Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Feature: Lifestyles of the Religious Nutball

Note: I’m going to have lots of fun with this new feature, for there will be a smorgasbord of stories to pick from with this topic. Maybe I won’t choose. I might just post every single story I read about the insane actions and views of the religious right…and boy are they plentiful! I should have started this feature before Sarah Palin came along

Queens mom and religious nutball sets daughter on fire to “drive out evil spirits”

by Larry Simons
June 23, 2009

OK, this story is so insane and ridiculous, that I will give you portions of the story followed by my response (in purple). Apparently, a 29-year-old mother in Queens decided that she was going to put her 6-year-old daughter, Frantzcia Saintil, through a bizarre voodoo fire ritual called “Loa” to “cure” her of evil spirits. This story gets weirder and weirder.

Here’s what the nutball mother did: Inside their Queens Village house back on February 4 of this year, the child’s mother, Marie Lauradin and grandmother, 70-year-old Sylvenie Thessier poured rum in a circle and lit it, then poured rum on the small child’s head and pushed her into the circle of flames. The child was then engulfed in flames. Even as the child screamed and cried, the mother and grandmother did nothing because they were “focused on summoning the 'Loa' spirit”. It gets worse.

With burns covering the small child’s body, the mother and grandmother did not take her to the hospital, but put her to bed instead. It wasn’t until the next day when relatives begged the mother and grandmother to take the child to the hospital. The child would be in the hospital for 55 days. Near death, the child was placed in a medically induced coma. It wasn’t until the child was placed with a foster family (where she now currently is) that she told the truth about the incident.

One neighbor, Henry St. Jean, said, “I used to hear them scream at [Frantzcia]. They would tell her to get on her knees for a couple of hours.”
(OK, then why didn’t you report it or call the cops, you dickface?)

Lauradin told police it was accident and that she spilled boiling water on the child when the child startled her. Lauradin also claims that she didn’t even know the child was burned until they got to the emergency room.
(The girl was in the hospital for 55 days. In that near 2-month period, why didn’t ANY of the doctors or specialists know the burns were caused by fire? Wouldn’t that be easy to find out? The mother claimed she didn’t know the child was burned until after they arrived at the hospital, but yet she admitted spilling boiling water on the child? You’re burned instantly from that, whether it’s visible or not!)

The girl’s grandmother said, “I didn't see it [the boiling water incident], but I saw a lot of water on the floor. I took the child to the bathroom and got cold water for her.”
(If the child was burned legitimately, why wasn’t she taken to the hospital right away and why did relatives have to beg for you to take her?)

The lawyer of the mother, Jeff Cohen, said, “She denies these allegations…my client would not hurt her.”
(Again, back to the “doctors should know they were burns by fire rather than water” thing. If the mother is acquitted of the charges of setting her daughter on fire, in my opinion, this would fall under the negligence of the doctors)

The mother, if convicted, faces up to 25 years in prison. She is also being held in lieu of $50,000 bail and she has been barred from having any contact with her daughter.


bible thumper said...

i thump a bible better than anyone and i agree this lady along with dave the fraud willis are complete religous idiots. this is the reason why people hate christians and why they threw them to the lions. stop using your religion as a excuse for your bullshit.

Anonymous said...

this lady gives false preachers willis and wolf a run for their money.

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hey larry sorry about getting off the subject but did you hear that tonys having another kid.

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wheres jizz eerrr jas lately?