Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ostroy resorts to a new low (even for him); posing as his own “screener”

Left wing flip-flopper Andy Ostroy is caught red-handed posing as his “screener” on his blog

by Larry Simons
April 22, 2009

It’s just another day in Fraudville for left wing stooge, Andy Ostroy. It’s bad enough that I have caught him flip-flopping over the war in Iraq and exposed his Rush Limbaugh-esque fraudulent rants, but now he has sunk to a new low. Now he is posing as his own “screener” on his blog. I have come to the conclusion that there is only one reason he is doing this. So he can address my posts while at the same time claim that Andy (who is really the “screener”) “never sees” my posts.

Before I get to the proof , let me first address how ridiculous it is for Ostroy to even need a screener, even if he is telling the truth (which he is not). Have you seen his blog? It looks easier to maintain than a myspace page. It is merely the most basic of blogs and he averages posting a story once every two weeks, if that. A 5-year-old could run his blog, and he needs a screener?

A few days ago, I posted a message on his blog. I forget exactly what I said, but it had something to do with the fact that I was the one who forced him to enable his comment moderation again and that I owned his blog. My post wasn’t important, but what is important is that the next day I received a response from “Loren”, Ostroy’s “screener” (hold on, I have to laugh….OK, I’m done).

“Loren” said to me:

This is a message to the individual who repeatedly sends in comments under the name "Larry." I am the screener working with Andy. He only sees the ones that make it past me, and given the unacceptible nature of your posts, he never sees them, as they are immediately rejected. You're welcome to keep writing, but it just seems like it is an awful waste of time for you. If you can try to get your points across without all the combativeness I'm sure they'd make it through, just like everyone else's. I'm sure you have it in you to be nicer!”----Loren 9:19PM

That post from “Loren” was posted on April 20 (at 9:19PM) on the thread of a story titled, “Twitter Dumb and Twitter Dee”. I posted my comment earlier that day (April 20). What I found very, very interesting is that Andy wrote another story that same night (April 20) titled “Obama and Chavez: What's Wrong with this Picture?” and I noticed what time Andy posted the story…….9:20PM a minute after “Loren the screener" posted the above comment!

Are we to believe that his “screener”, “Loren” posted their comment at 9:19PM and then logged off, and that Andy logged on at 9:20PM and posted his new story in under a minutes’ time? Even if Andy had not written his story straight to his blog and used an outside program like Microsoft Word (which is what I do as well) to write his story and then post it to his blog, he really expects us to believe his “screener” was on his site at almost the exact same time he was? I guess it’s possible, but hardly probable.

What I find interesting about this stunt by Ostroy is that he has continually accused me of saying “hateful”, “racist” and “anti-Semitic” things on his blog (which is a big lie [and even if I had said those things, Ostroy was compassionate enough to remove the evidence of my crime by deleting my comments]), but Ostroy himself has violated one of the rules: Impersonation. rules state: “We do not allow impersonation of others through our services in a manner that is intended to or does mislead or confuse others.”

I just proved Ostroy is posing as his “screener”, a violation of Blogger’s policy.

To stoop this low requires some sort of mental instability. It requires the lack of integrity and the lack of a conscience to be able to lie to yourself with ease. Congrats Andy, you now have the credentials to be a politician.


"Loren" a.k.a. Andy has posted this comment in response to another blogger who wondered why Andy doesn't include all comments posted:

"I can assure you, 99% of all comments are being posted. The only ones that do not make here onto Andy's blog are those that are combative, involve name-calling and or are off topic. And in all honestly, the only posts being rejected have come from one person in particular. So, nothing's changed except for that person. I hope this helps." ---Loren

I posted this in response (although I am quite sure it will be rejected, despite the fact that it is not combative, includes name-calling or off topic):

"You forgot comments that expose Andy's blatant flip-flopping on now supporting the war. Andy, the gig is up pal, I know YOU are "Loren". I wrote a story about it on my blog.
Case in point---why wouldn't you post THIS post of mine? Its simply a reply to yours. Im not allowed to reply to your posts? Tell me what part of this very post is combative, involves name-calling or is off topic? But yet, you wont post it---I wonder why Andy?"

I'm anxiously awaiting "Loren's/Andy's" reply. It should take her(?) a few hours to respond since she has such a high volume of posts to moderate, lol.

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