Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Terrorist sympathizer Billo wants to aid and comfort terrorists, but also wants to waterboard them!

Billo’s love/hate policy on suspected terrorists: He is against detainees moved to prisons within the U.S. because they would be on lock-down, alone and killed by inmates, but he would also waterboard them

by Larry Simons
May 27, 2009

Does Billo care about the humane treatment of suspected terrorists or not? During the talking points memo portion of Tuesday’s The O’ Reilly Factor, Billo delivers one of the most nonsensical, contradictory, spin-infested TPM’s I have ever seen when he runs down his personal take on the Obama-Cheney debates on national security.

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As you can lie by omission, Billo spins by omission and fails to even address the reasons why Cheney is making so many speaking appearances to begin with. Why doesn’t he just go the fuck away? The reason why this issue is not addressed by Billo is because deep down he knows the real reason Cheney has been in the public eye more times in the past 2 months than during his entire 8 years as Vice President: because Cheney is scared shitless of being prosecuted for war crimes, thus his damage control tour.

Billo began his “analysis” of the Cheney/Obama debates by saying this, “Here’s some no spin perspective”. Why would anyone even have to say they are not about to use spin unless you are known for doing it and you have a guilty conscience? That would be like if I was about to give a speech and I began by saying, “I’m not going to use profanity during this”. That would prompt people to wonder, “Does he usually cuss?”

After talking about the differences between Cheney and Obama’s national security policies, Billo then gets into the torture issue by playing clips of Obama stating his anti-waterboarding stance. Billo then says, “Ahhhh, but that is a bit of verbal slight of hand. By all accounts enhanced interrogation methods like waterboarding were rarely used. It’s the President’s opinion, not fact, they were not necessary.” It is also Cheney’s opinion, not fact, that it was necessary. It is Cheney’s opinion, not fact, that the use of waterboarding helped stop terror attacks. I also love Billo’s use of the made up Cheney term “enhanced interrogation”. Why can’t you say “waterboarding” or “torture” Billo? Did he say “no spin perspective?”

Then Billo said these ridiculous words, “You don’t fight a war fearing the enemy will get angrier, you fight a war to win.” I agree that you should not fear the enemies’ anger, but when the anger is triggered by barbaric and illegal acts like torture? This makes us no different than soldiers or terrorists from other countries who act like barbarians when they capture and torture American prisoners. “Win?” What’s “win” mean Billo? After 6 years, you have yet to give anyone the definition to that word.

Billo then shows a clip of Obama stating that some detainees from Gitmo will be transported to maximum-security prisons within the United States if Gitmo closes. Billo says this, “Well, here’s a bulletin for the world, the detainees are far better off inside Gitmo then they will be in a super max American prison. I’ve been to Gitmo twice. Cooperative detainees have amenities, good food and all the fresh air they want. At a super max, they’ll be locked down solo, alone, because other inmates would kill them. So liberal Americans including the President should wise up about that. If I’m a terrorist, I want Gitmo all day long.”

Billo then plays several clips of Cheney incriminating himself by defending the practices of illegal wiretapping and waterboarding, also stating opinions, not facts, like the use of these practices “prevented the violent deaths of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people”. Billo then confesses that he would be guilty of war crimes by saying, “Americans must make their own judgement. I’ve made mine. I would have waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.”

Not only does Bill confess that he’d be guilty of war crimes, but he uses the same tiresome tactic of attempting to make the waterboarding issue a matter of personal opinion and not established law by saying “Americans must make their own judgement”. This is the equivalent to discussing rape and saying “Americans must make their own judgement (to whether it’s wrong)”.

So, let me get this straight. Billo wants the detainees to be taken care of, have good food and pleasant accommodations. Ya know, treated like actual human beings, with respect and dignity and in the comfort of a nice atmosphere. He doesn’t want them all alone with no one to talk to and protected from other inmates so they wouldn’t be harmed and killed……but he would waterboard them???

If Billo doesn’t care that these people already have no rights (no right to representation and trials), are being detained indefinitely and being tortured, why would he give a two-cent shit that they would have a better place to stay and not be killed by other inmates? Does he believe in humane treatment or not? On one hand he says, “I’m concerned about their well-being” and on the other, he says, “Fuck them, they’re terrorists! Who gives a shit what they want?”

If the terrorists want to stay at Gitmo, Billo would give them what they want and keep them there? Talk about terrorist sympathizing! Is Billo on the terror watch list?

The bottom line is this: Billo has no fucking clue even what he believes because he’s a corporate-controlled puppet and shill, and he only parrots what he reads off of his White House teleprompter. In fact, he was probably reading from cue cards held up by Dick Cheney.

So much for the “no spin perspective!”

Here’s the latest Real Truth Film. A clip of Billo finally telling the truth

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