Friday, July 3, 2009

Fraud of the Year contenders for 2009: Ostroy leads pack

Liberal blogger Andy Ostroy is a shoe-in for RTO’s top prize if the current pace continues

by Larry Simons
July 3, 2009

RTO’s Fraud of the Year award will be decided a bit different this year. Instead of being judged solely on an online poll like 2008 was, now the poll will only constitute roughly 20% of the total criteria that will determine the winner.

So far, here are the top contenders

Andy Ostroy

Once embraced here at RTO for his truthful columns and insights about the Bush administration, the war in Iraq and John McCain, liberal blogger Andy Ostroy shed his integrity and his soul on the night of November 4, 2008, when his Lord and savior, Barack Obama, became the 44th President of the United States.

Ideologies and defense mechanisms that Ostroy previously condemned Bush administration officials and Bush supporters for adopting quickly became Ostroy’s favored new style, transforming him, almost overnight, into the one of the biggest hypocrites and frauds in RTO history.

I have written 10 articles this year on Ostroy….TEN. Here are the reasons Ostroy is leading the race:

*For saying he wants to be black simply because Obama is black, but completely omitted mentioning anything about Obama’s character or qualifications

*For lying about posting all my comments on his blog and then continuing to delete my comments after he denied he was doing it

*For lying and saying I was violating’s posting rules and then not allowing a post I sent WITH’s rules attached to it proving him to be wrong

*For his Jekyll and Hyde flip-flopping on the Iraq war, supporting it now when under Bush he strongly opposed it

*For saying there was a woman who does his “screening” for him on his blog when the screener is really Ostroy (I proved it)

*For denying there was a financial depression under Obama despite continually saying there was under Bush

*For blaming the internet for “destroying the economy” when he wrote his story on a free website and doesn’t send a dime to Google CEO Eric E. Schmidt anyway

*For saying that Obama is a “transcendent leader” even though Obama has continued or adopted over 15 Bush policies

*For saying the Holocaust museum shooter was a right-wing nut just because he was a white supremacist even though he hated McCain, both Bush’s and FOX News

*For vilifying and convicting Michael Jackson of his child molestation charges (despite being acquitted of them) a day after his death

Other contenders, in no particular order, are:

Bill O’ Reilly
Glenn Beck
Dave Neiwert
Dave H. Willis
Sean Hannity


Anonymous said...

andy should win this year larry, but like david willis you own thier sites by making them keep up comment moderation. then it looks like dave neiwert is second then glenn beck but that goes back and forth due to becks last couple of posts and his bullshit. dave willis and his dog fraudie will probably get off this year.

tony wolf said...

thank god for this guy andy our dave might win again.