Saturday, March 7, 2009

Now they’re telling us we can’t say “That’s so gay”

Political correctness….knock it off

by Larry Simons
March 7, 2009

Yep, it has reached this level folks. Now we are being told that we can’t say “That’s so gay” whenever we see something strange, ridiculous or retarded….oh, that’s right, we can’t say “retarded” either.

New public service announcements by Hilary Duff and Wanda Sykes are airing with this proclamation: “When you say ‘that’s so gay’, do you realize what you’re saying? Knock it off”. No, why don’t we as a society knock it off and stop being so damned offended at every word we hear?

Watch the ad

I like saying “that’s gay”. It’s so 70’s. It fits everything I’ve ever used it for. Most 80’s music videos…gay. ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes’….gay. Whenever they play the serious music in the show “Full House” and the acting is really bad…gay. Don’t take away my “that’s so gay”. It’s a part of my childhood. Saying “that’s gay” whenever something was a tad more than stupid, or whenever I couldn’t believe a really embarrassing song was recorded or an incredibly ridiculous show or movie was filmed brought joy to my life.

Come on. You can’t watch “Grease” and not say “that’s so gay” after John Travolta says, “Oh, Sandy” at the end of the song “Sandy”. You just can’t, and you know you can’t.

I have nothing against gay people. If they are really offended by this, then they really need to either get a life or not be gay. The word “gay” meant “happy” long before it meant “homosexual". I had no problem with George Jefferson saying “honky”. It was funny. I didn’t have to get over it because I wasn’t bothered by it in the first place. Know why? Because even as a 7-year-old, I was so secure in my whiteness that words didn’t change who I was.

I fully support gay rights and I’m against Prop 8, but come on gays, next you’ll be saying that I can’t say “that's so queer” the next time I see Taco’s “Puttin’ On the Ritz” video, or you’ll want the line “we’ll have a gay old time” removed from the Flinstones theme. Stop it. Just stop it.

Some gay people have claimed they have been ridiculed and assaulted because of their lifestyle. I’m not denying that, nor am I condoning it. But don’t you dare say it was because the word “gay” has been used in the place of “wrong”, “ridiculous” or “strange”. You were mistreated because someone with low self esteem couldn’t handle that two guys suck each others schlong, not because I was saying “that’s so gay” to the song “Billy Don’t Be A Hero”.

So, gays, I say this: Black people had to endure far more than any of us and whites had to endure George Jefferson, and you know what? We made it. You can too.


bible thumper said...

gays ruin everything. we can blame them for it alll. thump thump thump.

cindy simons said...

thats gay, that you cant say thats so gay.

truth facts and opinions said...

Your right. Your are absolutely right. This country is filled with people that have no lives, so they have to try to ruin everyone elses. Wah. They are not happy unless they are whining about something. If they can't find something to whine about, they will create something to whine about. All those people want to do is to cry and try to tell people what to say, and what they can't. That is fascism. Thats gay. Crybabies have to get a life and stop ruining mine.

the_last_name_left said...

Well, how about when we all step in dogshit we start saying "Oh no! I just stepped in a Larry!"

Larry said...

Again, your "logic" is ridiculous. Homosexuals do not OWN the word "gay". It's not copyrighted to them. How is your analogy anywhere NEAR connected with anything in my story? Its not. You must be a homosexual if this story offends you.

Are you gay?