Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Life and Times of "ObamaBush": Continued refusal to prosecute Bush war crimes

A new United Nations report: United States “deplorable”

by Larry Simons
May 31, 2009

Australian law professor and United Nations special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions Philip Alston, stated just days ago in a U.N. report that, “There have been chronic and deplorable accountability failures with respect to policies, practices and conduct that resulted in alleged unlawful killings -- including possible war crimes -- in the United States' international operations.”

Attorney General and Obama appointee, Eric Holder, continues to block investigations into abuses and war crimes committed by U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. There have been some abuses investigated and prosecuted so far, but cases resulting in the deaths of at least five that was caused by torture are not being touched. The report reads, “U.S. prosecutors have failed to use the laws on the books to investigate and prosecute (contractors) and civilian agents for wrongful deaths, including, in some cases, deaths credibly alleged to have resulted from torture and abuse.”

Continually promising throughout his campaign to bring about “change” and claiming to be at odds with Bush on the war and foreign policy, it appears that not only does Obama support the war (by sending 17,000 additional troops to Afghanistan and funding the war by 83 billion dollars) but that he has no interest in seeking prosecution of Bush officials for war crimes.

Not only do we have Gen. David Petraeus now admitting that the Bush administration violated the Geneva Conventions, but we now know the real reason why the photographs of the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison were not released: because they show torture, rape and sodomy of female prisoners and children committed by American soldiers. This has been confirmed by Major General Antonio Taguba, the former army officer who conducted an inquiry into the Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq.

New Yorker investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has also stated that the United States has videotapes of boys being sodomized at Abu Ghraib prison. Hersh stated, “Some of the worst things that happened you don’t know about, okay?….Videos, there are women there. Some of you may have read that they were passing letters out, communications out to their men. This is at Abu Ghraib … The women were passing messages out saying ‘Please come and kill me, because of what’s happened’ and basically what happened is that those women who were arrested with young boys, children in cases that have been recorded. The boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling. And the worst above all of that is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking that your government has. They are in total terror. It’s going to come out.”

The findings involving the rape and sodomy of women and children prove that Obama was lying when he said, “I want to emphasize that these photos that were requested in this case are not particularly sensational, especially when compared to the painful images that we remember from Abu Ghraib.”

The ACLU has said that, “(Obama) has essentially become complicit with the torture that was rampant during the Bush years by being complicit in its cover-up.”

Obama also continually states in public that he believes waterboarding is torture, yet at every turn shields CIA operatives who inflicted waterboarding from prosecution.

Can anyone please tell me the difference between those who commit crimes and those who protect them?

Has Bush really left office?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post - painful reading but the truth. I have just finished reading the most horrific article by Naomi Wolf, entitled Busted: Why the Photos Probably Do Show Detainees Sodomized and Raped - Bush Gang exposed as Sex Perverts, found here, and the cruelty of Bush and co. is absolutely appalling. What can be done when those in power appear to have no conscience whatsoever ?

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