21 articles they had posted from my site .

Because of Paul Watson’s silence over this issue, I can only speculate as to why they deleted my articles. It was not because they think I’m a “traitor” to Alex Jones now [although I’m quite sure that is the reason they would give]. I’m 100% convinced the reason they do not want their site linked to mine is because if any visitor to Prison Planet happens to read one of my past articles, they just might click the link to my own website and begin browsing. In browsing, they could stumble upon my anti-Jones stories, and of course, Prison Planet can’t have that now, can they?

How do I know my articles are deleted from Prison Planet? That’s easy. In the search bar on their own site, you have two options you can search by: Web and Prison Planet. When I type either my name or “Real Truth Online” in the search bar and choose “Prison Planet” as my search source, it takes you to a page of links. Some of the links are my articles. It appears they are still there, but when you click the link, it reverts you back to the Prison Planet main page.

The only way to view my Prison Planet articles now is by the page cache.

Here are a handful of my stories that were deleted from Prison Planet’s database:

Liberals: Painted Obama face is “racist”, but painted faces of conservatives are “A-OK”

Another Rebuttal To Gartner’s Psychology Today Hit Piece

O’ Reilly lies about global warming and makes Glenn Beck look like a genius

Left-wing blogger calls the late Aaron Russo a “crackpot”

New Jersey Curfew: Legitimate action or test for more cities to follow suit?

Glenn Beck equates state separatists with “angry, violent” people, then DENIES having anything to do with them!

Chris Matthews calls enforcement of Constitutional requirements to become President “nutty” and “crazy”

Trust me. The other 14 are exactly the same way…GONE. Complete censorship and banishment from the beacons of free speech themselves. The hilarious thing is, I did a story back in November of last year telling my story of how the liberal website Crooks and Liars completely banished me from accessing their site and deleted my comments.

Guess who posted my tale of censorship and banishment? You guessed it. The “champions of free speech” themselves: Prison Planet. You can read it here [but only by way of page cache, since Prison Planet DELETED all my stories from their database].

What Prison Planet did to me was far worse than what Crooks and Liars did, for several reasons:

1) Crooks and Liars is a liberal site and they were smearing Ron Paul. Naturally, if I opposed their story, they wouldn’t be happy, since they think Ron Paul is a nutball. But I hold most of the same views of the people that write for and run Prison Planet, and yet I met the same fate there.

2) I was not a writer for Crooks and Liars, and I was an “unofficial” writer for Prison Planet, so C & L’s banishment of me was simply to extinguish my refutation of their story. I met the same fate at Prison Planet.

and of course…..

3) Prison Planet showcased their unbelievable and blatant hypocrisy by running a story I wrote in which I exposed a website for censoring and banishing me for simply being truthful and expressing dissent, then less than a year later they do the exact same thing to me.

Another interesting sidenote: My website, Real Truth Online, also used to be listed on Paul Watson's website Propaganda Matrix under the "blogs" section right underneath the site Guerilla News Network. My site was removed from that too. Not really a big deal, but I find it interesting that my site is gone, yet he still links to websites like Crooks and Liars, Think Progress, The Raw Story, Media Matters and Daily Kos, who have accused Alex Jones of having influence in the Richard Poplawski shootings in Pittsburgh this past April and writings stories bashing Ron Paul.

Apparently, despite my defense of Alex Jones on many occasions in the past 5 years, because of this one incident [in which made scores of Jones' supporters angry], I am now worse than people who accuse Jones of influencing people to kill. Absolutely amazing.

Justifiably, Prison Planet cries censorship very often too. The huge difference between Prison Planet criticizing others for censoring them and Prison Planet censoring me, is that the very organizations or websites that Prison Planet condemns are accused [by Prison Planet] of being corporate controlled, elitist, New World Order fascist thugs who are trying to eviscerate freedom and liberty. Prison Planet holds that they are fighting to keep our Constitution in tact and thus save us from tyrannical, fascist, freedom haters, yet they censor and banish me just the same. Is one to conclude from this that Alex Jones and his staff are the very same enemy they claim to be fighting?

