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Arizona pastor Steve L. Anderson prays for the death of Obama and says homosexuals should be executed

Pastor Steve Anderson to Obama: “I'm not gonna pray for his good. I'm going to pray that he dies and goes to hell"

Anderson to homosexuals: “He (God) commanded they should be taken out and killed”

by Larry Simons
August 23, 2009

Normally, this would easily fall under a “Lifestyles of the Religious Nutball” story, but when I write those stories, I usually try to add even the smallest bit of satire. I can’t with this story. It’s too serious and profoundly disturbing that even hinting at satire would only minimize how very disturbing this is.

A pastor, by the name of Steve L. Anderson (so as not to confuse him with any other person with the same name), who preaches at the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, has delivered some of the most vile, disturbing and hateful sermons I have ever heard in my life, just in the past 8 months.

Last Sunday, Anderson preached a sermon actually titled, “Why I Hate Barack Obama”, which I cannot describe any better than "an hour and six minutes of the most hateful and venomous discourse I have ever heard." What added to the sheer shock of it was that it was behind a pulpit, in church. First of all, why are pastors and ministers allowed to use the pulpit for political indoctrination? Anderson claims to be a defender of the Constitution, but apparently ignores the whole separation of church and state concept.

As people who frequent my site know, it’s no secret that I find most people who stand behind a pulpit in church to be nutty for even talking about things they can’t prove and have never seen as if it was just something they witnessed in the parking lot before church. But Anderson is far beyond nutty; he’s downright vile.

The sermons that I have watched on YouTube were nothing more than the equivalent to a KKK rally, with Bible versus inserted throughout them. Although I heard no racist remarks (in just the videos I watched, I have actually agreed with his comments regarding race), the very same level of hatred was there. You could hear the sounds of babies in the congregation, so one can only assume that teenagers or even elementary school aged kids were listening to this as well.

Let me make something very clear here: I am in no way suggesting or even hinting that Anderson does not have the right to have these feelings or even say them. What is disturbing is how he feels it is appropriate to deliver this hateful message in a church, continually use words like “faggot” and “queer” when describing homosexuals and call for the death of a President in an open forum.

Free speech is one thing, but civility and judgement is another. Sure, you may be free to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater, but see what happens to you if you do. You may be free to say, “I want to kill the President”, but say it to a Secret Service agent, and see where you end up. This is not about whether one has the right to say something. This is about whether you should.

In Anderson’s “Why I Hate Barack Obama” sermon, he says this (at 5:08 into the video below):

“Who’s heard that before…’I just believe God loves everybody’? Well, let’s see if that’s really true tonight. OK? Look at the Bible. Look at Psalm 11. It says in Psalm 11, verse 4, ‘The Lord is in his holy temple, the Lord's throne is in heaven: his eyes behold, his eyelids try, the children of men. The Lord trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth.’

Now look, God does NOT love everybody. Now you can say that all you want. You can hear that preached all you want. People can get up and say it ‘til they’re blue in the face, it doesn’t make it true. GOD-DOES-NOT-LOVE-EVERYBODY. In fact, there are even some people whom God hates. And let me tell you the kind of people that God hates. People who are violent and people who love violence and people who are bloody and deceitful men.”

He continues, “Now I used to believe that God loved everybody, ‘cause that’s what I heard so many times. And you know, God did love everybody at one time or another. Every baby that’s born, Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world is really a true song. Because, ya know, when a baby’s born in this world, God gives them life, God created them, God loves them, but people can push it with God too far. Where they can get to the point where God doesn’t love them anymore.”

And continues, “And I’m gonna tell you something, I HATE Barack Obama. You say ‘well you just mean you don’t like what he stands for’. No, I hate the person. ‘No, wait, you mean you just don’t like his politics’, No, I hate HIM. Now I’m going to prove this from the Bible tonight why I should hate Barack Obama, why God wants me to hate Barack Obama, why God hates Barack Obama!”

Then he says this, “Now tell me if anything we read tonight contradicts my thesis here…God hates Barack Obama, I hate Barack Obama, OK.”

