Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Andy "Obama has restored America’s confidence" Ostroy is a delusional fraud

Andy’s latest love letter to Obama focuses only on the economy (even lying about that), while purposely omitting one tiny, insignificant thing…..Obama’s actions and policies are a continuation of Bush!

by Larry Simons
April 28, 2009

Andy "the flip-flopping fraud (FFF)" Ostroy has written another misleading, spin-ridden, lie-packed tribute to his Lord and Savior, Barack Hussein Obama. In his latest article titled, "What Obama’s Done for America’s Confidence", Ostroy does not mention one thing Obama has done that has boosted the confidence of Americans. It’s nothing but a 371-word unsourced financial report with a few poll results inserted.

The entire article can be summed up in one sentence: Americans are spending more money because Barack Obama is the President. Huh? Not once in the entire article does Ostroy make the connection between consumers spending more money and Obama having anything to do with it.

Ostroy writes:

"What is a recession? What constitutes a bear stock market? In both cases, it's nothing more than perception. It's the collective belief by consumers and businesses alike that things are bad and getting worse." Then he says, "We therefore create the very things we fear most. When that happens, nothing can turn it around except a very different perception. The shifting sentiment that things are looking better."

In other words, the recession is in our heads. We're just imagining it. A recession is based on human emotions, not a lack of business profiteering, massive unemployment or low investment spending. This is what Ostroy is asking you to believe. But now that his Messiah Obama is in office, people "feel" better and their confidence has been boosted. All of a sudden, with Obama in office, they are being hired for jobs that aren’t available, they are spending money that they don’t have. It’s truly a miracle! Forget walking on water. Obama has fixed a great depression in just 100 days!

Naturally Ostroy fails to mention that he used to believe the financial crisis was equaled to that of the Great Depression. In his article titled, "Debate #1: The Knockout that Wasn't. What Obama Needs to Do Next Time" from September 28, 2008 about the first Obama/McCain debate, Ostroy said this:

"Neither candidate came even close to capitalizing on the Wall Street crisis, but no one expected McCain to. This was supposed to be Obama's strength. He could've and should've hit a grand slam on this one. The nation is struggling with a financial disaster which billionaire investor Warren Buffett calls an "economic Pearl Harbor." Americans are fearing for their jobs, their homes and their savings, and where it mattered, Obama was impotent. Worse, on the economy, it was McCain who surprisingly held his own. It's astounding to me how, in the middle of the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression, the focus was on earmarks and wasteful spending."

In Ostroy’s article titled, "Mushroom Clouds" Part II: Grandma Sarah Warns "It's the WMD's Again, Stupid!" from September 19, 2008, he said this:

"…it's still abundantly clear that the economy is in a state of absolute crisis. Financial experts are calling the banking and mortgage disaster the most grave situation since the Great Depression."

In Ostroy’s article titled, "President Barack Hussein Obama. America's Shining Moment", from November 5, 2008, he said this:

"To be sure, the real work must now start. President Obama (man, that sounds soooo good) has a new mountain to climb, with two wars, terrorism, and the worst economic maelstrom since the Great Depression."

So, you see, Ostroy had no problem with likening the current financial crisis to the Great Depression, but a recession (which isn’t as bad as a "depression")? That's in our heads. It’s all "perception".

In fact, many financial experts reported that we are in a depression, not a recession here, here and here. But, it’s all in our heads according to Ostroy.

Flip-flopping is nothing new for Ostroy. After all, he now supports the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan now that Obama has increased troop levels and funding, but strongly opposed the wars under Bush, constantly calling them disasters and likening them to Vietnam.

Ostroy then babbles:

"Which brings us to a new ABC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Monday indicating that 50% of Americans now believe the country is headed in the right direction, versus just 8% in October, before the presidential election and three months before Barack Obama took office. Additionally, the Consumer Confidence Index released Tuesday showed a significant increase to 39.2% in March vs. 26.9% in February. Throw in Obama's approval rating, which hovers around 65%, and it's a pretty safe bet that Americans are starting to feel much better about the nation's leadership and the overall direction of the economy and the country."