Here is just a handful of stories Prison Planet posted on their site [just since March 2009] condemning others for censoring them: Here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

As I browsed the internet last night, I found a few sites that expressed my exact sentiments about the shady and dark actions of Prison Planet during this past week. Unbelievably, one website ran my story “The Fall of Alex Jones”. You can read it here.

I also discovered another site: Doom Daily Newspaper. It's a pretty good site and they have even posted 14 of my recent stories. It seems that they frequent Prison Planet because all of my stories appear to be retrieved from there.

I emailed Doom Daily last night and told them the entire ‘Alex Jones/censorship/banishment of me/Paul Watson not emailing me back’ saga. I told them to feel free to keep using my stories, but they will have to go straight to my site to do so.

I am no longer allowed to tread where there will be no dissent, no questioning of Alex Jones, no counter argument and no independent thought.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Geraldo Rivera: Sheen acting in “defiance of the facts and historic record” about 9/11

Another “fair and balanced” moment at FOX News: Two corporate-controlled bootlicking hacks calling 9/11 truthers nuts and zero truthers are on to defend themselves

by Larry Simons
September 12, 2009

On last night’s The O’ Reilly Factor, right after a segment in which Bill O’ Reilly told two liberal commentators that bombing Iran was the ONLY solution to dealing with them [a country that has no nukes], the Sultan of Spin had fellow bought-and-paid-for slug Geraldo Rivera on to discuss Charlie Sheen’s request from Obama that he open up a new investigation into 9/11.

A clip of Sheen is played from a video he made asking for Obama to open a new investigation into 9/11. Rivera then says, “Very cruel, very cruel”, then begins telling O’ Reilly that people still seem to embrace Sheen [and Rosie O’ Donnell, another 9/11 truther] because he is a charming actor and that both actors seem to be sincere about their views.

Rivera then says:

“I think that they have swallowed this Kool-Aid where in defiance of the facts, in defiance of the historic record and in defiance of their own eyes and witnessing what happened when those planes smashing into the buildings and I think unintentionally I am sure they are hurting the victims families…the survivors, because they continue to raise this preposterous notion that the United States government would be so hideously manipulative that we would kill almost 3,000 of our own citizens as a pretext to going to war in Afghanistan. It is false on its face. It is extremely insensitive. And, if it weren’t for the fact that they are sincere but misguided, I really would feel even more emotional about it, but I think it is very very..a negative vibe that uh..it’s one of these things like Area 51 with the aliens in New Mexico…”

O’ Reilly interrupts and asks, “Do you think Sheen is crazy?”

Rivera replies, “Yeah, yeah, I do. I think that he has a trick gene or a screw loose, I think he has an addictive personality….”

watch the clip

This segment was a whitewash from the first second. The Sheen clip they played only showed Sheen ask the President to begin a new 9/11 investigation. O’ Reilly conveniently omitted 99% of the remaining 6 ½ minutes of the Sheen video in which he actually mentioned the specific unanswered questions of 9/11.

Rivera says Sheen [and the rest of 9/11 truthers] are “in defiance of the facts and the historic record” when in fact, every single bullet point Sheen makes in his statement to Obama is researched, documented, on-the-record fact; most, if not all of it, is either from mainstream news or public accessible sources, like websites for the Department of Defense and the FBI.

One common staple of 9/11 debunkers when addressing 9/11 activists is to continually use the “it’s hurting the victims’ families” bullshit, completely omitting the fact that it was the 9/11 families who had to beg and plead tooth and nail to even get the 9/11 Commission started. And even when the 9/11 Commission was in session, they failed to answer over 70% of their questions.

It appears Rivera is drinking the Kool-Aid and once again, as usual, he has his facts wrong. It’s our own government who is hurting the victims families and survivors.

Isn’t it funny how O’ Reilly sits there and says nothing while Rivera insists that it's preposterous that 9/11 activists believe that the government would assassinate its own citizens, when O’ Reilly once did a story [when he was with Inside Edition] on the cover-up in the JFK assassination where it was very plain to see that O' Reilly believed [at least at one time] that the government would assassinate its own President!

