Friday, May 29, 2009

Craig T. Nelson on taxes: I’m Not Gonna Pay Any More Money

Nelson on the income tax: 'I’m sick of it!’

by Larry Simons
May 29, 2009

On yesterday’s Glenn Beck Program on FOX News, actor Craig T. Nelson expressed disgust and contempt for the fiscal irresponsibility of the government. From the decisions that they make with our tax money that none of us approve of like cuts in education, police and firemen to the complete lack of owning up to responsibility of their actions, Nelson said he is sick of it.

Nelson: Nobody’s taking responsibility for what they said or what they did. And those people are responsible to us, they were elected. This is a democracy. It’s a republic—my god. We are a republic and that means we need to be represented. And we’re not being…we’re not being listened to. I’m not gonna pay…I’m not gonna pay any more money.

Now, we just need about 100 million plus more people to get this disgusted with our government. This is coming from an actor. Someone who can still afford to live very comfortably after paying taxes. Imagine what could happen if everyone in America stopped surrendering their money to criminals and learned the truth, that there is no law in existence that requires us to pay taxes.

Craig T. Nelson is a true patriot

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