Monday, July 27, 2009

Liberal fraud Ostroy says Obama’s “stupidly” comment to Cambridge police in Gates arrest was a compliment

Ostroy claims “stupidly” comment made by Obama to Cambridge police for the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates was “urban slang”

by Larry Simons
July 26, 2009

On July 16, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates was arrested by the Cambridge, Massachusetts police and charged with disorderly conduct. A passer-by, who thought Gates was burglarizing a home [when in reality, it was his own home], called the police. When the police arrived, Gates and Officer James Crowley engaged in a verbal confrontation, resulting in the arrest of Gates.

Days later, on July 22, during a White House press conference, Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times asked President Obama what this incident said for race relations in America. Obama replied, “I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts what role race played in that. But I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry. Number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting someone when there was already proof that they were in their own home…”

In an article written yesterday by liberal disinformationist and Obama-loving hack, Andy Ostroy, titled, “Did Obama Mean "Stupid-ly" or "Stoopid-ly"?", Ostroy [in what might very well be the dumbest and most unbelievable article I have seen by any political writer in my five years of political writing myself] actually suggests that Barack Obama’s use of the word “stupidly” [in referring to the police] was meant as urban slang.

Ostroy said that those who are criticizing Obama’s use of the word “stupidlyclearly are not familiar with urban slang. It's quite possible the nation's first African American president was in fact paying the arresting officer a compliment.”

A compliment? Ostroy then says that according to, “…"stoopid" is…used to describe something or someone cool, fresh and dope. Confusing for sure, but hey, I didn't make this stuff up.”

What Ostroy conveniently omits from his article is that according to, there are a total of 21 definitions to the word “stoopid. Of the 21 definitions listed, only 6 of them are positive or partially positive. Guess how many of the 6 are used in the way Ostroy said it was used? That’s

Only 3 of these 6 definitions are even remotely in the ballpark of Ostroy’s aforementioned definition.

Definition # 5 states, “Stoopid is a word which can define the good quality of something. In a way like sick or ill,but mainly used for something more amazing or cool. This definition is only referring to “things” or “objects” being cool, not people.

Definition # 8 states, “Ridiculously fresh, dope, sweet. Used in contexts of new music and fashions. Rarely used nowadays. New music and fashions are not synonymous with “people”.

Definition # 11 states, “meaning to be really cool or awesome”. Although this definition appears to be close to the one Ostroy gave, it received no votes on as being acceptable. It got 3 total votes. All 3 were thumbs down. See for yourself.

So, it’s not even acknowledged on the UrbanDictionary website as being an acceptable definition, yet Andy Ostroy wants us all to believe that all the reporters in the White House press room, as well as the rest of America, are supposed to know “stupidly” really means “really cool or awesome”.

Who knows where Ostroy saw the definition [above], “used to describe something or someone cool, fresh and dope”? This exact definition was not listed under any of the 21 definitions on the UrbanDictionary site. It was just made up.

One has to wonder, even if Obama really was using urban slang, why would he describe the police as “really cool or awesome?” Obama admitted in the same press conference that he was friends with Gates. Why would Obama think the cops were “really cool or awesome” for arresting his friend?

Of course, it matters not to Ostroy that even during Obama’s apology for using the word [after he was criticized by several policemen and many commentators across the country] he never said he was using urban slang. Why would Ostroy let 'insignificant' facts like that get in the way of his factless reporting?

Let’s not forget to point out the profound irony of Ostroy turning this into a racial issue [by suggesting that Obama used urban slang, which, by its very nature, is race related]. UrbanDictionary’s own definition of “Urban Dictionary” reads: A place formerly used to find out about slang, and now a place that teens use as a "burn book" to talk about celebrities, their friends, let out their sexual frustrations, show off their racist/sexist/homophobic/anti-(insert religion here) opinions, troll, and babble about things they know nothing about, etc.

Their own words, “….show off their racist/sexist/homophobic/anti (insert religion here) opinions…”, and yet Ostroy is telling us that Obama was using the type of language that can be found on a website where people come to express their racist opinions. Unbelievable.

It is also worthy to point out that for years now, Ostroy has been criticizing Bush [and rightly so] for his idiotic phrases and made up words [Bush-isms] and Ostroy turns right around and defends Obama for using the same types of phrases that can only be found on race driven websites.

Also, why would anyone want their President to use urban slang at all? The President of the United States is Barack Obama, not Spike Lee or Snoop Dogg. And if he were using urban slang, why would he use it during a press conference that was filmed while addressing a question about race? Is this how Obama will talk to Prime Ministers, Heads of State and Kings?

To make matters even worse, this ridiculous article was published on the left-leaning site The Huffington Post. But here’s the bright side. Some comments under Ostroy’s article on HuffPost haven’t been pretty.

“Dem4Lyfe” writes:

“Really? This is a real article? If this is important and supposedly relative, the Post is going way down hill.

Yes, I'm sure the President meant "stoopidly." God in Heaven...”

“phntsticpPeg” reminds Ostroy that not only is his article “stupid and insulting”, but also racist. She writes:

“This article is stupid and insulting, primarily that the writer would be foolish enough to insinuate that the POTUS would interchange between slang and proper English at a press conference of this important topic.

I understand trying to defend the president but he just sounds silly.

Seems that white people just don't matter how much we explain it, not everyone whose black talks slang.”

The answer is crystal clear. Obama was not using urban slang and simply fucked up, and political hacks like Andy Ostroy refuse to see that simple, obvious truth. Instead of heeding the very advice he gave to Bush and his supporters for the last five years to fess up and just admit screw-ups, Ostroy dodges that responsibility by writing one of the worst examples of partisan defense I have ever laid eyes on.

I may just toss out the last five months of the year and declare Andy Ostroy as winner of 2009’s Fraud of the Year award right now.


Anonymous said...

thank god for ostroy. my buddy dave the fraud wont win.

M. Rigmaiden said...

I saw your blog on Alex Jones' site. No, I don't see any religious 'nut bags' here;) I do think it is stupid to arrest someone outside of their own home. However, nepotism played a role in our Presidents comments because Gates is his friend. I cannot stand either of those elitist, liberal men at all. But I also don't like the police and frankly would use a few choice words of my own if a police officer accosted me and arrested me IN FRONT OF MY OWN HOME!

As to the racial angle, since Gates is a proper speaking ultra academic, it is utterly doubtful that he made an 'yo mama' comment at all. The stick up his ass goes up so far as to come out of his mouth. This is why the racism allegations should not be so easily dismissed. Either way, I don't cosign on police having the authority to harass people like that anyway.

Any reasonable person would be pissed. This is a non issue.

Anonymous said...

non issue? but Larry owns da issues?