Saturday, June 27, 2009

Andy Ostroy’s new low: Vilifying and convicting the deceased Michael Jackson

Hypocrite Ostroy says “Don’t judge Jackson”, then proceeds to judge him, AND convict him!

by Larry Simons
June 27, 2009

No less than 24 hours after the death of legendary pop star Michael Jackson, our favorite left-wing hypocrite and proven fraud, Andy Ostroy, was posting his latest installment, a “eulogy” to the late superstar. Could it possibly be free of fraudiness? Not a chance.

It didn’t take long for our liberal fraudster to deceive. That begins in the title, “The Death of Michael Jackson: Time for Compassion Not Vilification”. Ostroy writes:

“Michael Jackson, like Elvis, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Anna Nicole Smith and countless others before him, were extremely tortured souls. They died miserable. Lonely. Drugged. Hating life. And for this they deserve our compassion, not our scorn. Now is not a time to vilify Jackson for his alleged child molestation crimes. We should have it in our hearts to forgive his past transgressions, no matter how despicable, and simply mourn his passing with dignity and sympathy."

Hating life?” “Miserable?” Ostroy knows this? Then comes the best part, when Andy, no less than three times in the article, says we should show compassion for Jackson and not scorn him, and in the very next breath scorns him by mentioning the child abuse allegations in death. Wouldn’t the best way to show compassion be to not even mention the allegations that Jackson was acquitted of?

Then, Ostroy says, “We should have it in our hearts to forgive his past transgressions, no matter how despicable”. What transgressions? The ones a jury found him not guilty of? True, I will admit that just because juries acquit alleged criminals, doesn’t mean they are innocent. Case-in-point: O.J. Simpson. BIG difference between Simpson and Jackson. Jackson’s case hinged on allegations, which means it could have happened or it might not have. In Simpson’s case, murders did happen. It was just a question of who, not if.

Ostroy continues:

“I know I'm not alone when I say I feel as though a little piece of me died Thursday as well. It's ok to feel that way. It doesn't excuse the horrible crimes against children he may have committed. It just means we're human. And we can feel pain and sorrow even under such difficult, incomprehensible, unconscionable circumstances”

Do you see what Ostroy is doing here? By continuing to mention Jackson’s alleged child abuse crimes, he is convicting Jackson of the crime. Guilt by repetition. By writing that Jackson allegedly committed crimes against children over and over, he is really saying that Jackson did commit the crimes.

Good ole’ psychological repetition. It’s the same technique Bush and Cheney used every time they linked Iraq or Saddam to 9-11. Saddam/9-11, 9-11/Saddam, Saddam/9-11…’s obvious! Saddam orchestrated 9-11! See? Ostroy is utilizing the exact same stunt Bush used for 8 years. The very same stunt Ostroy condemned ad nauseum on his blog. Now he’s using it to convict Michael Jackson of molesting kids in a story in which he asks his readers and the rest of the world to not vilify Jackson.

What a hypocritical, deceptive fraud.

Now, to the part in which I laughed out loud. Ostroy continues:

“My dear late wife gave me many gifts, one of them being an ability to feel compassion for and to forgive those who have said and done hurtful things. "Rather than be mad at them," she'd say, "maybe we can try to understand why they did or said these things." She believed that they acted out because they were in such emotional pain and turmoil that they couldn't help themselves. Feel sorry for them, she'd say, instead of feeling anger. Wise little sage, that Adrienne was. I've since lived my life according to that principle. And it's made me a much kinder, happier individual. Perhaps we could all use a little of this compassion today.”

“I’ve lived my life according to that principle?” Really? I can’t judge Ostroy’s personal life to know if that’s true, but one has to see the blatant, mind-numbing hypocrisy in that statement just by viewing Ostroy’s blog over the past 2 years. I would count how many times Ostroy has attacked and spewed hate-filled comments at Republicans, but I really don’t have two weeks of free time to jot them all down. Where was that kind, happy individual in the plethora of stories in which he's attacked others? Funny thing is, I have agreed with nearly all of his anti-Republican tirades, but I’m not the one who claims that my wife turned me into Gandhi either.

Ostroy continues:

“Make no mistake, Jackson was a very disturbed, sick man. And no amount of fame and fortune was able to change that.”

More guilt by repetition. Translation: Jackson is guilty of molesting children because he’s a “disturbed, sick man”.

And yet, again. Ostroy writes:

“Today is a day to celebrate Michael Jackson's incredible talents and the many gifts he left as part of his iconic legacy. But it's also time to recognize that a mother lost a son. That children lost the only parent they know and love. We must feel the same compassion for them as we do for the children Jackson allegedly abused.”

Since Jackson was acquitted of the child molestation charges, what compassion is there for children who were not abused? Again, the mentioning of the words, “….children Jackson allegedly abused”, were meant to be the only words his readers focused on and remembered. This article was meant to be a subliminal message, not a compassionate eulogy. That subliminal message?: Jackson was a child molester, but I don’t want to talk ill of the dead, so I will use words like “compassion” and “forgive” to hide my personal feeling that Jackson should be in prison.

I’m not defending Jackson or even saying he’s unequivocally innocent. I’m saying he was acquitted by a jury, and since it was an allegation, we have to assume his innocence since, unlike the O.J. case, there’s no DNA evidence, bloody gloves or blood inside of vehicles.

Ostroy’s article is insulting, deceptive and inflammatory. If he would have written a blatantly negative article about Jackson, I would have been less insulted by it. At least we would have known for sure where Ostroy stood, rather than to be subjected to six paragraphs of deceptive, two-faced psychological guilt-by-repetition word trickery.

I left a lengthy post on Ostroy’s blog. Naturally and unsurprisingly, it was not approved. Most of my long comment was mentioned in my article above, but I ended my post with this:

“You need to either re-write this article, omit things or apologize. But, you wont. You wont even post my comment. That’s OK Andy. I’ve saved my post as well as your hate-filled article about Jackson, and you will be exposed once again on my blog. It was a very cruel and shameful article. Maybe since you were preaching forgiveness and compassion you shouldn’t have mentioned his ALLEGED child abuses at ALL?”

Ostroy now stands alone as the clear front-runner for the 2009 Fraud of the Year award (the Fraudie) with the help of this shameful article.

Andy Ostroy………still a flaming FRAUD


fox news said...

some people say not only is andy a fraud but a flaming homosexual.

fox news said...

some people say not only is andy a fraud but a flaming homosexual.

Anonymous said...

even the devil thinks this asshole is a liar.