Bill O’ Reilly reporting as the host of Inside Edition from 1989

Bill O' Reilly reporting on the cover-up in the JFK assassination in 1989 before he was bought-off by Rupert Murdoch

It’s easy for Rivera to sit in a nice comfy studio and simply just rant “It’s false on its face” and not be required to provide a single fact to support his case. This is the very reason why, during these ridiculous segments on any FOX News program, you never see a representative for the people in which they ridicule and call “crazy”, because if they dare have any of these people [like Sheen or Alex Jones] on to lay out the documented facts that are on record, Rivera and O’ Reilly would look like the crazy ones.

How can we expect Rivera to provide facts to support his views or be able to shoot down opposing views when he does not even know where Area 51 is? In the clip, he said it was in New Mexico. It’s actually in Nevada. If he can’t even get this simple fact straight, Sheen would annihilate him in a debate.

Of course, Rivera and O’ Reilly already know this, don’t they?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Fall of Alex Jones and the End of Free Speech at Prison Planet and Infowars

Liar and hypocrite Alex Jones has fallen. He has angered scores of supporters and even colleague George Noory. Free speech on his websites...dead

by Larry Simons
September 10, 2009

How ironic that Alex Jones’ next film [due for release on October 21, 2009] is titled, “The Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama”. In light of recent events at Jones’ two most popular websites, Prison Planet and Infowars, Jones should re-title it, “The Fall of Alex Jones: The End of Free Speech”.

As I informed my readers yesterday, the fallout from the damage Alex Jones has caused, due to his “big announcement” of Charlie Sheen writing a mock interview for President Obama [that never actually took place], has reached unprecedented levels at Prison Planet and Infowars.

The truth of the matter is, we may never know how catastrophic the damage really is since Alex Jones has ended free speech on his websites. A listener of his radio show commented yesterday on one of only two [of the usual approximately 35-40 stories that display daily on the front page] remaining stories in which people could still post comments, that the reason Jones disabled the comment threads is because of a bandwidth issue.

The listener/commenter said that Jones told his listeners on his radio show that he spends roughly $25,000-$30,000 a month on bandwidth alone, and that the traffic on the comment threads [to the Charlie Sheen story] was getting so hammered that it was using too much bandwidth; so Jones had to disable it.

Many commenters cried, “BULLSHIT!” and told Jones that it’s not a bandwidth issue at all, it’s because the comment boards were getting flooded with very negative and nasty comments directed at Jones for his fake Charlie Sheen story and for shutting down the commenting boards.

One commenter, named “The Inquisitor”, said:

“Alex states during the show that his servers shut down and had to cut off comments due to lack of bandwidth….bullshit I say…total bullshit.”The Inquisitor” said in another post:

“He stated that his servers went down from the inflow from the Sheen story and that he pays $25,000-$30,000 a month on bandwidth, but the flow was so heavy that he had to shut down the comments section.”

The commenters are correct. As I reported yesterday, Prison Planet closed the comment threads at 9:30 a.m. [I have no idea what time zone that is. I am only referring to the very time displayed on the actual site] When I was on the site at roughly 9 a.m., 95% of the comments were very negative and personal toward Jones and already, even at that early hour, there were over 200 comments.

When I went back on the site at 2 a.m., there were only 225 comments. I discovered it was because all the negative comments directed at Jones for pulling this ridiculous stunt were removed. Most comments were now positive, saying Sheen was a hero and he did a great job. The ironic thing is, the positive comments indicated that the people had not read the disclaimer at the bottom of Sheen’s mock interview, stating that the “interview hasn’t actually happened…yet”.

So, one question is obvious: If it was an issue of bandwidth [as Jones claimed it was], why weren’t the scores of negative comments that I personally saw at 9 a.m. still there since the Prison Planet moderators disabled commenting at 9:30 a.m.?

If the moderators simply just ended commenting at 9:30 a.m., it stands to reason that all comments made prior to 9:30 a.m. would still be there. But, that wasn’t the case. When I went on the site at 2 a.m. the next day, nearly every negative comment directed at Jones himself was gone and the majority of negative comments only centered on reminding those who left positive comments about the Sheen story that they had missed reading the disclaimer.