OK, I would love to point out the contradictions.

I will list them later, after I share more excerpts from his sermons.

Anderson’s “Why I Hate Barack Obama” sermon from August 16, 2009

Not only does Anderson compare Obama with Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Jeffrey Dahmer, he also says homosexuals should be executed. He says:

“The same God who instituted the death penalty for murders is the same god who instituted the death penalty for rapists and for homosexuals, sodomites and queers!

That's what it was instituted for, okay? That's God, he hasn't changed. Oh, God doesn't feel that way in the New Testament ... God never "felt" anything about it, he commanded it and said they should be taken out and killed.

You know why God wanted the sodomites in the Old Testament to be killed? You know why every good king of Israel, the Bible says they got rid of the sodomites in the land? You know, the good kings that came after the bad kings who had allowed the sodomites to infest their land, they had infiltrated ... King Asa got the sodomites out of the land, Jehoshaphat exterminated the sodomites that were left from the days of his father, Asa. Why? Because the sodomites are infectious, that's why. Because they're not reproducers, that goes without saying, they're recruiters.

How are they multiplying? Do you not see that they're multiplying? Are you that blind? Have you noticed that there's more than there were last year and the year before, and the year before that? How are they multiplying? They're reproducing right? No, here's a biology lesson: they're not reproducers, they're recruiters! And you know who they're after? Your children. Remember you dropped off your kids last week? That's who they're after. You drop them off at some daycare, you drop them off at some school somewhere, you don't know where they're at. I'll tell you where they're at: they're being recruited by the sodomites. They're being molested by the sodomites. I can tell you so many stories about people that I know being molested and recruited by the sodomites.

They recruit through rape. They recruit through molestation. They recruit through violation. They are infecting our society. They are spreading their disease. It's not a physical disease, it's a sin disease, it's a wicked, filthy sin disease and it's spreading on a rampage. Can't you see that it's spreading on a rampage? I mean, can you not see that? Can you not see that it's just exploding in growth? Why? Because each sodomite recruits far more than one other sodomite because his whole life is about recruiting other sodomites, his whole life is about violating and hurting people and molesting 'em.”

In his August 16, 2009 sermon (from above) he also says this:

“The Bible doesn’t contradict itself. That’s why there’s no verse in the entire Bible from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 that says God loves everybody. Because if there were a verse like that, that would be a contradiction of the Bible. There’s a verse that says he LOVED all the world and therefore he gave. But, there’s no verse that says that TODAY he loves….you know, in the past he loved…..”

Hmmmm. I thought God doesn’t change?

Here are shorter clips that I uploaded to YouTube showcasing some comments from the videos posted here mixed with excerpts from other sermons

Part 2

In his January 18, 2009 sermon titled, “Barack Obama, Melting Like a Snail”, he said this:

“I wish we had a government that would act on God’s behalf like the government is supposed to do. You know, the government is supposed to carry out God’s laws. They’re supposed to enforce God’s laws against murderer, against stealing, against lying, against deceit, against adultery. That’s the purpose of human government.”

Government is supposed to enforce God’s laws? Really? Against lying? Against adultery? Against deceit?

First of all, if government prosecuted these offenses, most of the politicians in Washington would be behind bars themselves. Second, it’s not the job or purpose of the government to incorporate any one religion into its structure. (This guy just doesn’t get the separation of church and state thing…at all) You would have to have an official state religion in order for government to “enforce God’s laws”. How could this be done? Which religion is right? Which religion is wrong? What if you’re an atheist? Do you obey then? This is exactly why the founders wanted religious and government institutions separate from each other.

Here are more excerpts from Anderson:

“But let me tell you something: I don't love Barack Obama. I don't respect Barack Obama. I don't obey Barack Obama. And I'd like Barack Obama to melt like a snail tonight. Because he needs to recompense, he needs to reap what he's sown.

You see, any Christian will tell you that someone who commits murder should get the death penalty. Because that's what it says in Genesis Chapter 9, that's what it says in the Mosaic Law, that's what it teaches us throughout the Bible. 'Who so sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed.' 'From the image of God created he Man.'

