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Left-wing blogger calls the late Aaron Russo a “crackpot”

Links to a New York Times story bashing Russo’s film “America: Freedom to Fascism” from debunked columnist David Cay Johnston

by Larry Simons
August 10, 2009

Left-wing spin-doctor and debunked liar Dave Neiwert (ironically from the left-wing blog Crooks and Liars) is up to his old tricks again: smearing true patriots who obey the Constitution and who confront and expose our fraudulent and criminal government.

In his latest column, Neiwert vilifies tax protestors and Constitutionalists and once again equates them with “right-wing extremists” who are hell-bent on committing acts of violence. Neiwert says:

“Indeed, the response from the right-wing media -- particularly on Fox -- so far to suggestions that extremists are manipulating these "tea party" protests has been to snort and roll their eyes. Of course, these are the same right-wingers who had a conniption fit over a Homeland Security bulletin about right-wing extremism by somewhat tellingly conflating its contents to include them -- only to have those warnings come starkly true.”

The “conniption fit” that Neiwert is referring to is the outrage expressed by Constitutionalists and civil libertarians that the DHS report labeled anyone who exercised their Constitutional right to bear arms, to engage in free speech and to openly express government dissent as terrorists. Oddly enough that would make us angry. Neiwert then adds:

“Along with their extremist beliefs -- including a bevy of conspiracy theories and scapegoating narratives, as well as an unmistakable racial animus -- the violent and thuggish tendencies of the Patriot movement is a matter of well-established public record. So it is not a surprise to see such behavior bubbling up whenever and wherever they are involving themselves.”

What Neiwert fails to see, or he does see and ignores, is the fact that there are “nuts” or “lone wolves” on both sides. But, to Neiwert, it does not matter what side you’re on. If there’s a “lone wolf” out there shooting people to death, they are “right-wing”, regardless of what you actually believe.

Neiwert was among the many left-wing hacks who, right after the Holocaust museum shooter killed a security guard on June 10, said the shooter, James von Brunn, was “right wing”, despite the fact that von Brunn hated both George Bush’s, John McCain and FOX News.

If there’s a shooting and it’s political in nature, you’re “right-wing” according to Neiwert, despite facts.

Another thing Neiwert conveniently ignores is the fact that even if people do have conspiracy theories or they feel the income tax is unconstitutional, it is our right as Americans to think freely and dissent if we feel there is injustice. That is what makes America so great and unlike any other country. Neiwert, too blind to see through the thick cloud of the false left/right paradigm, does not want people to exercise their Constitutional rights if those very rights lead them to denounce the political figures he supports.

Neiwert then attacked a true American hero when he began talking about a man who is associated with the anti-Obama crowd. He said the man, Ron Ewart “runs an outfit called the National Association of Rural Landowners, which has been built off the bones of the organizations left behind by the late crackpot Aaron Russo.”

Neiwert links Aaron Russo’s name to an article from 2006 written by then NY Times columnist and “tax expert” David Cay Johnston. The article ridicules Russo’s film “America: Freedom to Fascism” and Johnston basically calls Russo "nutty". Whether you agree or disagree that the income tax is unconstitutional or not, it should be well noted that Johnston is a proven fraud.

Listen to excerpts from nationally syndicated talk radio host Dave Champion here, here and here discussing the tax issue and why Johnston was too afraid to appear on Champion’s radio show to discuss the tax law. Champion also acted as a consultant to Aaron Russo on “America: Freedom to Fascism”.

Here is also an interesting clip. It is none other than David Cay Johnston at a press conference in 2003 asking I.R.S. Commissioner Mark Everson, “Mark, there are a group of people standing outside [tax protestors] who assert that they are no longer required to pay taxes and that you will not answer their petition to the government as to whether they’re required to pay taxes. Are they required to pay taxes and what do you say to them?”

Everson replies, “I’ve been paying my taxes ever since I had my first job. I think it’s a fundamental construct of our nation that those of us who expect and demand the services from our government that the government provides, be they the protection of our country through the military or be they the education of our children or be they the protection of our environment, that we must pay for those services. So yes, I think there is a fundamental obligation and that it’s an understood and well accepted one.”

watch the clip

Johnston then re-asks the question (acknowledging it was dodged), this time I.R.S. assistant commissioner Dale Hart mentions that there have been numerous court cases that have asserted the I.R.S.’ right to levy taxes and then instructs Johnston to go to the I.R.S. gov website to look it up. The fact that two I.R.S. representatives in 2003 could not flat out explain what law there is that requires Americans to pay taxes did not deter Johnston from portraying Russo as a nut in his 2006 column.

In fact, the day after the press conference (from the above clip), Johnston wrote this NY Times column and did not mention one word about Everson evading his question. This is what he said about Hart’s statement:

“Asked why the I.R.S. has not answered the group's questions in writing, Dale Hart, the I.R.S. executive who oversees small businesses and self-employed taxpayers, said claims that taxes are voluntary are addressed at the I.R.S. Web site and in print publications.”

Actually, she said nothing about “print publications”. She only referred to the website alone, and neither Hart nor Everson answered Johnston’s question. In fact, Johnston mentions in his 2003 column that right after the press conference was over, I.R.S. senior spokesman Terry Lemons said that (quoting column), “courts had upheld the validity of the tax laws and that the agency did not want to waste time and resources dealing with well-settled issues. Mr. Lemons added that the recent spate of enforcement actions taken by the I.R.S. against promoters of abusive tax schemes, and the new agreement with the states, show other ways that government is answering the petition.”

Why didn’t Mr. Lemons just say, “We are enforcing the law and those who break the written law will be prosecuted?” Because there is no law…that’s why.

None of this matters to dishonest disinformationists like Dave Neiwert. Rather than actually do research and investigate the fact that there is no law on the books that require the American people to pay income taxes, it’s much easier to attack a true American hero and patriot like Aaron Russo and call him a “crackpot”.

It matters not that Johnston has been debunked and runs away from debating the issue with people like radio host Dave Champion. It matters not that Johnston himself asked two I.R.S. officials on camera if there is a law requiring Americans to pay the income tax and then the very next day omitted from his article they evaded the question…twice.

Facts hardly ever matter to the likes of Dave Neiwert and government shills like David Cay Johnston. These two cowards will continue to do what they do best, run away from the truth and attack deceased American heroes. That way, they have no one to answer to.

watch Aaron Russo completely destroy former I.R.S. Commissioner Sheldon Cohen in "America: Freedom to Fascism"

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the_last_name_left said...

question - what is wrong with paying tax?

rob said...

well last name you tird. federal taxes are illegal and unconstitutional. why should we keep paying for the federal reserve, witch is neither federal nor a reserve.

Anonymous said...

what is WRONG with it?

The federal reserve pays its surplus to the financial department of the government. To the tune of billions a year.

Real Truth Online said...

Before I answer that question--answer this one:

Did you even READ my article? Simple yes or no would suffice.

Anonymous said...

he did not read anything.

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