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Hannity, Morris Agree with "Conspiracy People" About New World Order

Kurt Nimmo
March 31, 2009

In the video here, the former Clintonite Dick Morris, who is now a darling of Fox News, tells Sean Hannity the globalists will put the "American economy under international regulation" and "those people who have been yelling, oh, the UN is going to take over… they’ve been crazy, but now they’re right."

"Those conspiracy people," Sean Hannity interjects, "had suggested that for years… you’re not wrong."

It’s the "international regulation of the financial institutions" we have to worry about, warns Dick Morris. It will happen under "IMF control… Remember, the IMF is run by the Europeans and backed by Americans."

It’s too bad Mr. Morris didn’t give us the rest of the story. The IMF is a loan sharking operation created by the bankers under the Bretton Woods scheme and its primary purpose to date has been to get third world nations into hock so they can be more effectively looted. It is now poised, as Morris eludes, to embark on a far more ambitious bankster scam — to initiate something called "global quantitative easing" by printing billions of dollars worth of a global "super-currency," deceptively billed as a way to address the economic crisis manufactured by the global elite.

"Alistair Darling and senior figures in the US Treasury have been encouraging the Fund to issue hundreds of billions of dollars worth of so-called Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) in the coming months as part of its campaign to prevent the recession from turning into a global depression," the Telegraph reported on March 16.

SDRs are now based on four currencies — the US dollar, the Japanese yen, the euro and the British pound. They are used largely as a unit of account by the IMF and other international organizations.

Read between the lines and you get to the bottom of the real reason for the issuance of SDRs — to push for a world currency. Recall a few days ago Zhou Xiaochuan, China’s central bank’s governor, calling for the IMF to forge a new world reserve currency.

China demands a settlement system between the SDRs and other currencies so that they can be used in international trade and financial transactions. The IMF would manage these SDRs and they would gradually replace existing reserve currencies.

As envisioned by our rulers, a world "super-currency" will ultimately require a world government. Morris blames the Europeans for this and he is only partially right — it is a scam long ago devised by international bankers primarily based in Europe and Britain and backed, as Morris admits, by the American financial elite.

The issuance of paper SDRs "would please the plutocratic international bankers" to no end, writes Robert Bradshaw, and this "move would allow them a golden opportunity to print fiat paper money in huge quantities to flood the world. We can be sure that the fat cats [the bankers] would love to have a new paper world currency in their greedy little hands. Since they already control the IMF and most world central banks, such a new global currency would definitely fit into their plans for world rule."

It is hardly surprising that SDRs and world currency will be on the agenda at the G20 this week. The globalist George Soros has urged Obama to push the SDR agenda and has warned that if a world currency is not established and the global economy collapses (as planned) the United States "shall cease to be the dominant financial power" and "China is liable to come up ahead."

Soros is merely running a time-tested shell game in an effort to get the U.S. to pony up for what will ultimately be its demise, again as planned. China is the model to be used for our totalitarian future.

Dick Morris and the disinfo operative Sean Hannity may indeed be alarmed by this obvious push for world government. It is interesting to note that Hannity has only lately come around to the existence of the New World Order — formerly in the realm of crazy conspiracy theories — now that Obama is in the White House and the Democrats in control of Congress. Hannity and Morris are simply reading from a provided script.

Point is, the New World Order wants you to know what they have in mind for you. It tickles them to give you a preview of things to come now that the New Savior is in office and enjoying high popularity — a one world government with a high-tech control grid overlay designed to usher in a brave new world of hellish serfdom and eventually the dream of our eugenicist rulers: a mass culling of the herd who are considered little more than useless eaters.
by Larry Simons
April 1, 2009

Isn’t it quite humorous how when it fits their agenda, the right wing listens to the evidence, acknowledges it and comes to the conclusion that there is indeed a conspiracy going on and there is a such thing as a "New World Order"? On the other hand, when it goes against their agendas and ideologies, the right wing listens to the evidence, denounces it and claims no conspiracy exists at all, and the ones who say there is a conspiracy are "nutty", "kooky" and a big bunch of nutballs.

Here’s Sean Hannity 2 years ago calling Charles Rangle a "conspiracy theorist" for saying that George W. Bush knew all along he was going after Saddam Hussein even before 9/11 happened. Hannity makes Rangle out to look like a fool, despite the tons of evidence that support the fact that Bush was planning on pursuing Saddam before 9/11, and despite the fact that not only did Saddam have nothing to do with 9/11, Bush has even admitted the lack of connection several times on the air.

Bush admitting no 9-11/Saddam connection

Bush connecting Iraq with 9-11

Bush denying that he ever said there was a Saddam/9-11 connection

Here’s Olbermann’s take of Bush linking Saddam/Iraq with 9/11

But, the evidence is ignored by Hannity when his ideology is the same as Bush’s: unconstitutional, un-American, religion-driven and evil. When he is against Obama and his ideology, then magically the evidence is no longer ignored, but accepted as fact.

Morris says, "those people who have been yelling, oh, the UN is going to take over… they’ve been crazy, but now they’re right". Well, if we was right DICK, then we were never Oh I see now. We were only crazy when we were condemning Bush and the Neocons, but now that Obama is the frontman, then the exact same things we were saying about Bush are all of a sudden true now?

When they disagree, we are nuts. When they agree, we are right. Goodness, this years Fraud of the Year award may just have more than 5 nominees. Between O' Reilly, David H. Willis, Andy Ostroy, Hannity and now Dick "The Dick" oh my is it anybody's award! I have 5 already, and it's only April!

Sean Hannity and Dick Morris….big flaming frauds.

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