Thursday, August 27, 2009

Andy “the King of Frauds” Ostroy surpasses his usual fraudiness; an analysis

Ostroy on Obama: "The president needs to grow some balls and start acting a little Bush-like"

by Larry Simons
August 27, 2009

Thank God for liberal blogger Andy Ostroy. He’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. What would I do without him? In a column he wrote yesterday titled, “This Democrat is Disappointed with his President and his Party”, Ostroy seems to be giving us all clear indications that he is among the many who were suckered into believing that Barack Obama was the complete antithesis of George W. Bush, and that he was going to usher in the promised “change we can all believe in.”

What is hilarious is the fact that, just 79 days ago, Ostroy wrote an article titled, “I Love Obama”, a 613-word love letter that included everything just shy of wanting to walk down the aisle and exchange wedding vows with the new President. Perhaps the most glaring contrast between the two articles is Ostroy’s specific vocabulary. The fact that Ostroy feels differently about Obama now than he did 79 days ago really is not the issue (although quite funny). Everyone is entitled to change their mind (even if it is as quickly as Ostroy did). It is Ostroy’s specific vocabulary that makes it interesting.

On June 8, 2009, Ostroy said this:

“I worried that America, which had come so far since the civil rights movement began, might not be ready yet for a black president. I worried that the "Hope and Change" candidate didn't have the chops to make it to the finish line. But I was wrong. Since he took office, I get it. I understand now what I didn't then. That this man is a transcendent leader. Someone who comes around like the political equivalent of Haley's Comet.”


“Obama needs to accept that voters elected him president and gave Democrats congressional majorities to bring about change and not be a bunch of weak-kneed, spineless namby-pambys who still fantasize about bi-partisanship.”

Here’s the one I love.

June 8, 2009:

“We've also seen Obama tackle tough wedge issues--race, abortion, U.S./Muslim relations--head on with brilliance, passion, sincerity and unparalleled oratory skills. Issues that most other politicians either avoided or exploited. No one before him has simply rolled up his sleeves and said, "Hold on a second, people. What are we fighting over? This is crazy. Why can't we address these issues, our differences, like mature adults striving for a common ground, and do so with mutual respect, humility and tolerance?" The right can mock it as a typical liberal "Kumbayah" moment all they want, but isn't this how real change begins? By opening up a dialogue and bridging social gaps?”


“The president needs to grow some balls and start acting a little Bush-like in pushing through his agenda. It's time to stop singing Kumbaya.”

Obama was Haley’s Comet, now he’s a namby-pamby. “Kumbaya” was good, now it’s bad. Then Ostroy advises Obama to, “..start acting a little Bush-like?” My head is spinning.

What is interesting is the fact that Ostroy doesn’t even realize how Bush-like Obama actually has become in 7 months, or he does but refuses to acknowledge it.

Ostroy then, in his recent article, lists 6 steps Obama should take to “show some balls.” Shall we review? Let’s.

1. Ostroy instructs Obama to “get tough dammit!” on health care and “Get on the tube in a primetime address to the nation and forcefully dispel the myths being perpetrated by disingenuous Republicans.” Maybe Obama is having a tough time doing that because a majority of the issues that protesters are angry about are actually true and recited from the bill itself, like allowing Feds to snoop in Americans’ checkbooks, allowing the government to make home visits to educate our children and allow for funding of “vaccine teams” to conduct ‘interventions’ in private homes. In other words, things that have nothing to do with health care or freedom of choice.

2. Ostroy instructs Obama to prosecute Bush and Cheney for war crimes. Of course, Ostroy does not mention that Obama’s failure to do so, according to the Geneva Conventions, makes Obama guilty of war crimes himself. He simply just passes it off as something Obama should do. The fact that not prosecuting war crimes is considered a crime itself is insignificant to Ostroy.

3. Ostroy instructs Obama to tell Cheney to get lost and “shut the fuck up.” What Ostroy does not tell you is that Obama and Dick Cheney are eighth cousins.

4. Ostroy instructs Obama to not allow protesters to show up at his rallies with guns. Ostroy is referring to protesters who recently attended Obama rallies in New Hampshire and Arizona and were carrying guns. What Ostroy does not mention is that it is legal in New Hampshire and Arizona to carry guns and that the protesters were breaking no laws. These states have open carry laws.

5. Ostroy thinks somehow it was up to Obama to release Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the man who was imprisoned for blowing up Flight Pan Am 103 in Scotland in 1988. Ostroy asks, “Where was Obama's stern warning not to release him?” My question: Why would a warning from Obama have mattered?

6. Ostroy tells Obama to take credit for the “recovered economy” and to “claim success”. I can’t even begin to explain how ludicrous of a statement this is. Ostroy gives no evidence the economy is even in recovery and even if it was, how would that be Obama’s doing?

Ostroy said this in the last paragraph of his “I Love Obama” article of June 8:

“To be sure, in the first five months of his nascent presidency, Obama has shown incredible tenacity, resolve, vision and statesmanship. He's truly the right guy for these troubled times, and I suspect the history books will judge him accordingly many years from now. Let's just say he's won me over.”

Didn’t last too long, did it?


Anonymous said...

andys winnning fraud of the year this year.

david willis said...

ive been praying that someone would replace me.