Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wow! No sham, Vince the "ShamWow" guy slap chops a hooker!

I guess she didn’t "love his nuts"

by Larry Simons
March 28, 2009

Last month, 44 year old Vince Shlomi, better known as the "ShamWow" guy, who is a successful pitchman for household items such as the ShamWow! and the Slap Chop, was arrested on a felony battery charge after striking 26 year old hooker, Sasha Harris at his South Beach hotel.

Here’s the story from The Smoking Gun:

"According to an arrest affidavit, Shlomi met Sasha Harris, 26, at a Miami Beach nightclub on February 7 and subsequently retired with her to his $750 room at the lavish Setai hotel. Shlomi told cops he paid Harris about $1000 in cash after she "propositioned him for straight sex." Shlomi said that when he kissed Harris, she suddenly "bit his tongue and would not let go." Shlomi then punched Harris several times until she released his tongue. The affidavit, a copy of which you'll find here, notes that during the 4 AM fight Harris sustained facial fractures and lacerations all over her face (she is pictured here in mug shots snapped following busts in 2008 and 2005). After freeing his tongue, a bleeding Shlomi ran to the Setai lobby, where security summoned cops. Harris refused to cooperate with officers, who recovered $930 from her purse. "Both parties had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from their persons," police reported. In a brief telephone interview, Harris declined to answer TSG questions about her run-in with Shlomi, though she did say she is considering a lawsuit against the pitchman. Asked if she worked as a hooker, Harris declined comment. As seen in the below mug shot, Shlomi was also injured during the fracas and, court records show, was treated at Mount Sinai Medical Center. While Shlomi and Harris were both arrested for felony aggravated battery, prosecutors this month declined to file formal charges against the combatants."

Vince "ShamWow" Shlomi

Hooker Sasha Harris

I just hope that Vince is no fraud and uses the products he peddles and had a big ShamWow handy to sop up his bleeding tongue! Maybe she didn’t "love your nuts" Vince, but she sure did love that tongue!

I realize this has nothing to do with politics, but it was just so damned funny, I couldn’t not post it. Plus, I love the ShamWow guy! Get well Vince. I’m sure you’ll bounce back and be pitching another gadget real soon. Maybe the "Slap-A-Ho"!

The ShamWow!

The Slap Chop (you’re gonna love his nuts!)

The Slap Chop ("you’re gonna love my nuts" remix)


Anonymous said...

put him with the dell guy. your final four is ruined.

Anonymous said...

looks like puck from mtv.