Monday, August 17, 2009

Arlen Specter thinks America is a Democracy, not a Republic

Dissent from Americans will not stand in the way of the orchestrated agenda in Washington to destroy America

By Larry Simons
August 17, 2009

Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) appeared yesterday on This Week with George Stephanopoulos and was asked about the anger that he [and every other Democratic politician] has been subject to at town hall meetings from protesters of Obama’s health care plan.

ABC reporter Jake Tapper asked Specter, “Where does the anger come from Senator Specter?” Specter answered by saying the American people are nervous about losing their jobs and they are uncertain about the health care bill. Then Specter said this:

“Although those people need to be heard and have a right to be heard, that they’re not really representative of America in uh, in my opinion. We have to be careful here, uh not to let uh, those town meetings dominate the scene and influence what we do on health policy.”

So, in other words, because Specter “feels” these angry protesters aren’t in the majority and they only represent a small demographic of America, their voices and concerns mean nothing. It will have no influence whatsoever in Washington.

Specter thinks America is a Democracy, where the majority rule. Someone needs to remind Specter that America is a Republic, and a Republic is a government that establishes the rule of law and where representatives are chosen by the people to listen to their concerns and represent them accordingly.

Only in a pure democracy does the minority have no rights. Specter is essentially saying these angry town hall protesters have no rights because they don’t represent “most Americans.”

Specter then said:

“We also can’t allow these kinds of town hall meetings to dominate the political process. That would be destructive of what we need to do to figure out what is the best approach.”

Translation: Since the majority of protesters oppose Obama’s health care plan, of which Specter supports, then in Specter’s “opinion”, these people are the minority, and since he believes America is a Democracy and not a Republic, these protesters have no rights. Their dissent will not stand in the way of his plans in Washington because these people do not count.

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Nancy Evans said...

Newsflash to Senator Spector:
The anger comes from the voice of American people not being heard.
We will raise our voices until they are heard.

Real Truth Online said...

Amen sister!

Real Truth Online said...

Nancy, I added a new section in my banner links on the right side of my blog. Its called "Friends". Scroll down. Guess who's there?

Nancy Evans said...

Larry! I'm honored to be linked to your site! Thanks so much. Your site is just so packed with information I love it. When I need a laugh I always go to your "Billo Dance Mix". Makes me laugh out loud every time. "WE'LL DO IT LIVE!"

Curt Maynard said...

oooo - censorship at real truth online.

What's the difference between "democracy" and republic then, Larry?

You delete comments to spare yourself the embarassment of answering.

Real Truth Online said...

I actually said what the difference was in the article, but either you cant read or you need flash cards. A Democracy is majority rule. In a democracy, if there was a 51%-49% vote and you were a part of the 49%, your voice doesnt matter--you have no rights. In a Republic, your voice is supposed to be heard through your elected officials, so your voice counts.

Understand now? Or do you need the School House Rock version?

Real Truth Online said...

"You delete comments to spare yourself the embarassment of answering."

When did I delete a comment? Why would you ask it when the answer is IN my article? Or cant you read?

Real Truth Online said...

By the way "Curt 'The Last Name Left' Maynard"---I KNOW you are the EXACT same person who left the anonymous comment today on the Aaron Russo story. My site meter says its the SAME IP address. Hmmmm, thought you didnt come to my site???

Why do you LOVE websites that you hate? If we are "fascist Nazi's" and you frequent our sites---what does that make someone who frequents them? Isnt that like a Christian frequenting Satanic websites???

I know your IP address. I know when you come to my site, no matter what moniker you use. Who do you think youre fooling?

What an arse!

not me said...

hes probably some eurotrash larry. do some more stories on jesse the body in his tights.

Anonymous said...

wheres jizz eerrb jas?

tweddle said...

youve got it right again larry. another great story.

Anonymous said...

LOL - you think those anon comments fool anyone?

You haven't pointed out a difference between democracy and republic at all Larry.

Your definition of a republic is an example of representative democracy.

And yes, you do delete comments. You know you do. You're also a bald-faced liar.

Larry said...

Its pretty easy to find out if comments by me are the same as the ones above. My site meter tells all th IP addresses. You can view it too, its not just restricted to my viewing. Asshole.

Oh and by the way. Look through OUR founding documents...(OUR, as in America, where you do NOT live. Youre in the UK and youre trying to teach ME about OUR founding documents?)---and count how many times you see the word "Democracy". You wont count any, because its ZERO.

"Your definition of a republic is an example of representative democracy."

A Republic protects individual rights so as not to be under the tyranny of the majority. The power of the majority of the people is checked by limiting that power to electing representatives who are required to legislate with limits of overarching constitutional law which a simple majority cannot modify. Thats exactly what the founding fathers wanted. In a Republic, minority rights are protected by law. In a democracy, minorities have no rights. This is the prime example why there is an electoral college in elections, so minority populated states have a voice and power. If our elections were strictly a democracy, then it would be based on popular vote alone---therefore giving no voice to the losing side. If an election was 51-49% or 60-40%, the lesser of the two examples really never had a chance or a voice. In electoral college, the minority have a voice.

If you cant understand that, then please, pop in some school house rock and learn from some cartoons, which is about your learning level.


rob said...

you got him on that larry. euro trash who thinks he knows about america. lol

common sence for you said...

euro trash. lol. you got him on that one rob. i bet he wont thank you for your grand father protecting his grand father from hitlers nazis?