Ostroy includes no links, no listing of researched facts or no evidence that there is any connection between the above poll results and Obama making people "confident" to spend money. Also not included in Ostroy’s article is any evidence that people are spending money. In fact, I laughed out loud when I read Ostroy’s next paragraph in which he states:

"When consumers start feeling better about things, they spend. It starts with little things like clothes, toys, books, etc. They take extra trips to the mall. Then they slowly return to big-ticket items. They buy electronics, cars, houses, take vacations. And when they spend, it fattens corporate earnings. And that leads to job growth, reinvestment and spending on capital improvements. Pretty soon, recession turns to prosperity. Of course, I'm over simplifying, and an economic recovery can take a long while to achieve any appreciable measure of growth."

Any evidence that people are "feeling better about things"? Unemployment is at the highest its been in 30 years. People are losing their homes and their jobs. Panic about Obama's anti-gun record is climbing, not to mention new fears now about the swine flu. It's the complete opposite of people "feeling better about things", but Ostroy wants us to believe that the absence of Bush and the presence of Obama automatically puts fears to rest and restores hope, despite the fact that Obama has continued every single Bush policy.

Where's the evidence that people are buying cars and houses? I guess the auto industry and housing crises are figments of our imaginations too! Even if Ostroy had evidence that the economy is booming, where’s the connection between economic growth and Obama?

This is what made my sides split. Ostroy concludes:

"…the simple truth is that his first 100 days have achieved major progress in turning around the economy, restoring consumer confidence, and curbing the hemorrhaging in both the banking and housing crises. Not bad for 100 days."

"Major progress?" Where’s the proof of this? "Restoring customer confidence?" Where are the cited sources for this statement? Since Ostroy believes that just Obama’s presence magically transforms all disasters and tragedies into utopias, why isn’t Obama’s presence transforming another tragedy, that of the mind of Andy Ostroy, into a normal, sane one?

Deep down, Andy has to know that Obama has not done jack shit for America in these first 100 days. I’m assuming this is why he did not mention anything but the economy (even offering no evidence of an Obama/booming economy connection). He "conveniently" left out the following glaring facts about Obama’s first 100 days:

(Excerpt from Paul Joseph Watson’s article, "Obama’s First 100 Days: Worse Than Even We Predicted" from April 20, 2009)

Watson lists questions for the Obama presidency before he took office and supplies the answers.

- Will Obama support Dennis Kucinich’s efforts to bring war crimes charges against Bush, Cheney and others for deceiving the country into a war or will he protect them against such charges like Nancy Pelosi has done?

In April 2008, Obama promised that as President he would ask his Attorney General to "immediately review" potential war crimes that occurred under the Bush White House. Obama or his Attorney General have done no such thing, and every noise they have made suggests that top Neo-Cons will be protected from deceiving America into a war.

Similarly we asked:

- Will Obama bring war crimes charges against Bush, Cheney and others for authorizing torture and will the torture of suspects under U.S. detention, a complete violation of both the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions, cease under an Obama administration?

As we found out last week, the answer was a resounding NO. Upon the release of the torture memos, Obama’s right-hand man, chief of staff Rahm Emanuel,
told ABC News that top Bush administration officials "should not be prosecuted either and that’s not the place that we go." In addition, Obama’s statement that accompanied the release of the torture memos stated, "In releasing these memos, it is our intention to assure those who carried out their duties relying in good faith upon legal advice from the Department of Justice that they will not be subject to prosecution."

So no retribution for the people who ordered the torture, and no retribution to the people who carried it out, thus setting the precedent that future administrations are free to order torture - safe in the knowledge that they will face no consequences whatsoever.

- Will Obama withdraw American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan without sending them away again to bomb another broken-backed third world country?

The answer again is a resounding NO. Upon taking office, Obama announced that he would be sending another 17,000, and eventually perhaps as many as 30,000, extra troops to Afghanistan.

Regarding Iraq, after the "withdrawal" of U.S. troops in 19 months, a timescale that has since been put back again, "Mr. Obama plans to leave behind a "residual force" of tens of thousands of troops to continue training Iraqi security forces, hunt down foreign terrorist cells and guard American institutions,"
reported the New York Times.

In terms of bombing another broken-backed third world country, Obama has beefed the U.S. military role in Pakistan beyond that pursued by the Bush administration and "expanded the covert war run by the Central Intelligence Agency inside Pakistan,"
according to the New York TImes, with an increase in missile attacks by drone aircraft.