Another reason to doubt the "bandwidth card" that Jones is playing is the fact that yesterday, September 9, roughly 40 new stories were posted and 5 of those stories [here, here, here, here and here] featured videos in the story. If Prison Planet was short on bandwidth, how could they post 40 more stories and 5 videos?

The Inquisitor” said this yesterday:

“I see the comments sections are still turned off. Yet more articles being posted. Thank God for saving the bandwidth. Soon this topic will vanish into the archives. Wonder what kind of rhetoric Alex will use to save his ass on this one. So far anyone that doesn’t like the Sheen bit is co-intel-pro. Let us see what other labels he has for free thinking free speakers.”

Others were even more angry at Jones. “woftam-hunter” said this:

“Wups slight mistake :
Just before
What’s with the comments OFF on majority of articles
Scared are we: ???? Government got your tongue ???
Where is the supposed great leader of free speech ????????
The supposed AJ the mouth:
You caved in didn’t you.
You fucking coward:!!
Looks like your true colors` are showing now:
AJ the ASS-Wipe
It’s all boiled down to money: the very thing that has fucked the world has finally Fucked you.
Your greed for the shit has, turned you into one of the animals that lie, and deceive us. How could any sane person ever trust an ass-wipe like you again?

Joe” said this:

“I find it absolutely hilarious that he has fallen on his sword and acted just like the MSM he loves to blast. Blinded by celebrity worship, just like the rest of America!
BREAKING NEWS READERS: Tune in Tuesday! I’m going to LIE to you and MISLEAD you!
Wow. Alex, face the public you coward. No one believes this bandwidth bull. If you don’t come clean, you are doomed. Face it. You totally miscalculated. Now you are being a complete tool. Its actually surprising.”

The comments I have posted seem to be coming from genuine Alex Jones supporters who are incredibly angry right now, rather than from the anti-Alex Jones trolls who occasionally frequent the comment boards.

Even radio talk show host [and colleague of Jones], George Noory, who hosts the popular Coast to Coast with George Noory, was sickened by Jones’ stunt. Here’s the clip of Noory talking about it

Jones tells Noory in the above clip, “We should have had a more detailed disclaimer at the top instead of the bottom.” [referring to the Editor’s Note by Sheen that said: “What you have just read didn’t actually happen… yet”], but what is interesting is that, as of right this minute as I type, the disclaimer is still at the bottom of the interview. Jones called the disclaimer issue a “glitch” and “confusion”, yet the disclaimer still remains in the exact same spot it was originally.

Also, Jones apologized on Noory’s show, yet Jones couldn’t muster the strength or decency to issue an apology on his own website, but rather on someone else's show. It also appeared as if Noory was justifying for Jones, but Noory or Jones did not say one word about the censorship on Jones’ sites.

The most amazing aspect of this whole censorship issue at Prison Planet and Infowars is that Jones has always claimed to be the champion of free speech and has even been angered in the past about being the victim of censorship.

Just this past May, Prison Planet did numerous stories here and here, of Alex Jones and his supporters being angry when YouTube shut down The Alex Jones Channel on the popular video viewing site.

In a story about the YouTube censorship from May 4, writer Paul Joseph Watson said, “YouTube, the emerging Hulu-ized version, has no use for Alex Jones and has specifically targeted him because his videos invariably draw a large (in the millions) number of people.” I find this point interesting, because there can be no doubt that it is this same “large (in the millions) number of people” who are now angry at Jones and expressing their outrage and dissent at this ridiculous Charlie Sheen story and for now being silenced themselves. This is exactly the reason why Jones and his website moderators have shut down the message boards.

Here comes the most amazing part of this story: After Jones had claimed that bandwidth was the reason why the comment boards were shut down [despite the fact that nobody believes it and it has been thoroughly debunked], I go to Prison Planet today and see that under each story, it no longer says “No Comments”, but now says “No comments yet, your thoughts are welcome.”

Everything back to normal at Prison Planet? Hardly. Before this whole Charlie Sheen incident happened, that’s what it used to say when no one had left a comment yet: “No comments yet, your thoughts are welcome.” But there’s now a catch. When you click on the story to post a comment, it says “You must be logged in to post a comment.” Just when you think it has appeared that Jones has restored comment posting again, he hasn’t, or at least, not without a catch. See pic below

Now, readers have to LOGIN to post a comment. But, that’s not all. When you click the words “logged in”, it takes you to a page that looks like this:

So, basically, you now have to have a Word Press account to comment on Prison Planet. Unbelievable. Brought to you from the “champion” of free speech himself; Alex Jones.