And when Barack Obama is gonna push his partial birth abortion, his salty saline solution abortion, hey, he deserves to be punished for what he's done. I'm not going to pray for God to bless Barack Obama. This is my prayer tonight to Barack Obama.

...Now, look, if somebody wants me, it somebody twisted my arm and tells me to pray for Barack Obama, this is what I'm going to pray, because this is the only prayer that applies to him: 'Break his teeth, O God, in his mouth. You know, as a snail which melteth, let him pass away. Like the untimely birth of a woman, that he thinks -- he calls it a woman's right to choose, you know, he thinks it's so wonderful. He ought to be aborted. It ought to be, 'Abort Obama.'”

Let me tell you something: Barack Obama has wrought lewdness in America. America has become lewd. What does lewd mean? L-E-W-D? [Pause] Obscene. Right? Dirty. Filthy. Homosexuality. Promiscuity. All of the -- everything that's on the billboard, the TV. Sensuality. Lewdness! We don't even know what lewdness means anymore! We're just surrounded by it, inundated with it!

... And yet you're going to tell me that I'm supposed to pray for the socialist devil, murderer, infanticide, who wants to see young children and he wants to see babies killed through abortion and partial-birth abortion and all these different things -- you're gonna tell me I'm supposed to pray for God to give him a good lunch tomorrow while he's in Phoenix, Arizona.

Nope. I'm not gonna pray for his good. I'm going to pray that he dies and goes to hell. When I go to bed tonight, that's what I'm going to pray. And you say, 'Are you just saying that?' No. When I go to bed tonight, Steven L. Anderson is going to pray for Barack Obama to die and go to hell.”

Anderson’s “Barack Obama melting as a snail” sermon from January 18, 2009

Let me make something else very clear: I do not support Barack Obama and I heavily oppose many of his stances and policies ranging from health care to the many Bush policies he has continued. I can even understand hating a politician, because I hated Bush almost the entire 8 years he was in office. Hating someone’s actions and policies and openly calling for their death are two different issues. Of all the anti-Bush stories I wrote on my blog in the past 3 years, I never once wished him dead (and I’m an agnostic!)

You can think someone is evil all you want to, but wishing for their death makes you actually no better than the person in whom you claim to hate. Unfortunately, for Anderson, he is clueless on his many hypocrisies and contradictions:

Here are just a few:

1. On the website of his church, here, it says in the doctrinal statement that the church believes in the “once saved, always saved” doctrine. This is a doctrine that teaches that at no matter what point in someone’s life they are saved, they are eternally secure and will go to heaven, even if they “fall away” from God and cease living a Christian life. The contradiction here is that in the many clips and excerpts I included, Anderson condemns homosexuals and people like Barack Obama, who he claims is a violent man. Well, if the homosexual or Obama was saved at any point in their past, according to Anderson, they are STILL saved (thus, still going to heaven). If that’s the case, why does Anderson condemn them? Why does he want them executed and sent to hell if his God has already secured them a seat in the heavenly splendor?

2. Even in my agnosticism, I can clearly understand that when God said he “hated” people in the Old Testament, he was clearly talking about their sin and not the person. Why doesn’t Anderson understand it? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Anderson has no degree or formal Bible college education and he believes Bible colleges are evil. In other words, he simply just memorizes the Bible and studies nothing else about cultures in Bible times, original languages or any other Bible concepts.

Here's a clip of another pastor teaching Anderson the difference between Bible translation (Anderson only accepts the KJV as the true word of God) and Bible transliteration (the original language the Bible was written in: Hebrew and Greek). Anderson's response to the pastor? "Well, that's your prerogative, I-I don't believe that, that's your prerogative."

3. I mentioned above, that Anderson said, "The same God who instituted the death penalty for murders is the same god who instituted the death penalty for rapists and for homosexuals, sodomites and queers! That's what it was instituted for, okay? That's God, he hasn't changed." But, apparently God has changed when it comes loving people. Anderson said, “There’s a verse that says he LOVED all the world and therefore he gave. But, there’s no verse that says that TODAY he loves….you know, in the past he loved…..” According to Anderson, God used to love everyone, now he doesn't.

