Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bill O’ Reilly’s # 1 target of hatred and anger, Dr. George Tiller, is dead. How Billo fueled this murder

Years of vicious and personal attacks, spin, anger and false accusations from Bill O’ Reilly against abortion doctor George Tiller has ended, with Tiller’s murder. How big of a role did Billo play in this?

by Larry Simons
June 2, 2009

Physician and longtime target of right wing, pro-life religious extremists, Dr. George Tiller, was shot and killed Sunday during a church service at Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita, Kansas. He was a medical doctor who ran a practice at one of only three clinics in the nation that performed late-term abortions (after the 21st week of pregnancy). He was 67 years old.

Tiller’s murder was not his first brush with violence. In 1993, he was shot in both of his arms by anti-abortion activist and religious nutball Shelley Shannon. Tiller has been a continual target of violent extremists for years, but I’m sure many will agree that nothing beats the power and influence of the tube. On February 25, 2005, FOX News bully Bill O’ Reilly first mentioned Tiller and from 2005 until Billo’s most recent mention of him on April 27 of this year, Billo has brought up Tiller no less than 28 times on The Factor.

In those 28 episodes of the Factor, Billo has referred to Tiller as a “Nazi”, “Tiller the baby killer” and has equated him with Hitler, Stalin and even al Qaeda. To Billo, these references and comparisons fell within the “fair and balanced” reporting style Billo boasts of on his show.

montage of some Tiller segments on The Factor (11-6-06/5-30-07)

Billo will no doubt deny that there is even a hint of connection between his obsessive and hate-charged coverage of Tiller over the past 5 years and Tiller’s death Sunday. Nevermind the overwhelming evidence that Billo has done segment after segment stating how deplorable and vile Tiller was. Nevermind that Billo has also compared Tiller to Mao, NAMBLA and used phrases like “he has blood on his hands” and “judgement day”. However many protestors existed before O’ Reilly’s show debuted in 1996 on FOX News, no doubt has increased ten fold due to his constant coverage of Tiller in the past five years.

O’ Reilly has a large audience. He has done continual segments on Tiller since Feb 2005, likening him to the worst mass murderers in history. This demonizing mixed in with unsubstantiated claims, spin, lies and unfair/unbalanced reporting has probably quadrupled the number of trigger happy, anti-abortion religious nuts just waiting for a reason to blow someone away. How many of these crazed, psychopaths were introduced to Tiller by O' Reilly who otherwise may have never heard of him?

One major fact that Billo conveniently left out of his ‘reporting’ is that Tiller was performing these abortions within the confines of Kansas law. On a June 12, 2007 episode of The Factor, Billo said this:

“Dr. George Tiller has performed thousands of late-term abortions for millions of dollars. And some Kansas authorities suspect he is violating the law, because some of the women involved do not have serious medical reasons for the late-term abortions.”

No mention of who the “authorities” were. Why weren’t we ever given a detailed list? Something as serious as violating laws to perform late-term abortions is being committed and Billo has the inside scoop on who these authorities are that know laws are being broken and Billo doesn’t rat them out? Hmmmm. I wonder why.

From his Talking Points Memo on Nov 6, 2006 titled, “Killing Babies in America”, Billo said this:

“But now, The Factor has evidence that indicates Tiller killed late-term fetuses by citing "temporary depression" on the part of the mother. That was the reason Tiller performed scores, perhaps thousands of late-term abortions.”

No mention on what the evidence was. Again, here was Billo claiming he had the goods on Tiller and the evidence that could have sent him to the big house, but does Billo share it with his zombies? Of course not! Either Billo had no evidence at all or he was protecting Tiller.

The amazing thing was, that with all the “evidence” that Billo possessed, with all the “proof” Billo had that Tiller was violating laws, this rock solid “evidence” apparently never made it into the hands of prosecutors or the jury that acquitted Tiller just two months ago on March 27, 2009. Completely acquitted of charges that Tiller performed 19 illegal late-term abortions, and Billo had the evidence and proof that Tiller was guilty? That can only mean one thing: That Billo was involved in the conspiracy to free Tiller.

In his Talking Points Memo from Nov. 10, 2006, Billo said this:

“Americans cannot turn away from this; cannot ignore it. There should be thousands of people demonstrating outside Tiller's abortion clinic in Wichita.”

But when it came to protesting Billo’s invitation to speak at an Alexa Foundation luncheon, in March of this year, by people who were downright angry that of all people to be selected to give a speech to rape victims, was the very man who blamed rape victim Jennifer Moore for her death in 2006, Billo said this, “Elements at NBC News then encouraged the loons to protest the Alexa Foundation, causing Alexa and her family major grief.” Of course, Billo provided no evidence whatsoever that NBC had anything to do with the protest and that the “loons” (as Billo calls them) were not protesting the foundation, but O’ Reilly himself. But, who cares about facts, right?

So, to Billo, protesting outside of an abortion clinic when no laws are being broken (even when it leads to violence) is perfectly OK, but protesting the appearance of someone who shows up at a rape victim organization who blames rape victims for the deaths is the worst sin imaginable.

Even Kansas State Representative Ben Hodge told O’ Reilly during an interview on The Factor on May 30, 2007 that late-term abortions are legal.

