Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Feature: This Week in Dave the Fraud

Billo, look out. Your competition has arrived!

by Larry Simons
March 11, 2009

I am beginning a new installment on RTO where I will periodically showcase Dave “I’m all about the truth” Willis, in which I will expose a new fraudulent remark from our favorite conservative minister.

As my readers know, Willis won RTO’s very first Fraud of the Year award in 2008 for his endless contradictions, ad hominem attacks and constant ignoring of irrefutable facts tossed at him by yours truly during a huge 9/11 debate we had last year.

Why am I doing this (since my site does claim that I expose frauds in government and media, not ministers)? Because 1.) It’s fun, and 2.) because ministers influence millions of minds every week. Therefore, they influence many of the very same minds that fall for the lies and constant bullshit that comes from the media and from Washington.

Sermons play a huge part in developing a persons world view, and since 100% of the ministers who deliver these sermons talk about something that can never be proven (and nearly everything is based on faith, not facts), then it makes one’s world view very dangerous. Thus, making Dave Willis dangerous, hence the inception of This Week in Dave the Fraud.

On March 5, Dave posted a list of attributes he says he wished he had: Ex: the theological mind of Jack Cottrell, the missional thinking of Reggie McNeal, etc. One of them was “the political mind of Pat Buchanan”. It would have been OK if Dave just would have stopped there, but in response to one of the comments left on his blog, Dave said this, “Pat's been my man since back in the CNN Crossfire days of old. I'm just not down with the neocon hijacking of the conservative movement.”

Interesting that Willis claims that he’s not “down with the neocon hijacking of the conservative movement” considering he supports a man (Buchanan) who has displayed constant adoration and praise for neocon Sarah Palin during last years pre-election period (and still does).

John McCain is one of the top neocons in Washington and while it is true that just because a certain candidate might be a neocon, does not mean that their choice of running mate is automatically one, this was not the case with Palin. Add to her support for the war and the expansion of the American empire her excessive stupidity of basic facts and mile-long list of things that made her unqualified to be the Vice President, and you not only have a neocon, you have a very stupid neocon. One that has the full support of Dave “I’m all about the truth” Willis!

When you say you’re not “down with the neocon hijacking of the conservative movement” and then support one, it makes you an instant FRAUD. Of course, we already knew that, didn’t we Dave?

Here is a clip of Buchanan DEFENDING the unconstitutional remarks of the unqualified, idiot neocon Sarah Palin 2 weeks before the 2008 Presidential election

Here is Buchanan again spouting his love affair with Palin, even going as far as LYING about her

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