4. How does Anderson go door to door and “win people to Christ” while at the same time believing that God doesn’t love everyone? How does he know that the next house down is a person God “doesn’t love”?

5. I thought the Bible taught that in God’s eyes, sin is sin, and to him it didn’t matter if the sin was murder or lust and that any and all sins earned us a spot in hell? If that’s the case, why does Anderson think HE is going to heaven when he judges people and teaches false doctrines?

6. In Anderson’s “soul-winning” video (below), why does Anderson lie to the man at the door by saying, “God loves us” when in the clips/excerpts above he said, “God does not love everybody?” He also tells the man that “liars go to the lake of fire or hell”. Well, Anderson just lied to the man when he said, “God loves us”. Does that mean Anderson is going to hell?

7. Anderson said, "...people can push it with God too far. Where they can get to the point where God doesn’t love them anymore." So, God's love is not unconditional? I thought the Bible had no contradictions? Seems to me, saying that Jesus died for the sins of the whole world in one breath and then saying God's love doesn't cover ALL sins because "people can push it with God too far" in another breath is a huge contradiction.

8. Why does it take an agnostic to point out to a "so-called" Christian the colossal contradiction of being anti-abortion and then calling for homosexuals to be executed? If one is pro-life, does that not mean ALL people...ALL life, regardless of age, race, nationality, religion, gender, political affiliation or sexual orientation? I will admit, many of the Bible verses that Anderson reads to defend his positions do appear as if he has a point. This is exactly why I reject much of the Bible, because it is chock-full of contradictions.

Anderson’s soul-winning demonstration video

One thing that concerns me about Anderson is the fact that he has many of the same libertarian beliefs as I do. He believes 9/11 was an inside job, defends the Constitution, protests taxes, opposes the Iraq war, talks about the police state and the New World Order. This is the same man who Alex Jones interviewed back in April after Anderson was beaten by border patrol agents as he was traveling from San Diego to Phoenix. Anderson launched a tea party and there have been several stories about him on a Ron Paul website. (I realize that Ron Paul himself does not operate the website DailyPaul, but his followers need to do much better investigations of the people they endorse).

Don’t misunderstand. I am not suggesting that just because Jones has interviewed Anderson, that means Jones knows everything about him, knows specific details of his sermons or even supports Anderson's views. I am not saying Ron Paul is aware of the specifics of Anderson’s background either. I am simply saying, the association is there and it’s not good. I do not hold Alex Jones or Ron Paul responsible for the past actions of a guy who they either interviewed or whose stories appear on websites of theirs. I just now found out about Anderson’s ideologies myself.

My point is, this type of association is exactly what fuels the suspicion of anyone who opposes the stances of true libertarians. Earlier this year when the MIAC report came out from the Missouri State Police suggesting that anyone calling themselves a libertarian, a Ron Paul supporter and those who believed in “conspiracy theories” was a terrorist, it outraged the people profiled in that report, including Ron Paul himself. Left-wing bloggers called us “right-wing extremists” just because we protest taxes and war.

When a religious nutball like Anderson, who shares many of these same ideals and beliefs as we do, openly calls for homosexuals and the President of the United States to be executed or wishes for their death, it only makes things look bad for the overwhelming majority of us who are not complete lunatics.

If Alex Jones, Ron Paul or any other true conservative or libertarian give people like Anderson a platform in the future and continues the association, I won’t lie; I will be very concerned.

The funny thing is, when you watch other videos by Anderson or listen to audio clips of him on most issues, he seems very normal and sane. It’s when you listen to his sermons you come to the stark reality that this man is three fries short of a happy meal.

I don’t care if Anderson shares 95% of my views. His mental breakdowns during his sermons and his blatant hypocrisy and contradictory statements regarding the Bible (which I don’t even accept), not to mention calling for people he is supposed to love to be executed and sent to hell, are enough to make me want to distance myself from any association with him. Not for fear of what others might think, but because if I’m going to already be called “nutty” for what I believe about certain issues, I want to be able to defend it.

