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Andy “It’s fact because I say it’s fact” Ostroy and his blind love affair (literally) with Obama

Another Obama love letter from the liberal blogger whose “I like him because I like him” philosophy trumps facts

by Larry Simons
June 10, 2009

Our favorite liberal blogger, Andy Ostroy, is back with another touching love letter to his Lord and Savior, Barack Obama, catapulting him as the clear front-runner in the race to become RTO’s 2009 Fraud of the Year. Hey Andy, better do some rearranging on your mantle and take down one of your Obama bobbleheads or heart-shaped framed photos of him and make room for your 2009 Fraudie (the award for Fraud of the Year).

In Andy’s recent column titled simply, “I Love Obama” (June 8, 2009), Ostroy begins his love letter to Obama by quoting an Alfred Lord Tennyson poem saying, "In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love." Then, Ostroy makes reference to the 1955 film “Love is a Many-Splendored Thing” and says Obama is “smitten”. I think Ostroy is mistaken here. He seems to be the one smitten.

Why did Ostroy stop there? He could have used Elizabeth Barret Browning’s Sonnet 43 from “Sonnets from the Portuguese” and said to Obama, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Any line from an Air Supply song would have fit good here as well.

Michelle, stand by your man, because obviously not everyone attracted to your husband is…female. Just ask this man.

As with many of Ostroy’s columns, he proceeds to make baseless claims, gives opinions and passes them off as facts, with no cited sources, no evidence and not even links to click so that the reader can investigate what he says. Nothing. Just saying it…that’s enough for Andy. Using the journalistic techniques Ostroy embraces, one could say that Obama is really the second coming of Christ as well. Proof isn’t needed. Ostroy does not seem to care that proof would even be demanded. If he feels it, it’s fact. ‘Nuff said. Perhaps the biggest issues with Ostroy’s columns is not what he says but what he omits.

Ostroy proceeds to say, “…nor am I an original member of the Obama Nation, whose members the right wing attack machine vilify as a bunch of kool-aid drunken hero-worshippers who blindly follow their "Messiah." Ostroy fails to mention what difference there is between someone who originally thought of Obama as a “Messiah” and someone who currently sees him as one. Is it any less hero worship if you haven’t done it as long as others?

Ostroy continues, “That this man [Obama] is a transcendent leader. Someone who comes around like the political equivalent of Haley's Comet.” Any proof of this? Of course not. If his definition of “transcendent leader” is someone who speaks better than and has more charisma than George W. Bush, then 99% of the animal kingdom are “transcendent leaders.” Come on, Andy! I’d rather have a goddamned chimpanzee as President over George W. Bush! What’s your point? Pee Wee Herman would stand out as a more eloquent speaker and charismatic leader than Bush!

Then, Ostroy makes the most ridiculous statement of his column, “To his [Obama] credit, he's implemented policies which have unlocked the credit markets, stabilized Wall Street and resulted in a huge upswing in consumer confidence.” No links, no sources, no cited quotations from anyone who would back up this claim…nothing. Just Andy saying it... that makes it true.

Ostroy babbles, “We've also seen Obama tackle tough wedge issues--race, abortion, U.S./Muslim relations--head on with brilliance, passion, sincerity and unparalleled oratory skills. Issues that most other politicians either avoided or exploited.” Translation: Obama is doing nothing more than ANY other person elected President would do, but since his predecessor, the worst President in United States history, could not do simple things, like pronounce 3rd grade level words, then Obama is accomplishing something.

Ostroy adds, “The right can mock it as a typical liberal "Kumbayah" moment all they want, but isn't this how real change begins?” No. Real change begins when you do not condemn and criticize your predecessor for 2 years and then immediately after taking office, continue their policies or adopt new ones that are equally as unconstitutional as the ones your predecessor adopted.

And here’s where Ostroy conveniently leaves out information about Obama:

Nevermind the fact that Obama has not brought one troop home yet from a war that he so strongly disapproved during his campaign. (No source needed. No troops are home except those who have completed their committed service time)

Nevermind that he has sent no less than 17,000 additional troops to Afghanistan to continue a war he has condemned.

Nevermind that Obama has increased war funding by nearly 84 billion dollars.

Nevermind that Obama has publicly stated several times now that waterboarding is torture but has done everything in his power to prevent prosecutions of war crimes by the previous administration.

Nevermind that Obama has continued the Bush-adopted Military Commissions Act (holding detainees indefinitely and denying them access to trials).

Nevermind that Obama has continued the Bush-like secrecy in the wiretapping program.

Nevermind Obama continues Bush-like signing statements.

Nevermind Obama continues the Bush policy of blocking prisoners access to DNA evidence.

Nevermind that Obama has recently stated that questioning your government on such things as the official account of 9-11 makes you just as complicit in the crime as the perpetrators themselves.

I mean, who needs facts when it comes to truly worshipping someone? Ask any religious person. They will tell you facts aren’t a hindrance.

Only one thing in Ostroy’s article is factual. Only because it’s provable. He says, “How refreshing to have a president who's wickedly smart. Whose intelligence, curiosity and diplomacy--not narrow mindedness, arrogance and disengagement--drives his thought process and decision-making. A leader who thinks before he speaks. Who absorbs information. Obsesses over details. Understands the facts. A president who keeps his emotions in check and exercises incredible judgement and self-control. Someone at the controls who's not impulsive, petulant, smug, cocky.” I agree with all of this. Well, saying “understands the facts” goes a bit too far, but I think Ostroy makes a disastrous mistake by continually comparing Obama to Bush. That’s like comparing Martin Luther King, Jr. to Larry the Cable Guy. One thing is for sure, it is nice to see a President on TV and not have an overwhelming desire to put my fist through the picture tube.

It all boils down to Andy Ostroy being a complete fraud, plain and simple. He provides no links or sources because he knows deep down the facts state otherwise. Even if Ostroy provided a cited source that would prove one of his insignificant points about Obama, that still does not even begin to cover for the dozen plus Bush policies and Bush-like actions that Obama has continued or adopted (but Andy omits that stuff….not important…move along….nothing to see here).

Here is a portion of a post I sent to Ostroy:

What about the Involuntary Servitude bill (CARE Act) that Obama and Emanuel wants to implement? No mention of that in your article. No mention of Rahm Emanuel's father being a terrorist in the 1940's and now lives in Chicago

The GM thing was an Obama success? Are you kidding? Obama's Car Czar, Steve Rattner wants to take away employees' pensions to pay off Morgan Chase and Citibank's loans they made to GM. Since Obama was in law school, he should know that using pensions from employees for ANY reason other than their pensions is ILLEGAL----but you just called Obama's handlings of these issues "stabilizing Wall Street". On the government's OWN website, it says this:

"The primary responsibility of fiduciaries is to run the plan solely in the interest of participants and beneficiaries and for the exclusive purpose of providing benefits."

Did you see anywhere in that sentence where it said to use these fiduciaries to pay off loans to banks??? Companies must hold these retirement funds as "fiduciaries"---and Obama knows that, but he's allowing his Car Czar to break the law.

But yet, because he can "speak well" and he's "smart", that means he can do no wrong to you.
I know my post will be rejected, because it's just too damned factual

Guess what? It was rejected. Shocked?

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