Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obama wants 83.4 billion for wars; not a peep from left-wing bloggers

Continuing to fund the war is change we can believe in? The silence is deafening from the left

by Larry Simons
April 9, 2009

Obama’s answer to end the war he so vowed to do when he was on the campaign trail? Seek to continue to fund Iraq and Afghanistan with 83.4 billion more dollars. The amazing this is, there’s not one word about this one any left-wing blog, at least not the major ones.

The Daily Kos…..not a peep

The Ostroy Report…..not a peep

Dave Neiwert’s blog “Orincus”…..not a peep

Crooks and Liars…..not a peep

The Huffington Post only mentions it as an AP story, but none of their own writers mention it

But you can read about it here

Barack Obama has not kept ONE promise he has made. Who can blame him? He’s a Wall Street New World Order puppet who fooled most of the country. You didn’t fool us here at RTO.

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