I have no defense if I’m associated with nutcases like Anderson.


curt maynard said...

ill stand by that guy. his views are the same as mine. us nazis think a like.

truth facts and opinions said...

that guys nuts, but we need more stories on jesse the body in his tights.

tweddle said...

im so republican that his views dont seem so bad.

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Nancy Evans said...

Just another example of organized religion promoting hate instead of love. I wouldn't be surprised to see this Anderson fellow cutting off the head of a non-believer, just like that OTHER religion of peace.

Larry said...

Im kinda concerned that PrisonPlanet didnt post this story, not that they have to post ALL my stories, but they have posted many of them lately. This story is a big deal. I sure hope they arent protecting Anderson. I didnt bad mouth Alex Jones or Ron Paul, did I? I thought I made my point about association very fairly. Not sure if PP is trying to protect Anderson or religion by not posting this, but I sure hope they dont advocate the murder of a president.

Anonymous said...

Funny, Crooks & Liars posted this story a few days before Larry. Looks like someone has been lurking...

Larry said...

Anon 8:06---whats your point? That if one person writes about it,NO ONE else in the world can? Id really love to know what your point was in saying C & L had it poste first. C & L got the story from THIS site:

Whats your point? Or is it under your hat?

Anonymous said...

So, you got the idea from, then?

Larry said...

Nice job dodging my question. My question was: whats your point-- That if one person writes about it, NO ONE else in the world can? If I see a story online, Im not allowed to write my OWN take on the story? What the fuck is your point? If only ONE person were allowed to write about EACH story, blogs wouldnt exist!

Can you actually ADDRESS my question and tell me what your point is? Did I plagiarize??? Hmmmm????? What part of my story is false???

Anonymous said...

Your story is not false and it is actually quite amusing. I just noted that your reporting often lags a few days behind sites from which you have been banned, thus the "lurking" comment. I will also be eagerly awaiting your sockpuppets to show up and proclaim that you have "owned' me by your response.

Larry said...

Ive been banned from the sites you mntioned?? News to me! How could I be banned from them if you claim I got the story from them??? LOL Do you have EVIDENCE I was banned from ANY site? You still ignored my question.

My "reporting"? Who said Im a reporter? Im a BLOGGER. Even C & L got the story from OTHER sources--------WHATS YOUR POINT????? So, your point is: In order for me to be "allowed" to write about something, I have to go out and capture the story myself? So, I should have flown to Arizona and interviewed Aderson so that I could be granted permission to write about it? If thats not your point, PLEASE tell me what it is. If not, shut the fuck up.

Larry said...

Who said I was on MY computer when I did that story??? The point was, I was banned. The point was NOT WHERE my location was when I was banned.

Larry said...

Who said I was on MY computer when I did that story??? The point was, I was banned. The point was NOT WHERE my location was when I was banned. They ban by IP address when you post a comment. Who said I was on MY computer when I was banned?????????????? The point was NT about LOCATION. It was about being BANNED.

Anonymous said...

Nice screenshots in that post, as well, Larry.

Larry said...

at least Im not a COWARD and hide behind "anonymous"

Anonymous said...

And you don't delete comments either. LOL.

Larry said...

Look at my disclaimer above. It says "comments that are childish and only meant for purposes of provocation may be deleted."

The comments I posted on C & L was actually PROOF ther story was wrong. YOU, on the other hand, are simply being a provocateur.

Larry said...

Never said I DIDNT delete them. look at my disclaimer asshole!

Larry said...

Anonymous said...

Admit it, Larry, you are caught in a lie by stating that you've never been banned from a site. I know of at least three sites from which you've been booted, but here is one in your words.

Anonymous said...

This would be one of those troublesome FACTS that you keep demanding.

Larry said...

Hey DICK, can you read??? C & L bans people by IP address. I was NOT on MY computer when I was banned. Do you understand that being BANNED in and of itself was the issue, not where I was sitting???

Anonymous said...

he keeps spitting out the same shit larry, he cant refute nor debunk anything.

curt maynard said...