Obama’s war chest demands came to a total of around $800 billion in war funds and subsidiary costs just to cover the rest of 2009.

Does any of this sound like a move towards bringing the troops home and rolling back the American empire, as Obama promised before he was elected?

- Will Obama end the warrantless secret surveillance and phone-taps of American citizens?

You’ll be shocked the learn that the answer was a resounding NO. Earlier this month, "The Obama administration formally adopted the Bush administration’s position that the courts cannot judge the legality of the National Security Agency’s (NSA’s) warrantless wiretapping program,"
reported the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

"President Obama promised the American people a new era of transparency, accountability, and respect for civil liberties," said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston. "But with the Obama Justice Department continuing the Bush administration’s cover-up of the National Security Agency’s dragnet surveillance of millions of Americans, and insisting that the much-publicized warrantless wiretapping program is still a ’secret’ that cannot be reviewed by the courts, it feels like deja vu all over again."

- Will Obama cease his support for the Bush-administration backed banker bailouts, hated by the majority of Americans, and target the real cause of the problem - the Federal Reserve - or will he continue to give taxpayers’ money to banks who are merely hoarding it all for themselves?

Obama’s zealous push for more bailouts, along with increased power for the Federal Reserve and the implementation of global regulations that will effectively end any notion of a free market was perhaps the defining issue of his first 100 days as President. Obama has vigorously promoted the same financial policies that were introduced by the Bush administration in its final few months.

- Will Obama repeal Patriot Acts I and II as well as reversing Bush’s signing statement and acknowledging the repeal of the John Warner Defense Authorization Act? Will Obama seek to continue the militarization of America and preparations for martial law through Northcom and the secret government or will he dismantle the police state that has been constructed over the last eight years by the Bush administration?

Despite initial rhetoric about reversing Bush’s infamous signing statements, Obama himself stated that he will
continue to use signing statements. The Patriot Act and its additions as well as the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, both core planks of the Bush police state, remain firmly in place, with no sign of any reversal.

Regarding militarization through Northcom, weeks after Obama’s election victory
it was announced that, "The U.S. military expects to have 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011 trained to help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe, according to Pentagon officials." Militarization of law enforcement and troops being used domestically in preparation for martial law is continuing apace under the Obama administration.

- Will Obama follow through on his rhetorical support for the second amendment or will he seek to ban guns as he did in Illinois?

Despite Obama promising that he was not interested in going after the second amendment before his election, one of his first actions was to appoint the
rabidly anti-gun Eric Holder as his Attorney General. Obama has also falsely blamed the drug war crisis in Mexico on American gun shops. The leaked Obama gun ban list would make millions of Americans criminals for owning weapons such certain types of rifles or pistols. Anti-gun legislation has found its way into stimulus and other unrelated bills as pork barrel. The first steps of the Obama administration with regard to gun control have resulted in record firearm and ammunition purchases across the country.

Upon Obama’s election we made a cynical but unfortunately accurate prediction of how the much vaunted promise of "change" would actually manifest itself. The fact is that the "change" began and ended on the day Obama won the election.

- Illegal warrantless surveillance and wiretapping of American citizens will continue under Obama.

- Top Bush administration officials who ordered torture and those that carried it out will be protected from prosecution under Obama.

- Top Bush administration officials who deceived America into a war will be protected from prosecution under Obama.

- The expansion of the military empire through continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and further military incursions into Pakistan will continue and expand under Obama.

- Banker bailouts, reckless spending, inflation of currency through overprinting and global regulations stifling the free market, all of which were initiated under Bush, will continue under Obama.

- The militarization of the United States and the architecture of the police state that was set up under Bush will be preserved and expanded under Obama.

- The attack on the second amendment right to bear arms will continue under Obama.

----End of Watson excerpt----

Naturally, Ostroy "left out" anything that even resembled a similarity between Obama and Bush. Not an accident. This is why Ostroy mentioned the economy alone. He knew that if he mentioned anything else, it would have "Bush’s 3rd term" written all over it….so he simply avoided it. And that makes him the super, flaming FRAUD he is.

I sent Ostroy a post on his blog reminding him that maybe he’s now finding out that neocons are not just old, white men.


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