O'REILLY: ....with absolutely no specific medical reason. I cannot believe the state legislature of Kansas continues to allow it to happen.

HODGE: Many people don't know that late-term abortions are legal. I think many educated people just aren't aware of that. And many people aren't aware that we are a central location, Kansas. Most of the late-term abortions on viable babies in the state of Kansas are from women -- occur on women who are from other states.

Here is the interview with Ben Hodge

Of course, this did not deter Billo from stating on his show two weeks later, on June 12, 2007 (as mentioned above), “Dr. George Tiller has performed thousands of late-term abortions for millions of dollars. And some Kansas authorities suspect he is violating the law, because some of the women involved do not have serious medical reasons for the late-term abortions.”

I personally feel that not only did Bill O’ Reilly wish that someone would kill Tiller, but is currently thrilled that he is dead now. On Monday’s Talking Points memo, Billo said this:

“Anarchy and Vigilantism will ensure the collapse of any society. Once the rule of law breaks down a country is finished. Thus, clear thinking Americans should condemn the murder of late-term abortionist Tiller, even though the man terminated thousands of pregnancies…what he did is within Kansas law.”

Bill contradicts himself by saying, “even though the man terminated thousands of pregnancies….what he did is within Kansas law.” If it’s within the law, what is he to be condemned for? Notice how after Tiller is dead O’ Reilly acknowledges that Tiller acted within the law, but for the past five years Billo has been telling his zombies that laws were being broken, even saying on one occasion that he had evidence of it?

Then when Billo reads a quote from Huffington Post contributor Mary Mapes predicting Billo will backpedal and rationalize when the news of Tiller’s murder reaches him, Billo says this:

“No backpedaling here Madam. Unlike you, I report honesty. Every single thing we said about Tiller was true, and my analysis was based on those facts.”

Oh really, Billo? The countless times you said Tiller was breaking laws was facts, when you just admitted in the same segment “…what he did is within Kansas law?” It was facts that you had evidence that Tiller killed late-term fetuses by citing "temporary depression" on the part of the mother? But yet, that “evidence” was never handed over to prosecutors? It was facts that Tiller performed late-term abortions for just any reason? Where was the proof of that? The gig is up Billo. We have known for quite awhile now that your definition of “facts” and “evidence” is you just saying something is facts and evidence.

Then Billo proceeds, “It is clear that the far-left is exploiting, exploiting the death of the doctor..” What is Billo doing but exploiting Tiller’s death by using it to justify his words and actions of the past 5 years and to protect himself and FOX News from liability?

Then Billo contradicts himself again by saying this:

“If these people were so compassionate, so very compassionate, so concerned for the rights and welfare for others, maybe they might have written something, one thing about the 60,000 fetuses who will never become American citizens, or am I wrong?”

You mean the 60,000 fetuses that Tiller was protected by under Kansas law to destroy, in which you just admitted in the same segment “…what he did is within Kansas law?”

In Monday’s Talking Points Memo, Billo’s point was very clear: ‘No one should have murdered Tiller, and I condemn it, but because of what he did, he had it coming’.

watch the clip

Then came the part in the segment that made me laugh out loud. Billo had two guests on to discuss the Tiller murder. Billo tells the two guests that, “Do you guys agree with me that the far left is exploiting this, trying to shut guys like me up by saying O’ Reilly’s responsible for this murder?”

Guest Brian Russell says, “Ideologically driven killers rarely are influenced by anything other than their ideology.” WTF? The ideology has to come from somewhere! In the case of Tiller, the assassin most likely got his ideology from Bill O’ Reilly!!

It was good to see that after a man was shot dead in his church in front of his wife, that the only concern Billo had was how the “far left” was blaming him for the murder. A man that Billo demonized for 5 years is in his grave and all Billo can think about is how people think of him. Don’t worry Billo, none of us think any lower of you than we already did, so no need to lose sleep over it!

How can Billo condemn the murder of Tiller when he had, on numerous occasions, compared him to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, al Qaeda and Nazi’s?? Would Billo condemn the murder of a member of al Qaeda? Is Billo telling us that he would have wanted Hitler, Stalin and Mao to live on? Either Billo has compassion for mass murderers like Hitler or deep down he is tickled pink that Tiller is dead. I think the answer to that is crystal clear.

If Billo is completely unconvinced that none of his words or segments fueled the murder of George Tiller, then why doesn't Billo play clips of what he said about the doctor? And since Billo claims he is a repeated victim of being taken "out of context", then by all means Billo, re-play the segments you did about Tiller in their entirety so your viewers can see every disparaging and hate-filled comment you said. Oh, you won't, you say? Well, why not?

I will tell you why. Because in nearly every single example of when Billo condemned others for taking him "out of context", the full context incriminated Billo more than the edited clips did! This is the reason why when Billo would cry "out of context" on the air, he would never play the whole clip so his viewers could hear what he did say.

In his Talking Points Memo from Monday (above), Billo played no clips of any of the 28 episodes from 2005-2009 in which Billo condemed Tiller. All Billo has to say to his faithful sheep is that he is not to blame, and hell, there you have it. Because Billo said he is not responsible....then he's not! Case closed!

more excerpts of O ‘Reilly’s crusade against Tiller


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