Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Left-wing blogger Andy Ostroy is a big flaming FRAUD

Yet another left-wing liberal to play the Crooks and Liars censorship game, only Ostroy lies about it

by Larry Simons
March 17, 2009

Liberal left-wing blogger and Obama supporter, Andy Ostroy, is not new to the comment moderation censorship game that many of his left-wing buddies (Crooks and Liars, Dave Neiwert) are involved in, but Ostroy has outdone the others. By censoring comments and then lying that he ever did and then continuing to censor even after he has lied about not censoring puts him in a class all by himself!

This is not the first time I have run into freedom of speech haters from the left-wing. Back in November, the liberal site Crooks and Liars completely blocked me from even accessing their site just for not bowing down to their newly elected puppet, Barack Obama.

I went to Ostroy's blog, The Ostroy Report, yesterday and posted a comment on one of his stories about why AIG is paying bonuses to its executives after they have received government bailout money. Keep in mind, before you read our following exchange in posts, that I have previously posted on Ostroy’s blog numerous times (since Obama appointed Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff) that Emanuel’s father, Benjamin, was a member of the terrorist militant group Irgun in the late 40’s (only to never ever have any comment I posted about Benjamin Emanuel approved).

This was my post to Ostroy’s AIG story and his reply:

Larry: "The answer is EASY Andy----government should TAKE BACK the money---I should say OUR money. But Obama wont do that now, will he? Know WHY????? Because Obama was put into power by the EXACT SAME corporate elitists that he now supports! Hey Andy, did you see that filmmaker Alex Jones has a new movie out today call The Obama Deception? Why dont you watch it? Of course you wont watch it---you wont even post my comment!"

Andy: "Larry, you must stop ending every post with "you won't even post my comment!" I'm sure it's fun to bask in your persecution complex, but if you haven’t noticed, I have no problem posting your comments--whether I agree with them or not--so long as they are not filled with nastiness and ad hominen attacks. So, it's all up to you, brother. Just simply obey the rules of decency and civility like the others who post here regularly, and you'll be fine....with no need to continue with your standard ending."

This was my response:

Larry: "OK, first let me address Andy. Andy, you are 100% wrong. I have posted many MANY comments on here that did not attack, name call, or use ANY ad hominem attack--I broke NO rule of posting and you simply did not post it. In fact, EVERY SINGLE comment where I have mentioned why you NEVER do a story on the FACT (not theory) but FACT that Rahm Emanuel's father, Benjamin, was a Zionist terrorist as a member of the militant group Irgun in the late 40's---and he's STILL ALIVE and living in Chicago. You have NEVER EVER posted even ONE comment where I have mentioned this. Hmmm, do I smell the word "liar"?? If you post THIS comment Andy, it will be the FIRST time EVER you've posted a comment where I have mentioned Irgun terrorist and father of Rahm Emanuel, Benjamin Emanuel. Notice, not ONE ad hominem attack. "Liar" is not an ad hominem attack since you actually DID lie."

Upon awaking the same morning (hours later) I went to Ostroy’s site and found that he did not post my comment. I know this for a fact because he allowed another comment that was posted 7 hours after I posted mine (at 11:12am). Here was my response:

Larry: “...and AGAIN you do not post my comment mentioning Benjamin Emanuel when I did not violate ONE rule of your posting policy. Hmmmmm. I know this for a FACT because I posted my comment roughly around 4am this morning (March 16) and you have allowed another person's comment on your blog since then (above at 11:12am, March 16) and where is MY comment, nowhere to be found. I LOVE how I have PROVEN that you cannot stand facts Andy. You just cannot and WILL NOT post anything about Benjamin Emanuel, will you? Hmmm, why IS that Andy? I think we all KNOW why. Calling you a FRAUD is an ad hominem attack when I have PROVEN you are one?? That's funny!”

I went on his site again (around 1:30am, March 17) after he posted a new story about Dick Cheney only to see the same 7 comments under the AIG story, further solidifying the fact that he really did exclude my comment because this made it the second time now there was evidence he visited his site. So, I posted another comment:

Larry: “lol----you said "...I have no problme posting your comments--whether I agree with them or not--so long as they are not filled with nastiness and ad hominen attacks."---you might as well have added, "and as long as they dont mention Zionist terrorist Benjamin Emanuel"---this is probably the 8th post Ive sent since the terrorist's son Rahm was appointed Chief of Staff---and you have posted NONE of them and every single post had ZERO ad hominem attacks or nastiness. So, tell me Andy, why dont you post ANY comment I send that has the words "terrorist" and "Ben Emanuel" in them? Just curious.”

He wondered why I had the nerve to utter the words, “you won't even post my comment!", when in fact he has not posted any of my comments about Benjamin Emanuel. Move over David H. Willis and Billo, we have a up-and-coming Fraud of the Year candidate in our midst!


Messianic Akratist said...

Larry - You've forgotten that Communists cannot lie, because they CREATE the truth. They can't let facts get in the way of the dialectic.

Anonymous said...

hell never beat mr willis.