The ironic thing is, this action will, no doubt, increase the already insurmountable anger that is already aimed at Jones by his supporters. Dissenters will also increase in number as well. Jones will lose many supporters completely. Those who do not completely abandon him will never fully trust him again. Very few will sit back and blindly continue to follow him and be gatekeepers for him. No matter what outcome emerges from this, one thing is for certain: Things will never be the same again with Alex Jones and his support base. We may be witnessing the fall of Alex Jones.

I’ve already seen others say on Prison Planet and other blogs, “where will we get our news now?” and some have suggested starting their own blogs/sites. It seems Jones has hit an iceberg and many are jumping ship before it completely sinks and takes them under.

There are three things that have disappeared in the last 3 days: Alex Jones’ credibility, many of his supporters and free speech on his websites.

The only question that remains is: Which, if any, can be restored?


It appeared that Prison Planet had lifted the ban on commenting because now under many of the stories, it actually says people have posted comments….BUT when I just went and posted a comment on one of the stories, I saw this: (click to enlarge)

It now says “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. Can you believe this shit? Alex Jones is now MODERATING comments at his sites!! This explains why there are no negative comments under the stories where comments are posted at right now. This is also confirms that Jones lied when he claimed the comment restriction was a bandwidth issue. If comments are allowed now [even by moderation] that proves lack of bandwidth was not the issue.

What in the holy hell is happening at Prison Planet? Is it being taken over by Nazis?


My above comment was REJECTED. Notice my above comment posted at 1:28 p.m. is GONE and I posted a new one at 2:00 p.m. See here (click to enlarge)


It appears something very interesting is going on at Prison Planet. I just had a friend of mine send 2 different messages under 2 different screen names under 2 different stories on PP [and by the way, they are only allowing comments now on some stories, not all of them; all of the Charlie Sheen stories are still fully restricted...you can't comment at all on those]. He said the comments appeared on the screen instantaneously but after clicking refresh a few seconds later, the comments were gone.

What is interesting is that the comments did not violate any of the PP policies, but the comments were damning to the censorship game they are playing. One comment that was posted said "Still no free speech here?", and the other was a link to this story on my site, both of which are comments that PP mods would not want others to see.

They are either running a very tight ship over at PP and are having the mods work a lot of overtime, or they are restricting comments by IP address after the first comment they don't like. Either way, can you say "Joseph Goebbels?"


As I showed earlier [above with picture], Prison Planet has changed to Word Press for their commenting feature. I personally have been blocked from commenting by someone with a wordpress.com blog in the recent past, so I know for a fact that with the wordpress commenting system, you can be banned from posting, no matter what screen name you use. This is apparently what Prison Planet has done.

For anyone who has been to Prison Planet recently, you may see under each story that people are commenting and all may seem back to normal. It's not. They are still blocking you [if they don't approve of what you're saying]. I have posted 5 comments tonight on PP. The comment appears right away, but after refreshing the screen, the comment is gone. I'm hoping not many are being fooled by this at PP.

I'm now convinced, that during this whole "bandwidth/no comment" downtime, Prison Planet was actually switching commenting systems from what they had previously to wordpress, a commenting system that allows users to be deleted by IP address and not requiring the web host to inform the user they have been banned.

Free speech.....DEAD at Prison Planet

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Outrage and censorship at Prison Planet

Hundreds and hundreds of Alex Jones supporters angry over “huge announcement” promised by Jones was really just a mock interview that never took place

by Larry Simons
September 9, 2009

Many Alex Jones supporters awaited with anticipation for an announcement that would appear at his website Prison Planet on Tuesday morning. Jones promised his readers, “This information will be the biggest thing that Alex Jones has ever announced or done and you will read all about it here first.”