The first comment is attributed to me, Curt maynard, but was made by an imposter. I did not post that comment. An intelligent person might ask themselves "Why would someone attempt to fraudulently discredit Curt Maynard with such a comment?"

Perhaps the intelligent person ought too check out my blog, obviously someone doesn't want people reading my material.

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Proud Lesbian said...

I am SO GLAD for this opportunity to post anonymously, the way I try to on their blogs. They are all about censorship, which is why I have never gotten a single, solitary comment posted to any of their blogs! They also threw away my 18-year-old Battleship Texas postcard I'd kept since 4th grade and sent years 3 ago (Feb 2011), never mentioning anything about homosexuality or their beliefs, and refused to add my city to their stupid little "Cantering the Country" map.

I have read the Bible cover to cover, and not ONE TIME is the word "Lesbian" mentioned, nor is there a female equivalent of Leviticus 20:13 nor a single homosexual female character from Genesis through Revelation, yet he preaches against us as though we're just as bad as the "Sodomites!" Well, I stand by my belief 100% that lesbians are THE HEALTHIEST GROUP OF WOMEN ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, and will do so until the day I die, most likely well after 100. We have the lowest annual coldrate (number of colds per year), I myself having not had one since I entered my 30's (I'm a 1983 Gemini, so do the math), and young children under 10, regardless of whether they attend school, daycare, a library book club, a church nursery, or just a regular church congregation like his where nurseries don't exist, are at the other end of the spectrum, averaging more than 6 colds per year!!!

So here I am on this cold, icy day, laughing my Lesbian ass off through a clear nose, thanks to my LACK OF KIDS and 8+ hours of sleep each night, while Zsuzsanna is on "modified bed rest," trying to save her 1 surviving twin boy from suffering the same fate as did his dead brother in there! I think it's hilarious that, despite them not going to school or eating fast food (i.e. McD's, BK, etc.), she and her kids STILL manage to catch colds/illnesses, and so does their "Superman" of a daddy!!! I have heard him sneeze, sniffle, and cough in so many of his sermons that it is UNBELIEVABLE and has me SO GLAD I'm over 14 hours away, not a member of a church, and a short-haired, pants-wearing, 30-year-old, CHILDLESS, VIRGIN LESBIAN!!!!!!! Muahahahahahahahah!!!!!!! Jealous BASTARDS!!!!!!!

Sender of Battleship Texas card with beautiful cursive penmanship in Feb. 2011

Real Truth Online said...

I love lesbians.

Anonymous said...

Even ignoring Christianity, even ignoring the abortion issue (regardless of which position you take on it), I would think that according to libertarian principle someone who murders thousands of people deserves to die. And Obama has done so through drone strikes, airstrikes, etc.

As a Christian who isn't a reconstructionist, I'm somewhat conflicted on this. No, I don't think we should pray for Obama to go to Hell. I do think his lifestyle (mass murder, advocacy of universalism) prove that he isn't a Christian, but I still think we should seek and desire his repentance. I also don't advocate vigilante justice. But I think saying Obama deserves to die is far less distasteful than saying Ted Bundy deserved to die, and most people wouldn't have considered the latter to be that distasteful. If you're opposed to the death penalty on principle and don't think anyone deserves to die, fine. But its still not all that much of a stretch for someone to disagree, and for those who disagree, any of them who deny that a mass murderer of thousands (even ignoring abortion) deserves to die is inconsistent IMO.

I think a just country would put him to death. I'd still pray for his soul, not because he deserves it, but because without Jesus' death, we'd all be in the same spiritual condition he is.

Shelby said...

KKK? Yes it would be misplaced at a KKK rally or what have you. One more time: Anderson isn't racist. There's a lot of blacks and others in his congregation. You just want to discredit him as some illogical racist. He doesn't like Barack Obama - that doesn't make him racist. It's just an easy, lazy mud sling and strawman argument. A lot of people don't like Barack. It's easy to say they are racist but that's just shutting down debate at the expense of America. Barack Obama is not a good present.