Many supporters were joking about what it might be, but all in all, I’m sure deep down they were really anticipating this might be something really big as promised. Was it photos of Bin Laden’s dead body? Was it a recording of an admission from Bush, Cheney or Giuliani that 9/11 really was an inside job? Instead of anything even resembling an actual breaking news story, what readers got Tuesday morning made many of them furious.

The big story? The announcement that actor and 9/11 activist Charlie Sheen did a 20-minute sit-down interview with President Obama and shared information with him regarding the cover-up of 9/11. It was great. Jones supporters read as Sheen mentioned facts about 9/11 like Norman Mineta’s testimony that Cheney knew a plane was heading for Washington, Giuliani admitting that someone told him the WTC was going to collapse, Operation Northwoods (a 1962 document that mentioned a plan for a staged terror attack by the U.S.) and scores of other important facts.

But, the joke was on us. This “interview” never actually happened. The article about it, titled, “20 Minutes with the President”, started out by telling readers, (words of Charlie Sheen) “I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with our 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, while he was out promoting his health care reform initiative. I requested 30 minutes given the scope and detail of my inquiry; they said I could have 20. Twenty minutes, 1200 seconds, not a lot of time to question the President about one of the most important events in our nation’s history. The following is a transcript of our remarkable discussion.” Wouldn’t any sane person naturally assume the interview actually did happen if an article started off like this? Of course they would.

After the entire “interview” was over, Sheen posts this disclaimer: “Author’s Note: What you have just read didn’t actually happen… yet.”

If it “didn’t actually happen…yet”, what’s the story here? That Sheen wrote a fictionalized interview? Apparently, I was not alone in my outrage over this. I’m in very good company. The comment board lit up like a Las Vegas marquee with scores and scores of comments by outraged Jones supporters. Here are just a few of the 200+ angry comments directed at Jones:

From “Not Cool”: “jones just lost a listener. this behavior is extremely shady. three comments have been censored. this interview did not happen. it is a literary device. i don’t know what is up with jones putting this up like it is real. there’s going to be alot of angry prison planet readers in about a half hour. they just made a bunch of fools of us all. thanks alex.”

From “dddd”: “ITS A FICTIONAL STORY????????????????????????????????????????

When I first saw the story this morning at around 9am, there were already over 200 comments on the board, most of them were very negative toward Jones, saying “Jones is a fraud” or “I will never believe Jones again” and so on and so on. There were very few positive comments, but the only positive comments directed at the article were comments made by people who obviously did not read the entire article and the disclaimer at the end that said, “What you have just read didn’t actually happen… yet.”

The interesting thing is, when I returned to Prison Planet at roughly 2 a.m., there were only 225 comments under the story. I thought to myself, “There’s no way there’s still only 200+ comments on the board when there was already 200+ comments 17 hours earlier.” I found out why.

Apparently, 95% of all the comments from outraged people were deleted and now, as I sit here, most of the comments now are positive toward the article, but it still remains that the only comments that are positive are from people who obviously did not read the disclaimer, “What you have just read didn’t actually happen… yet.”

The interesting thing is, the very few negative comments that remain are from people who are only reminding other commenters that the interview “didn’t actually happen…yet”, but even fewer remain that tell Alex Jones that they are very angry and that his credibility is shot to hell as a result of this story.

What I also found very interesting is that many of the positive comments that say “Great job Charlie” or “Charlie has brass balls”, were posted after the comments from people who reminded them that this interview is fake.

Another amazing thing about the comment board is: there are no comments posted after 9:30 a.m. That means only one thing: The comment thread was disabled at 9:30am, I’m assuming because of the flood of negative comments directed toward Jones; the ones I actually saw yesterday morning that have suddenly vanished. Also, the “reply” feature has been disabled, so you can’t reply to someone else’s comment.

Has Jones now resorted to the very thing he has been claiming he has been a victim of all these years: Censorship? Apparently so.

Here are screen shots of what a normal comment thread looks like, complete with the “reply” feature: (click to enlarge)

Here is a screen shot of the comment section under the “20 Minutes with the President” story: (Notice, no “reply” feature) (click to enlarge)

There are a few comments that still remain from readers that express their unbelief that people are still fooled by this mock interview even after several commenters have told them it didn’t happen.

Brad” says: “It really amazes me that all of you didn’t read this whole thing. It didn’t happen yet you all go on like this was an actual interview. Makes us all look really stupid. The points in this fake interview are excellent though and should be shared with those who still refuse to even look into 9/11.”

According to some commenters on this thread, Prison Planet did not issue the disclaimer to the “interview” until 15 minutes after it was posted and they didn’t issue the disclaimer at all on Jones’ sister site, Infowars.com.


bobbbbbb” said: “I saw the article when it was first released, I even copied it via pdf. It DID NOT HAVE A DISCLAIMER AT THE BOTTOM! They posted this article before they edited that part in 15 MIN LATER!. Do not get all huffy puffy at people for reading an article that did NOT HAVE A DISCLAMIER until 15 minutes after the first posting!”

One comment captured exactly how I feel about this story. It’s a good thing someone else said it, because since Prison Planet has censored the site, I can’t say it.

"JCFreedom" said: “I do not understand the point of this, the Author’s note said it has not happened. Anyone can talk or type a good game this does not mean jack shit until it happens. Since it has now been published for all to see I would wager Sheen will be put on the Secret Service list of people to keep far away from the President, not very well played at all gentlemen this was a stupid thing to do.”

Exactly. This “open letter to the President” is guaranteed to not ever making it to the President now.

I’m not really sure what’s going on at Prison Planet, but something has to change and change fast. I really have no vendetta against Jones, but unbelievably, this is now the second story in a row that has angered me. This is unprecedented. I would have never imagined four years ago that I would ever be writing one post in opposition to issues at Prison Planet, but two in a row? I can’t believe it myself.

In my personal opinion, the only way I see Alex Jones gaining his credibility back with the majority of his followers that have promised to abandon him in light of this “breaking” Charlie Sheen story is to apologize to them. I see no other way around it. He should apologize for the deception and trickery behind the story and for censoring his website.

Quite frankly, his association with and approval of Pastor Steve Anderson is far more disturbing than this Charlie Sheen story.

I also found it rather odd that nobody on the comment thread mentioned “why would Sheen vote for Obama if Sheen is such a big Alex Jones fan?” (Sheen mentions in his mock interview “I should point out that I voted for you [Obama], as your promises of hope and change, transparency and accountability, as well as putting government back into the hands of the American people, struck an emotional chord in me that I hadn’t felt in quite some time, perhaps ever")

Who knows? Someone may have said that and it was one of the many deleted comments.

Why is Alex Jones schmoozing with a guy that voted for Obama (in whom Jones has already done one film about how corrupt he is [The Obama Deception] and the 2nd one on Obama is coming out soon)?

I really can't put all these puzzle pieces together or figure out what it all means. Why is Jones getting all excited about such a non-story? Even if Charlie Sheen was granted 10 minutes with Obama, does one actually think Obama would gleefully accept his information and evidence as truth and give Sheen the time of day? Even if he did, does Sheen think anything would actually happen as a result? It's already obvious to Prison Planet that Obama believes the official 9/11 story hook, line and sinker. They even ran a story in June showing a clip of Obama saying not to challenge the official 9/11 story.

The very best thing Sheen could have done was to shut his mouth about why he wants to visit Obama and when the meeting actually happened, then reveal his purpose. It's a 100% guarantee that Sheen won't get access to Obama now.

Even if Obama did agree to chat with Sheen, there's no way in hell that Sheen would have enough time to address 10% of the issues Sheen lays out in his mock interview. Sheen actually believes Obama will sit there while he runs down each of the 20 points he makes at the end of the questioning? What planet does Sheen live on? Planet Gulliblelia?

No doubt, the one thing that has me [as well as, I'm sure, most everyone else] fuming mad is the fact that Prison Planet has disabled the comment threads on their Charlie Sheen stories. Other non-Sheen stories have their comment threads disabled too, but I believe this was done to camouflage the fact that they wanted to eliminate commenting on the Sheen stories, so they disabled commenting on the non-Sheen stories to give the appearance it was not only the Sheen stories they were censoring.

I cannot believe Prison Planet has stooped to this level.

Are they trying to alienate 90% of their support?